35+ Emotional Love Quotes

Love is an intense feeling that overcomes even one’s soul if it is accurate and profound. Your emotions would connect with the person you love wherever you go and whenever. Emotions are always a part of every relationship, and it is the only thing that could make or break your relationship.

Steal my heart, and I will steal yours. This would be the perfect crime for both of us.

My heart beats faster whenever your name is on my phone blinking.

Some people put more interest in someone else’s life than their own.

I can feel my heart alive and beating even though coldness and darkness have invaded it.


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Wait for your turn in life so you can learn.

So many memories we have shared makes it difficult for me to forget you.

When you listen to music, all the pain goes away.

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I know you cannot live without me; look at your ECG. It is on a flat line.

I wish that someone would consider me as their own.

You may let yourself believe that you are ready to die, but all you want is to be saved.

You are always busy making plans and dreams; life passes you by while you are at it.

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We always wait for life to begin, but it does not end soon.

Each of us is born to stand out, so do not try very hard to fit in with others.

There is not a soul who is listening, so there is no use in screaming.

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Sometimes, when we change, we tend to forget to tell the people we love.

I am crazy for the person I am texting; it is not that I am addicted to texting.

Just one smile from you also makes me smile the more.

If you want the world to change, then you have to start it within yourself.

Once you discover that you are being lied to, everything that the person would do would always have a cloud of doubt over you.

When you feel optimistic, you will be seeing reason in no time. If you put negative thoughts in your mind, you would give a threat to your reason.

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Emotions are almost always eaten up by shame.

An intelligent person knows how to control your emotions by using your reason.

Your emotions always trigger the things you do and the feelings you have.

Too much hate and anger steal away all the love that should be in your heart.

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You do not realize that the little emotions you have can run your entire life.

The purest, truest emotion that you feel is often the one hidden from the entire world.

Making your masterpiece without any emotion is not a masterpiece at all.

Emotions run the way of things in our life, so do not let negative emotions rule your mind.

If you are not able to control your emotions, they might someday control you.


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Females are fonder of their emotions than their reasons.

As a woman, I use emotions more and reserve my reason for a greater purpose.

You cannot notice that the intense emotions you have are the ones working, not yourself.

There are times that you want to shout your heart out, but the words you have are just not enough.

It would be best if you never made permanent decisions when your emotions are running high.

One of the essential things in our life is to learn how to manage our emotions.

Those who are in silence are sometimes more hurt than those who often speak of their hurt.

Our emotions become the root of everything we do, so it is more powerful than our thinking and reasoning.

Love is a matter of a circle, not of a heart, because hearts could break, but a process goes on forever.

The best way to fall in love is by keeping your eyes closed.

Being in love is like stretching a rubber band. If one let’s go, the rubber band would hurt the other.

Words are never enough to express what I am feeling for you, but I do love you.

You cannot always come upon that emotion that says you want to be with a certain person forever.

So many people could catch your eyes, but a specific person could only capture your heart.

Persons who are in love cannot blame gravity for falling.

Look at the sky and see the stars spell out your name.

There is just one word that I have never learned how to pronounce, and that is love.

Now that you are inside my heart, it is all perfect.

We have to meet the wrong people first before we can find the right one to know how to avoid the same mistakes we made.

You will know that it is love when you can love an imperfect person ideally.

I am not everything that you want, but I am everything that you need.

It will be hard for me if I cannot feel your skin next to mine.

A person in love with you would do anything for you without asking for anything in return.

I could walk in a vast garden of my own if I have a flower every time I think of you.

True love is achieved when one asks for nothing in return.

I am waiting for the ride that will take me somewhere where I can be with you forever.

Love conquers two worlds: heaven of happiness and hell of hurt.

I may not see our love, but I can feel it, just like the wind.

There is one place where I am confident of my love for you, the place between sleep and waking moment.

Loving someone indeed does not have an end. When you stop loving someone, then it is not real love.

You can’t run away from a person who is already in your heart.

I do not know where and when I started loving you. I love you all the way.

I gave you 12 roses with one fake because I will love you until the last rose dies.

You can prove to someone that you love them if you can wait for them.

Sometimes you have to set the one you love free. It would come back if it is yours, but if it is not, you are never meant to be.

You have to show someone that you love them instead of telling them. But if you stop loving someone, you have to say to them, not show them.

Love is inside of us, not outside of our being. You cannot lose it, and it can never leave you.

I fell in love with you when you showed me how perfect you are. But when you showed me your flaws, I came to love you even more.

In love, partners know how to bring the best out of each other because they know that they are more robust together.

There is always a person you will meet that you would want to smile for you forever.

Taking your qualities from your soul would enable you to love yourself.

It would be best if you were not under the shadow of others all the time. You have to do whatever is right for you, even if it hurts others.

Love does not hurt. What hurt are the rejection and the loneliness you feel after a separation?

The spaces left by some people are meant to be filled by better persons who will come.

You would not meet the person meant for you if you did not let go of the wrong one.

Loving someone feels like being attached to that person, no matter how far you are from each other.

When you love somebody, you do not only commit your heart. You are making a decision and a promise.

I miss you for every moment of my life; you are always on my mind for everything that I do.

Family does not always mean you have the same blood. Sometimes, they are also the people who accept you as you are.

A sign of true love is even when you are not with each other, you stay trustworthy and loyal.

Life does not run forever, so love while you can, cherish everything. Things would not stay where they are for infinity.

The bravest thing one can do is to love without expecting something in return.

There is nothing wrong with being full of emotions. It just shows that you have a heart with a great capacity to love.

There are too many emotions that I am hiding, so you would not see them.

What the eye could not see could be seen by the heart.

The naked eye does not always see things that are considered remarkable. They are felt mainly by the heart.

No matter how you hide the emotions welling up inside of you, there are still people who can see through you.

The only thing that strengthens your fear is disappointment and negative emotions.

One should never be under the influence of emotions. It must be us who control it, not the other way around.

If you have power over your emotions, you have more control than those who do not.

Emotions are meant to be conquered and enjoyed, not feared and bottled.

Knowledge and emotions are always inversely proportional to each other.

When you show your emotions out, it does not mean that you have to apologize and regret it.