Old People Memes

There is nothing wrong with being old, after all, age is but just another number and it does not matter when it comes to the more important things in life like love. Nevertheless, people are fond of old people, especially old couples because it is a pleasure and a joy to watch two old people who have spent a lot of years being together, withstanding everything that life throws at them because they love each other through and through and they deserve to be happy and so happy they are and that hopefully they will keep being happy for the longest time.


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For those times when you want to share to the world what magic old people can bring into a person’s life. Here are some old people meme that might help out on your purpose.

Try them out and see to it that you will make them feel that age really do not matter one bit.


My bones be crack-a-lackin

Love Memes

It's Friday... Laundry's done... Time to head to Bingo.


Haters will say it's photoshop
Encouraging Memes
Cuddle Memes

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, I have Alzheimer's... Hey, I just met you


I hate it when old people drive slow. Like goooooooooooooo you're dying.
Funny Girl Memes
Thursday Memes

Because wearing gym clothes at a gym is so young person


When you turn 100 and can't play with Lego anymore...


Corrects history professor, remembers being there


W e will always be friends 'til we are old and senile.... Then we can be new friends...


Do emails still get delivered on Thanksgiving?


They say me rollin'... They hatin'....


I hate it when old people say, "What would you do without that phone?".... Fuck knows Susan, what would you do without that walking stick?"


Bingo night just got real


Guns don't kill people, old age does


Back in my day, we used the bathroom to take shits, not pictures.


Fuck your photo, I'm late for Bingo


Went to bed last night, woke up this morning....


I may be off my rocker, but at least I'm not talking to it yet.


Provided with exact website URL... types it into Google


anyone else smile at old people just to show ur one of the good ones?


In a hurry? Allow me to drive as slow as I possibly can!!


That's nice honey


The first rule of Alzheimer's club is don't talk about Chess club


When you tell your grandma you're hungry but she's too busy feeding the streets


I didn't buy a colour TV to watch niggers on it


Cocks gun, forgets hot to pull trigger


Old people coming for me like "You're too young to be tired"... Well okay, "You're too ld to be still alive yet here we are"


Everybody chill the fuck out, I got this


Put me in a home, I put you in the ground


Oh sweet, sit down and eat more, you're still not full.


Whaddya mean they cancelled Bingo


Faster bitch


Drives at 20 in a 30 zone because it's "safer"... doesn't use turn signals