Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend

Show your boyfriend how much you love and appreciate him through words.
I know letters, texts and quotes are too traditional, but they always work.
Actions speak louder than words, but words are also effective in showing your partner how much he means to you.
It’s like music to his ears.
Here’s a collection of quotes you can choose from that can help you express your unconditional love for your boyfriend.
We have cute love quotes, cheesy love quotes, and even quotes for teenagers experiencing young love.

Cute Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend

Even boys like to feel butterflies in their tummies. Say or write cute stuff to your boyfriend about your love for him, and he’ll certainly feel giddy about it even if he doesn’t really show it. So here are cute love quotes for your boyfriend.


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The cutest thing in the world to me is whenever I see you smile and enjoy something you love to do.

My boyfriend can easily tell when I’m cranky or stressed. He tries to cheer me up by making weird faces and hugging me. Sometimes it doesn’t work. That’s why he ends up treating me to ice cream.

I’d just wake up in the middle of the night and watch him sleep. His innocent sleeping face is just so cute.

You know he really loves you when he makes little sacrifices for you, like letting you hold the remote control, giving you the last piece of chips, or setting aside the things he planned just to spend time with you.

When he gets mad, I get mad too. So he ends up being the one saying sorry and hugging me, and I can’t help but kiss him to let him know it’s okay.

60 Love Quotes

I can be irrational most of the time, especially when we fight. I’m just glad I have a boyfriend who tells me mature things that make me ponder why I was upset and mature about situations.

My boyfriend lets me wear what I want and doesn’t get jealous. He supports me in whatever I do as long as I am happy. And if something bad happens, he scolds me but later tells me to learn from it and do better. Every girl needs a boy who will always be there for her unconditionally.


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Sometimes I wonder how he is able to handle my crazy side. When I asked him, he told me he’d do whatever he could because he loves me no matter what.

Whenever he puts my needs before his, I can’t help but wonder: what did I do to deserve someone like him?

Platonic Love Quotes

You’re not just my boyfriend. You’re my best friend, my sweetheart, and my everything. I love you so much.

I don’t need a perfect boyfriend. I need an imperfect man who acts silly with me, treats me right and loves me with all his heart.

My boyfriend never fails to make me feel what it’s like to have butterflies in my tummy.

You were once just a stranger to me, but now you mean everything to me.

Inspirational Quotes for Kids

He kissed her head and embraced her, and she knew he was the man who held her heart.

You don’t need the most beautiful girl in the world. You need a girl who makes you see how beautiful life is especially because she’s in it.

We both know we’re madly in love, so feel free to kiss me whenever you feel like it, and I’ll happily do the same.

I’d rather have you irritate me 90% of the time than to not have you at all, you jerk.

I want to thank you for giving me a reason to live every day because you’re more than enough to me.

I really love my cute and understanding boyfriend, who knows his way around my crazy, unpredictable side.

I always appreciate how you make me feel like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world.

I love the giddy feeling of having his arms around me, feeling his warmth, and making me feel safe.

I love everything about him: his flaws, his perspective, his principles, his dark side. I love every bit of him, and no one can ever change that.

I will stay with you forever, not just because I love you, but because you’ve seen how much of a mess I am, you’ve seen how broken I was at times, and yet you still love me even at my darkest times.

Whenever I’m having a bad day and feeling down, I can never lie to you about it because you know me too well to know that I really am stressed and so you end treating me to ice cream.

I don’t know what lies ahead, but let the same path together and be strong. I love you so much.

Whenever I look at the sky, I just smile and thank God for how blessed I am to have a loving and understanding man like you. I pray we’ll be together forever.

I have always been skeptical about romance novels and movies, but now that I’m with you, I feel like we came straight out of them. Everything just feels so romantic and perfect. It’s like a dream, and it’s all because of you.

They told me to listen to my heart, so I just listen to you scolding, complimenting, and assuring me.

When I saw more of your flaws, I loved you even more. And then I vowed to myself that I’d love you no matter what happens, and I’ll support you all the way.

I sometimes get jealous of your phone. It would be best if you weren’t too occupied with it. I was hoping you wouldn’t make me feel like I’m in a competition with anyone or anything. That’s how clingy I am.

Cheesy Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend

These quotes really came from the heart, so they’re bound to be cheesy. Choose among this collection of cheesy love quotes that can totally touch your boyfriend’s heart and make him melt. Words of endearment surely make the heart grow warm. So here are cheesy love quotes for your boyfriend.

During our late-night walks, I like to pretend that I’m feeling cold, so you’ll lend me your jacket that sweetly smells like you.

I don’t know if you notice it, but holding your hand always makes me blush. Please don’t ever let me go.

Even when it’s raining and cold, I always feel warm and cozy in your arms, my darling.

I don’t always let my problems get to me because my boyfriend makes me feel that everything will be okay in the end. He is my haven.

I try not to cry when I’m sad. When I’m sad, he gets sad too, and I don’t want him to be sad no matter how cute he is when he’s worried.

I know I’m the luckiest girl in the world because I have you who loves me for who I am.

I like to bury my face on your chest because I simply love how you smell.

My heart can’t contain the happiness I feel when I’m with you. I love you so much.

I love my man because he understands me whenever I’m on my period. I mean, come on. All he has to do is stay beside me and let me hug him as I whimper in pain.

I don’t need fancy dates. I just want us to play video games together, cook our own dinner to save money, and cuddle in bed as we enjoy each other’s company.

The time might come when you’ll be away from me, but know that I will always hold you in my heart and love you forever.

I’m grateful for everything that ever happened to me in the past, whether it’s good or bad because if those things didn’t happen, I might have never met you.

If he makes you laugh, makes you feel safe, kisses your forehead, tells you you’re beautiful, makes an effort, and loves you with all his heart, then he’s the one for you.

We’ve been together for years already, but I’m glad that the way he treats me during our early days is the same way he treats me now. He’s still just as romantic.

I wasn’t trying to find you, but you’re the missing piece that fits my heart which makes my life complete.

His eyes. His smile. His laugh. His sense of humor. His scent. His warmth. His love. It’s all mine, and it’s all I need.

You should be kissed by someone who would give her everything to you, and that person is no one but me.

You may not be a perfect person, but you are the perfect man for me, and there’s no one else I want but you.

I don’t care where we are. As long as you have me in your arms, it will always feel like home.

I used to prefer being alone, but ever since you came, you showed me how beautiful it is to be with someone, especially if it’s with your boyfriend.

You only fall in love once, they say. But that’s just not the truth because you make me fall in love with you deeper and deeper every single day.

Thank you for always being there for me and for loving me for who I am. There’s only you in my heart and no one else. Love lots!

We fight, then we make up, have good times, then fight again. It’s all a cycle that we both enjoy having because it’s all a part of our relationship, and I’m glad we’re growing together.

It’s okay for you to go drinking with friends, have game night, spend some time for yourself, but always remember, I’ll always be here to support you and help you out when you need me. I love you unconditionally, my darling.

Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend for Teenagers

Even teenagers experience love. Some even get into relationships in their early teens. So if you’re a teenage girl who wants to show your boyfriend how much you love him and can’t find the words to say, then here’s our collection of love quotes for your boyfriend.

I know we have a long way to go, but I’m glad I’m starting it all with you.

You’re my first love, and hopefully my last. I hope we’ll be staying strong because I love you so much.

It made me feel giddy when you first walked me home from school, and I hope someday you’ll walk me home from work.

Dates at the park are romantic, but studying and getting good grades together is a lot better.

The kiss I had with you last Friday night after our date will be unforgettable to be.

My mom told me it’s not good to be dating at a young age, but I’ll make it an exception if it’s you.

Do you know the three things I need from you? Treat me right, and I’ll treat you better. Be loyal to me, and you’ll have me forever. Love me, and I’ll love you even more.

Sometimes, life is tough, but I’m glad I have a boyfriend who assures me everything will be okay.

He makes me safe when I’m with him. When I get scared, he just holds me tight, and I smile a little. He assures me that he’s here and I have nothing to worry about.

We’re young, and we don’t know what our future holds, but I pray you’ll still be mine, and I’ll be in yours.

Before you came, everything was so ordinary and nothing special. But when we got together, you made me see life from a beautiful perspective. You made me appreciate how beautiful everything is, especially because you’re in it.

Do you want to hear the truth? You make me smile. You make me laugh. You make me feel silly. You’re smart. You’re a lot different from the other guys. Your smile makes up my day. I really like you a lot, and I’m glad you’re mine.

Whenever I get home, I easily feel homesick because I want you to be by my side always.

You telling me I’m cute is nice, but whenever you tell me you love me, it’s just the best thing in the world.

I never knew smiling at someone for no reason was a thing until you came into my life.

I never expected that I’d end up with you, and I’m happy I did.

I love how both of us enjoy being stupid together, and to me, that’s love.

I never really knew, but I always had the feeling it was you.

Few things I want: Hug you, kiss you, laugh with you, watch movies with you, play video games with you, cuddle you, well, maybe not a few. All I actually want is to do everything with you.

It’s not the dates, kissing, holding hands that made me fall for him even more. It’s about how he accepts me, supports me, and loves me for who I am.

Ever since I met you, the only person in my mind is always you.

I smile the brightest whenever I think of you.

If you ask me how much I love you, I’m always speechless because I simply cannot describe how much I love you, my dear.

I always love you, but sometimes I want to punch you in the face to tease me.

I can talk to a lot of people. But at the end of the day, you’re the only person I’m dying to talk to.

Thank you for coming into my life, thank you for making me see the beauty of life, and thank you for making me feel loved.

We may be young, but I still can’t wait to marry you because I want you to be the first and last person I see every day. I love you so much.

In you, I’ve found my best friend and the love of my life. You’re the best of both worlds.

I can’t wait for the day where I’ll wake up with you beside me every morning.

Not to brag, but I am the happiest girl in the world because my boyfriend is so awesome.

After the school bell rings, I rush to our favorite spot, and I find you there, waiting for me so we can talk for a bit before heading home together.

I know it’s too early, but I hope you’re my first and my last one. You’re one I want to be with forever.

I know I’m not perfect, but you make me feel like I’m capable of anything. Thank you for having so much faith and love for me.