35+ Romantic Quotes

Romance keeps a relationship on fire. It is one factor that keeps things between two people exhilarating, marvelous and colorful. It makes us swoon, dance to the rhythm of two beating hearts, and makes us do crazy things we thought we wouldn’t ever do. Here are romantic quotes to share with your partner to keep the romance alive between you. Love is a beautiful thing, and we should express it often with words using some of these romantic quotes.

One day you will find someone you can’t live without, and you will wonder how you’ve lived your whole life without him.

You might be a pain in the ass, But I love you so much. I’d rather have my butt hurt all the time than live a life without you.


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A primary symptom of someone in love is loss of sleep because, finally, your reality is better than your dreams.

Love does not happen when you choose it to occur. It happens in a flash, in a single moment, when you least expect it.

There will be no one like you in my life even if I have to search every corner of my life.

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If I can only say three words to you with my last breath, I will say – I love you.

They say that you fall in love with someone only once. Not with you though, I fall in love every single day I lay eyes on you.

Not even the strongest of drugs or the power of the rarest herbs can ever cure me of the venom of your love.

I love you until I draw my last breath, until the previous thoughts cross my mind, until the last second of my life.

Your voice is my cup of coffee, and your lovely kisses are my pancakes – you are all I need to wake upright.

Quotes About Love

I love you as high as my soul can soar up to the skies and as low as the depths of the ocean my soul can touch.

You are the proof that magic exists. Your eyes hold all the stars in the sky, and your touch sends fire to my veins. Your voice summons the angels down to earth to celebrate the wonderful melody of love.

Meeting you is the work of fate. Being friends with you is one of the best choices I made in my life. But it was beyond my control from falling head over heels for you.

If you forget me, don’t blame me if I refuse to keep you out of my sight.

You may not love me as passionate as I do to you. You may not think of me as much as I do of you. But love does not measure. All I know is that I will never leave you, no matter how difficult things may get.

True love is not without passion and obsession.

You are the best thing that happened in my life.

Nothing can come close to the sweetness of your honey kiss. Nothing can compare to the comfort of your warm embrace. Nothing can beat the power of your love, for it keeps me alive.

I love being drunk, and I love being drunk on your love. I will never want to get sober if the alcohol is you.

Only your love makes me conquer my fears.

60 Cute Love Quotes for Her

There is nothing like basking into your love and coming home to your sweet kisses.

Hopeless Romantic Messages for him or her

The only place I want to be is by your side.

60 Sweet and Unique Love Quotes for Him

You are my every definition of love.

I need the sunshine from your eyes to start my day right and the moonlit from your smile to send me off to my sweet slumber.

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Does she hear my heartbeat? It is telling her: I love you, girl!

Beautiful flowers in the world and sunshine in the morning. I want to send her to the woman of my dreams!


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Behind an iron gate, there is a romantic heart that is crying so bitterly. Unlock this gate, set it free. It is calling for you, my true love.

I can’t help that I am a romantic soul. That is the reason why my lips are looking for her lips. My hands are looking for her hands, and my soul is looking for her soul.

Cute Romantic Sayings for her with images

I have made some mistakes in my life, but loving him was not one of them.

Some say that I am a hopeless romantic girl, but for him, the only feeling I have is love!

Love quotes for him

Romance with him is the best part of my whole life, his lips kissing my lips, my hand in his hand.

I love him, my perfect man!

I don’t remember so vividly what happened. When did a simple touch turn into joined hands? When did two shy lips did came together? When did two individuals who lived their lives separately become undividable?

romantic quotes

Without him, the room feels dark, empty, and soulless.

My heart belongs to you, and yours mine. There is no earthly possession that can match the preciousness of two joined hearts.

Love quotes for her

My thoughts are divided into two. The first half consists of my work, family, and bills, but you occupy the other half.

We love beyond the limits we think we have.

To win your heart and call you mine is my grandest and most ambitious goal.

Is it too much to ask for a drop of affection to quench the thirst of my longing heart? Will you save me from destroying myself from being unable to hold your gaze for too long? Or will you do me a favor and wake me up from this madness called love?

My love for you will know no death, no limit or end.

Poor are those who do not have the privilege of being loved.

I could never thank you enough for sharing your precious love with me. You made me feel like I could do anything. You made me feel like I can conquer any challenges ahead of me as long as you hold my hand. Most of all, I never felt so alive, so happy, and so blessed since you came into my life.

Even if I’ve seen you a gazillion times, my heart will always skip a bit, and butterflies will flutter in my stomach whenever I see you.

There’s a girl. She is like no other. She makes my knees melt like a candle alit with a brush from her fingers. Her angelic voice sends chills down my spine. Seeing her smile makes me blissful, giddy, and ecstatic. Could she be the one?

I thought I was safe from the claws of love until you came waltzing in my love with that sweet smile of yours. If this should be my demise, then so be it.

The world does not look so daunting anymore when you begin loving me.

You are what I think of love and the future.

Anything that escapes your lips is made of nectar, magic, and elixir.

Rain does not matter to two people holding each other close.

For each time I see you, my love multiplies to infinity.

Though I am trembling, weak, and scarred, I will stand taller so I can protect you, the keeper of my heart.

I may not look like the person you see and admire in the magazines, but I will make you feel the most beautiful, the most wanted, and the most crucial person in the world.

What are the things I need to survive? Aside from basic food, clothing, and a roof above my head, a significant necessity for my survival is your love.

Your love is my beautiful summer memories, the butterflies and the birds dancing in the swaying breeze.

What a feeling, this heat is burning against the beating of my heart. What a mystery. Whenever you come and visit my dreams, every night when I go to sleep, what a thrill, knowing that we are living under the same skies, our hands will finally touch and never let go.

Every minute of my life without your voice resonating through is like being in a room filled with deadly and dark silence.

I am blessed enough to experience the gift of true love, thanks to you.

Would you please hold me when I’m breaking apart? Wipe my tears when my heart is crumbling to pieces. Glue me back together when the world has split me apart with its wickedness. As long as you are with me, I can survive anything.

Romance is that which turns a drizzle into a speck of diamond dust for two lovers sharing a kiss under its blanket.

Romance is the force that turns the wise into a fool and a non-believer into a faithful follower.

They say that when you miss someone, they are most likely thinking of missing you too. I don’t think you can imagine how much I’m missing you right now that you can’t miss me that much too.

Love is a force that does not need to be seen. It is the most tangible feeling flowing inside the heart, which pushes it into overdrive.

To love is to be at your weakest. It is to be susceptible to the glorious heartaches and liberating pain of loving.

Isn’t our heart a strange thing? The more it receives pain, the more it grows and blooms stronger than ever.

Once I choose you to keep my heart, rest assured that it will be forever yours.

A bulging biceps or stunning eyes does not matter to me. What I am looking for is a voice that soothes every corner of my heart.

Love does not look at which the eyes can see. Love looks only at which the mind can touch, and the heart can feel.

To love and be loved makes a short life worthwhile living.

When someone loves you, look at the way they smile upon mentioning your name. It sparkles so brilliantly that it outshines even the brightest of stars in the evening skies.

You are the only person who made me feel that my dreams are worth chasing after.

Can there be a time longer than forever? Because that’s how long my heart will beat to the rhythm of you.

Love does not expect. The only thing there is to hope for is to love and love until your dying breath.

Loving you is bursting into flames or turning liquid and evaporating into a mist – that’s how my whole body feels each time I hold you in my arms.

Listening to the rhythm of your heartbeat is listening to how the world breathes – soft, steady, and magical.