Monday Memes

Well, Monday is the day that everyone is dreading for. The day when everything else in your life will resume and you need to say goodbye to the weekend. It is the day where you can forget about relaxing and the one in which marks the beginning of another week’s worth of work and hardships. It is hard, realizing that tomorrow is gonna be the same as this day and the next one as well. It will feel like it is never going to end. You do not want it to be Monday but you do not have a choice because the days come and go before you no matter what you try to do or not do. For the moments when you are telling your friends about how much you like or how much you hare Mondays, here are some Monday memes that might help you out with that.


Wedding Sayings

A wedding is one of the most important day of the lives of the groom and the bride. This is the start of the happy ever after. When you attend a wedding, you want to be able to say something to the people who will be involved in the wedding. Or if you are the one having the wedding, you have to be prepared on what to say. Here are some wedding sayings you may wish to include in your speech or message to the bride, the groom or to your guests.


Couple Memes

You may have someone to lean on to right now, someone you can be with, someone you can call your own. You will finally have someone who is going to be with you for the rest of however long you are going to last. You call yourself a couple, together with a person, you make a good couple and you plan on keeping it that way. There are a thousand of reasons you treasure this so called “couple” that you are in and one of them is because of love. To show your important other that he or she is very significant in your life, you might as well send him or her something that can be an inside joke. To make it all the more intimate, here are some couple memes that only those in a relationship will be able to relate to, so go ahead and try them out and see for yourself.


Sad Relationship Quotes

When you are in a sad relationship, you cannot help but wonder what you are doing wrong. You do not want a sad relationship, what you want is a happy one because that is the one that will be healthy for you. There is a lot of joy in being with someone you care about and think about. Here are some quotes about a sad relationship that might help you relate and feel good about you.


Cheer Up Memes

When you are feeling down and alone, when you think that no one else can help you, that no one is ever going to rescue you from the sadness you are in. When you feel lost and you do not know which direction you should go or what direction your life is taking, when you feel that no matter what you do, the sadness that you feel within you will not be satisfied, what you can do is to find that joy within yourself. When you can no longer find it within you, what you can try out is some cheer up memes that will help you forget that you were ever sad to begin with. Have a good laugh and be in a festive mood with these cheer up memes that are sure to make you have a good time and make you feel that your life is not such a misery after all.


Rest in Peace

Sometimes, the people we love passes away way too early. And all we want them is to rest in peace, to have that sense of peace that we know they deserve. For those people, who had someone they love pass away, do not worry, here are some rest in peace quotes that will help you to express your feelings for them. Rest in peace quotes will help in making you feel better.


Funny Inspirational Memes

Are you feeling as if you cannot do anything with your life, that you are meant to fail in whatever you do? Or are you feeling bored, as if you can no longer do anything with your life anymore and nothing can change the way your life is going? Do not worry, because there are tons of reasons that you might be feeling that way and that is perfectly normal. Sometimes, people feel like they are going through the hardest challenges in life while others look at it as an easy feat. The thing is that you just need to find something that would make you feel happier, you need to find one thing that would make it seem like things can still work out. Here are some funny inspirational quotes that help you out with that: giving you both a life and some inspiration for your life in this earth.


Pisces Quotes

Being a Pisces is a good thing, there are a certain sets of personality traits that are associated with it. Now, that you know you are a Pisces, you should read more about it and how you are going to deal with it. If you are a Pisces or you have a friend who is a Pisces, you might want to find some things you can say to him or her. Here are some Pisces quotes that you can opt to tell him or her or may want to suggest to your friend.


Can’t Sleep Memes

There will be some moments in your life when you just cannot perform your daily activity properly because you did not have the right number of hours of sleep the night before. Sleeping is important if you want to be able to see what is going to happen next. It is one of those moments that need to be understood. When you sleep you replenish your systems, like charging your body and waking up energized, that is how your body feels after you wake up from your sleep. In the times when you do not feel like sleeping, here are some can’t sleep memes that can help you out. Now, you can tell people just how much you wanted to sleep and replenish your body but sleep just wouldn’t come. Let people know about you and how you are going to be dealing with things like that using these memes.


Little Boy Quotes

Your little boy is growing up, slowly but surely, he is turning into a fine young boy. It was as if yesterday when you were still running around your garden, trying to catch your little boy. It was such a joy watching your little boy grow up. Now, here are some quotes about a little boy that you might be able to relate to. Enjoy them and find a way to make yourself feel better about it.


Girl on Girl Memes

There is nothing wrong with being a gay, or a lesbian or whatever, there have been a lot of sites that even promotes it. Just because someone is not on the same gender or lifestyle as you do does not make him all that different. Some prefer someone else as their companion and it is your responsibility to actually respect that and have respect for the person of the mission. Here are some girl on girl memes that might help you out to accept what that is and to promote gender freedom and equality. The world is no longer divided into women and men, there are so much more that we can do to stop any discrimination against those that like people of the same gender as they are. Here are some memes to prove just that and to make people accept those that LGBTQ members are also human and they need love as well.


Firefighter Quotes

A firefighter is someone who has dedicated his life to save people from fire and prevent it from spreading. It is his duty to always serve the people affected with hire above all else. A firefighter must be loyal. He must be someone who people can respect and be proud of. There is a certain standard that a firefighter aspirant would go through, several training and conferences that is bound to boost your knowledge about the topics themselves. Here are some quotes about a firefighter that it would be better.


Forever Alone Memes

People say that nothing is going to ever last for forever and maybe they are right. How long have you believed that you will eventually find your forever, that maybe you will find the person meant for you and you will live in happy ever after until the day you two ages and dies. There is no explanation for that, forever is quite a long time and there are only some ways that you can keep someone with you and when you have tried all of it and still get nothing, you simply abandon the idea, forget every dream you have had. Well, here are something that would make you feel like you can do it, something to rise your confidence up that you are not the only one in this. Here are some forever alone memes that will make you feel that you can be alone forever and still be happy.


End of Relationship Quotes

It is not always a nice moment, that end of relationship feeling. Sometimes, you reach end of relationship in the most unexpected ways. It is sad, it can be a bit disorienting as well. Sometimes, end of relationship just feels so surprising and so painful as well. If you are going through a breakup, here are some end of relationship quotes that might help you get better.


Funny Girl Memes

We all have that girl friend that we like a lot, the one that makes us laugh from the bottom of each of our hearts. The one that makes you want to smile every time you see her, the one that makes you feel funny, like she is just fun to be with and just exciting to go to adventures together. That girl would surely appreciate knowing that you remembered her or that you would strike up a conversation with her and make her feel special and make her feel irreplaceable as well. It is not going to be as hard as you thought it would be especially with some funny girl memes to rescue you out when you are running out of words to say and have no idea what to do. Here are some of them that you can try out should you feel like making a girl laugh at this very day.


Cuddle Quotes

With the person you love, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world, to be able to cuddle. When you cuddle, you feel so close to that person, you can easily fall asleep as you lay your head on his or her chest and listen. When you cuddle, it just brings you to another level of closeness. There are so many reasons to cuddle, so many ways in which you can do so as well. Here are some quotes on why you should cuddle, about being in a cuddle that you might like.


Funny Sleep Memes

Don’t we all have that one friend who seems to be sleeping all the time? That one person who can sleep anywhere, which is quite a talent, really. Someone who can sleep while standing, while you are talking to him, while in the classroom, in the train, in the elevator, practically anywhere and anytime. It is quite intriguing that he does not really lack sleep but is still always sleepy. Well, there really are people like that and for those friends, it would be really nice to remind them how they are by showing them some funny sleep memes. Tell your friends that maybe they should sleep early tonight so that they can arrive on time or not to sleep when crossing the road with these memes that are sure to make them laugh. Go ahead and try it out and see for yourself if it will work out with them.


Motivational Memes

Have you ever felt so down in your life that you felt you couldn’t do anything at all? Have you been in that moment when you just want to lie in bed and not do anything with your life? Like you can just forget everything and everyone else because you do not want to have anything to do with them? Well, in those moments when you feel like that, you should find something to inspire you, something to motivate you and something that will help you get out of that hole you seem to be sinking into. There are tons of memes out there to help you out so you need not worry about that anymore. Here are some motivational memes that are sure to boost something inside you that will make sure that you will do more than you are doing now so go ahead and see some of them yourself.


Husband Memes

You promised your man that you will love him through illnesses and good times, through good health and bad times and so much more. You plan to uphold the promises and so you legalized it through marriage. Sometimes, in one in a million couples, two people stay together through thick and thin, thought there might have been fights in between, they remained together through it all and that is something to be proud of. This is because both husband and wife worked together. Now, your man is someone whom protected you and love you with all his heart, so should there come a time when you can show him how much you appreciated every single thing he did for you, well, grab that chance. Here are some husband memes to help you out with doing just that: letting your husband now that he is important to you in a lot of ways.


Offensive Memes

That is just the truth, sometimes, people get annoyed at the little things you do. Sometimes, they get annoyed at you for no apparent reason while on the other times they seem to be annoyed at the fact that you exist, simple as that. However, the most important thing is that you have the cool headed person in you that is more than willing to tell yourself that things are gonna be okay and not to even think about what they are saying. On the other hand, repeated actions make a mark in your mind, they make you feel as if you are such a loser. These times are the ones you should remember and to help you out with fighting that inner battle, you can send the ones that dares to bully you some offensive memes that are harmless physically but can take your revenge for you. Here are some of them that you might want to check out.