The 60 New Love Quotes

There’s always a magical feeling when someone is in love. When you found a new love, all seems to be perfect and new.

So how can you make this new love lasts forever? Well, there are actually many ways to do that.

New love quotes can help you express how you are feeling towards the love of your life.

The happiest moment in life is when you finally found the one and the happiest place is when you are at his arms. There are always new every morning when I am with you.

All I wanted right now is to spend all my days with you. Your love makes me the happiest person in the world.

Starting a new love is a decision both of you needs to agree. It is a give and take process because love is sweeter when it is shared with the one you really love.


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No star is out of reach when you are in love. Love is what makes you stronger; it makes you do the things you never knew you can.

New love restores a broken heart. It helps you forget all the things that hurt you from the past. It gives you a new reason to live and to be happy again.

You are not alone in this world. I will be standing right in front of you when the world seems to fall down. I will be your light when all seems to be dark.

Quotes about Love

I won’t hesitate no more on giving you my all. I have never been so sure about my feelings until I finally hold your hand. I found my new home in your arms, it feels so right.

This time I promise to be true and loyal to my new love. I learned a lot from my past and I will never ever break another’s girl heart.

I was never been so in love with a girl before until I found you. You are the only girl that shows me how it is to be loved and how it feels so good.

I was once lost but your love found me. You bring new meaning to my life and I am so happy and thankful for that.

I am here to support you in whatever you will do. My true happiness is to see you happy and contented. I am always right here for you.

You came into my life and made me realized that I can love again. I feel so beautiful inside because of you. Your love changes everything about me and I love who I am right now.

The 60 First Love Quotes and Messages

There is nothing we cannot do as long as we are together. I needed someone like you in my life to make all my dreams come true.

I will live my life for you. Together we will make our dreams come true. Believe me; my love for you is true.

I hope you don’t mind if I tell you what I really feel about you. Whenever I close my eyes all I can see is you. I guess this is true I am so in love with you.

You are the missing piece of my heart. You are the one who complete my life.

Every place we’ve been together always reminds me of you. I guess I am missing you so much. Wherever you are right now I hope that you remember how much I love you.

Love is so magical that it can connect two people living in two different worlds. If it is not love, then I do not know what it is I am feeling right now.

The 60 Quotes about Falling in Love

I do not care who you are or whatever you do from the past. All I care right now is that I love you and I am willing to accept everything about you.

I have flaws and insecurities about myself, but it is you who gives me confidence. I love everything about you and I promise I will take care of you until the end of time.

Love is when you find yourself always thinking about your future together.

I cannot imagine the idea of having to go on a date with someone else. I would rather listen to your stories over and over again than hearing others.

The 60 Cute Love Quotes that Inspire

If only I can stay with you all day long, I will. I miss you already after leaving the house and I miss you when I am at work. Time runs slow when I am not with you.

I love when we talked about our future plans together. It makes me feel so excited. It makes me feel so happy. I am thankful that we share the same thoughts about life.

We have seen each other at our worst, but we remained strong. Thank you for helping me to be the best that I can be.

Thank you for choosing to lose a battle in order to keep the peace. It shows how much respect you have in our relationship.

You can’t expect a relationship to work without doing anything about it. I’m glad you are really trying your best to make an effort for us to work. I promise I will not stop fighting for us.

Thank you for understanding that I have dreams, wants and hopes that must stay alive. Thank you for supporting and helping me achieve those one by one.

I love you for being so real about your feelings. Never a day goes by that you do not show me you love me.


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I am enjoying your company so well that I learn to forgive myself and allow my heart to love again. This time I promise not to do the same mistake I did before.

Future is filled with uncertainty, but we will be strong in dealing it. Our promise for each other will give us the courage to face everything that is ahead of us.

I promise that my love for you will remain true until the end of time. God will be the one who will guide on our journey.

There will be no time I would not say “I love you” to you. Every day I will remind you of my love and the promise I have made for you.

You never leave me during the times that I felt like hopeless, giving up, and empty. You are my strength, my hero.

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I cannot stay with your side all the time, but I want you to know that I am always willing to listen, to understand, and to love you even more.

It’s undeniable that we are meant to be. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your wonderful life.


Never will I break any promises I’ve made for you. You are the kind of girl who should be treated like a queen. I love you forever and always.

The sound of the rain reminds me of how sad it will be without you while the sun reminds me of how bright life will be with you. Our future together depends on how we would make an effort to make everything turns to be the best.

Your sweet little voice can take away all my sadness. I wonder why you are so good to me. I do not mind not having all the riches in the world as long as you are with me.


You know how to mend a broken heart. You know how to make everything alright. One thing you didn’t know, and that is that I already love you now.

I will make all your dreams come true, all you’ve been dreaming of. Just learn how to trust me, everything will be alright.

All I need is someone I can hold on until the end, someone I can trust, and someone I can be my shelter. I will patiently wait for that someone to come into my life.


My life will be meaningless if I don’t have you. In my dreams I always see your face. Look what this love has done to me.

You don’t know what it is like to love somebody who is miles away from you. All you can do is to be strong and patiently wait for him. That is sometimes how love works.

Some people will come into your life and will make you feel how special and beautiful you are. This kind of people will do everything just to make you smile and happy. How can you not love them back if the only thing they knew is to give you a love that is new and true?


Your love makes everything wonderful and new. I never felt like this before, only when you came into my life.

When you finally found a love that is real, you never let go of it. There will be a time in your life that you learn how to be selfish. All you wanted is to win the heart of your love.

You open my heart once again. You made my mind think about you all the time. You change how I used to be. You turned everything new about me.


There are songs that I wanted you to hear. Songs that contains the love I have for you. It is endless just like how my love for you.

No words can contain how much I love you. There are things that still are unexplainable especially how I am feeling for you. I guess I am really in love with you.

You are my hopes and my dream. No man ever loved me like you do. This is my first time to experience what true love is. With you, there is no loneliness.


After being broken from our past, we chose to be whole again. Together we help each other and suddenly, we learn how to love again. This new love we have is stronger than before.

You have made me what I am today. Strong and fierce. Thank you for helping me to stand up again. Without you, I maybe lost and hopeless.

Sweet I Love You Quotes


You made me feel that I am the most beautiful girl in the world. Your love is one of a kind. You made all things beautiful. In you I found my happiness that no one can give except you.