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Relationships sometimes come to an end and moving on can be difficult to an individual. However, with the help of proper guidance and comforting quotes, one may be encouraged to move on from a past relationship better. Some of the quotes that can help you move on stronger are as listed below:


Living and learning are all about life, upgrading is the next big step

Sometimes getting what is really good for you cannot happen unless you decide to do away with your past

You may look back at your old relationships and ask yourself, why was I dating this guy.

It is always very difficult to let go of a painful past but it is always important to do so as to move forward.

In life, we go through hard times of having to forget about cherished things that you thought would forever last.

It is good to let go sometimes so that you open the doors to better opportunities that are worth fighting for.

A loss is not necessarily what you let go in life or miss.

What is most important is to forge ahead, even though our past was painful, remembering the old good times and still keep the eyes on the prize.

Happy endings sometimes are better enjoyed alone than at the company of someone who will never see your worth.

To achieve greatness, it is good to leave those type of people that bring out the worst in you.

Unfortunately, you may fall for someone who is not willing to catch you

Love is for the birds, one time you fall in love, other times you fall out of love.

Moving on requires baby steps will be picking up your little pieces till you get to where you were and even do better.

Sometimes those you really treasure may take your love for granted. The best you could do is to stop lying to yourself and say goodbye.

Just as a car moves forward when heading to its destination, so is your life when you decide to move on, always moving on forward and not backward.

Acceptance is the first step to moving on. The second and final is actually moving on!

When you are building your future, you never look back, so is moving on.

Sometimes we fall, but we rise up again. Heartbreaks can be our greatest downfalls that we have ever experienced, but moving on is always the boldest decision that one can ever make and you can never go wrong.

Moving on is when you have his or her number in your phone and you no longer feel the pressing urge to call, text or stalk them in WhatsApp, simply because you have no reason to.

Life is full of surprises, you could never know when you will meet your prince charming, never be afraid to move on.

There will be a time for you when you will have to make the decision on whether to be free from sorrow and suffering or just to put an end to it and go for something better.

Life would be a lot easier if we never dwelt on our painful past and live the present as if the past never existed.

True happiness comes from within, sometimes you do not need a guy to enjoy your awesome life.

Moving on can mean going through hard times such as missing your ex but this is always a part of it.

Let go and open a new chapter, it could be the door to a happy new beginning.

Letting go of frustration relationships is sometimes the best choice you will ever make as the best man or woman is out there looking for you.

The first step is usually the hardest, but once you move on, you realize that life can get happy and peaceful and you become a stronger person than before.


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Judging others is never justified especially when you barely know the person. Before judging others, what you must do is to be able to understand, to know what their story is. After all, each person has his own story to tell, his own personality to measure up to your scale. Always keep in mind not to be judging others unless you want the same to be done unto you. Well, in case you are still confused and profound, here are some quotes about judging others to help you out.


80 Quotes About Letting Go And Moving Forward

One of the hardest decisions in life is to move on and letting go.
It is God’s way of opening new doors for you.
All you have to do is to keep moving forward.
Here’s some letting go quotes that will help you understand why everyone needs it.


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There was once an old saying which goes to say that the pants of a liar is always on fire. This means to say that a liar is someone who can never quite get on with life, always jittery about when he will be discovered. You see, being a liar is definitely a bad thing since nothing good ever comes out of being a liar. The perfect person does not smoke, cheat but it also might not exist but being a liar is something that is unforgivable because it is a choice you make. Here are some quotes about being a liar that should help you out just fine.


Quotes About Moving On and Letting Go

Life is not a smooth sailing journey. People come and go in our lives and we experience defeat, and in the process, the experience leaves us broken and bleeding.
These Moving on Quotes will help you to Move Forward and Letting go.


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When someone lies to you, it is something like a punch in the gut. You see, lies tangle, lies build webs around you until you can no longer move freely around. When you say some lies, you get caught up in them until eventually, you get found out. Telling lies is something that is almost as bad as cheating or infidelity for couples. Lies are the very foundation you can have if you want a relationship that would crumble as easily as it was built. Through lies, you are actually taking the dark side over the light. Here are some quotes about lies that should help you figure it out.


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Silence is the absence of sound or perhaps it is a sound in itself. These days, however, there is so much noise surrounding us that we forget what real silence sounds like. Take some time, enjoy the peace that is listening to nothing and everything. Here are some quotes about silence to help you hear it.