Excited Memes

Have you ever felt happy, that feeling in your chest when you just cannot wait for what is coming? It is that bubbling in your chest when you open a present that you have long waited for, that one moment when you feel like things cannot get any better and then suddenly they do.


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There is excitement that feels you when you are going to a place that you have no idea about. It is a wonderful feeling and yet sometimes it feels frustrating as well especially when the wait was too much.

However, here are some memes to help you out with that, some excited memes to express just how much you have waited for the day when you can finally go ahead and have fun to the day when you finally get to open your presents. You can also get excited on the day you will finally meet someone you haven’t met for quite a long time.


Hello! Are you excited as me?

Love Memes

So excited yes!


Yes! Yes! Yes! Excited!


I'm so excited, I just can't hide it
Offensive Memes
Forever Alone Memes

I'm so excited I'm gonna puma pants


Really? I can't believe you're excited too
Girl on Girl Memes
Uplifting Memes



I am excited I could dance!


I'm so excited, please tell me more


Are you excited as me?


I'm so excited!!!


And I'm like... I'm so excited


Oh, you excited to see me?


I can't even describe to you how excited I am


I'm just so excited


This is my super excited face


Tell me more what you're excited about...


I'm so excited I can't wait!


I'm excited hooman!


I'm so excited I could pee!


I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!!! I'm about to lose control and think I like it!


Excited? Yes, we is.


I'm so excited so I have to let you go


I'm so excited


No one is as excited as me


This is my excited face


I am so excited


Yes, we are excited


I'm so excited. Peed a little


I'm so excited


Tomorrow! I'm so excited I could pis