What is the definition of love

Love is very difficult to define. Can we avoid mixing it with lust? Psychologists both have tried to define love without success.

Here are some nice definitions of love:

Love is to give person the power to break your heart, but trusting them not to.

Love is something special. No one can ever exactly define love. Everyone experiences it and for nobody has no the same beginning, and no the same end. But true love will never fade away.

Love definition: to willingly place her well being before yours. To be able to going away with knowledge that she will be better off without you, no matter how you feel.

Love is when you have absolutely no reason to feel great but in the end it all makes the perfect sense.

Love is when you love someone despite their faults.

You will not be able to define love.
Everyone will tell you different definition, and
nobody will  be able to define it correctly.
You can only feel it and know in that moment that your feeling of love is real.