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A wife is like a cow. The more you feed her, the more milk you get.

Can you find a virgin in a maternity ward?

A husband is not a husband until the wife confirms so.She is his goalkeeper.

Do not boast that your wife is the best. Wait until you have at least two children with her.

I will marry when I want. What else do you expect to hear from a senior bachelor?

Boy: Do you love me or my money.Girl: Both

Love is letting go what you cherish and you still find yourself attached to it.

Love is like food. It gets finished with time but can always be replaced when you find your favorite.

Do not love if you can’t hate. Whoever loves most hates most when things turn sour.

A wise husband knows what pleases her wife. Do not be surprised when he refers to her as ‘baby’ even if she is 50 years.

A caring wife treats her husband like a 1 year old baby.

A smile can stop a break up. Learn to give a smile to the person you love.

A good song is like salt on grilled meat. It adds flavour. Learn to dedicate it to the person you love.

Only a woman knows the biological father of the child. It doesn’t not matter how good you are in bed.

If you want to know who sleeps with your husband when you are away, ask the bedsheets.

Do not think that you are prosmiquous just because you dated a prostitute. Ask yourwife her past but promise not to divorce her.

There is nothing like working hard in the bedroom. We only work smart.

A man who does not satisfy his wife in bed should be afraid of his male neighbors.

A naked woman is sweeter than honey. You don’t even have to taste. You can feel her miles away.

A cheating husband is only doing practice. Practice makes perfect.

A wife who stays calm like a log of wood when making love is no better than a carton full of old items. It should be disposed off.

When your husband becomes unsually happy while from a jouney, ask yourelf why. Maybe he got a person who made him happy in bed than you have ever done.

Love is a triangle. But nobody knows the right measurements.

Pregnancy is the best proof that you did what people rarely talk about in public.

The person who circumcises a boy does not benefit him. He benefits the woman the boy will marry in future.

Do not say I love you when in the real sense you just want to have her. Ask and she will give it to you.

Do not ask your wife her past because nobody knows how many people cross a busy road.

What happens when you find that the woman you married is not perfect? Do nothing because no one is perfect.

Don’t be hard to show love because even monkeys show love and affection.

Women learn throughout their lives because they are ever attending periods.

A good wife is like nice soup. You want to taste it every minute.

Do not fill your mind with negative things. When you have a wife, you already have a good thing.

You can beg for money but not love. If it is not in the heart, it is not there.

You can be good at riding a bicycle but that does not make you a bedroom master. You require special skills.

When a girl says no, just know that it is a big yes. Persue her.

A real woman loves a real man. She has no time for boys.

If you love a woman and she does not love you back, you are like a lost stranger using the wrong road.

Men pretend to be strong all the time but love is stronger than them. When they suffer heartbreak, they are as weak as a twig.


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