60+ Sadness Quotes

Sadness is already inherent in humans. It is a feeling that cannot be ignored, or a feeling that you should be proud of. The only thing that is for sure is that sadness should be felt and never taken for granted, for we would not know happiness if we are not experiencing sadness.

Avoid making someone a priority because you might regret it later if you became just an option for them.

There would come a day that I would wake up and find that I would not be able to handle it anymore. I promise, I tried really hard.

There is that one girl who always makes you laugh and smile, picks you up when you fall, and says sorry even when it is not her fault. But you never fought for her.

There are people who would make you feel important even when you are nothing to them.


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If you do not know me, then you would not see how much it hurts.

Do not blame me for leaving. I still love you, but you forced me to stop showing it.

The only way so I can feel better is to cry, and I hate it.

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I would never get you back despite the length of my wait for you.

You are the only cure to my sadness, even though you are also the one who caused it.

When your loved one leaves you, he also leaves you a cut that may heal but would leave a scar forever.

You know that you will wait for that someone even though you also know that your feelings can never be returned. What would hurt the most is when you give up even though it is all that you want.

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A man would do anything to keep you if he loves you. He will also do everything to leave if he does not want you.

It would be hard indeed to see the one you love loving someone else.

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If you do not want anyone to see you crying, do it while under the rain so no one would hear the pain.

I would never forget a person who have hurt me but gave me so much to remember.

If the person you love left you, never chase after the. You are never tied to somebody by fate.

Every person has a different way of showing their pain. Some hide it in their eyes, while those who are wiser hide it in their smiles.

I would never accept you if you come back bearing an excuse. After all, you left me without a reason.

If you loved a person greatly, you would also be affected with the pain greatly.

No matter I tried hard to push you away from my mind, you keep coming back in. how can I forget you this way?

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I love you with all my heart, but it still hurts to think that I can never have you in my arms.

If you do not want to get hurt, never give anyone a special place in your heart. It would be possible that they do not know its value.

Almost everyone you will meet would have the ability to hurt you; you just have to choose who the one who would be worth the pain.

The moment you feel attached to someone and they left you, you would really feel lost.

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Not knowing if you would forget or wait is the most painful thing of all. It would be like being suspended in mid air.

Pain and sadness are two things that would always be present in a relationship. You just have to know how to handle it to your advantage.

Having someone around for a long time makes you think that they are already part of your life. However, the moment they leave, you find yourself missing a piece of you.

I already tried to do everything to keep us together, but my strings and my glue has already run out of stock.

Stop pleasing the people who do not care for you. There would be nothing to gain in the end.


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Some of our friends only last as long as they have something to gain from you. The moment they are done, they would step over you like dirt.

If ever the things would go just the way we like, then you should wake me up.

When you neglect to do something you really love for years, it would elicit a painful and sad feeling from you.

The fact that is killing me is that things would never be the same again.

You have to move on if you do not want to be pulled back by the feeling.

There would come a day that I would see what I have gained and you would see what you lost the day you left me.

Trust that your tears would travel towards God so He will know what we feel even if we cannot speak.

Climb higher on love’s ladder, and I guarantee you that you will fall harder.

We might have said a few words, but the feelings we have are overflowing to the brim.

People only seem to appreciate my presence whenever they need something from me.

You are never mine but still I am afraid to lose you.

The day you left me, I felt something broke inside of me.

I cannot go back on the day when I was innocent enough to know that you would hurt me someday.

No matter how loud I scream, no one would still come to my aid because no one listens to me.

If you are not willing to make an effort to see me, then stop saying that you miss me.

You may look for love at all the corners, but you would not find it where it does not exist.

There is only one person who could make me smile when I am sad, and that is you.

One of the most devastating things that could happen to a human is the loss of a loved one.

Whenever I am cut with pain, I cry. The pain keeps on going and the cycle keeps repeating.

Reality’s laws no longer have a hold on me, I am independent of it.

Living the way I do would never be understood by others no matter how hard they try.

Laughter really makes the pain pass.

There would come a time when you wake up in the morning feeling afraid to continue on living.

I wish I could run away from you so I will know if you would follow after me.

I may walk by serenely, I may function normally, but deep inside I am holding everything closely just to keep from falling apart.

I know that I am still alive because I can feel the pain without any pauses.

Do not mind how you suffer tragically, be reminded how you are able to live miraculously.

Even though I am sad, I am a girl who still knows how to be happy.

No one is ever going to fill up the void of loneliness inside you because it is always a human condition.

My whole life was ruined by just a single blade.

No matter how many times you look at me, you would not see who I really am.

You may feel the pain now and think that you could not bear it, but this pain would someday serve a purpose for you.

There is no forever to blue skies and sunny days. It may rain long and hard, so remember that it is okay to fall apart.

You may see that there is something wrong but you will never find out what is going on.

No matter how much I cry, all the tears would not bring you back.

The ones who are hurt the most are the people who are feeling the deepest.

My pain would be healed by my silence and my tears someday.

I wish you are here to wipe away the tears you made me shed.

You should know the limits to your hoping.

The thing that hurts the most is missing the person you once were.

After you hurt me, now I prefer to be alone because this way, you would not be able to hurt me.

When I become too angry at something, sometimes the anger just dissolves into tears.

The wrong sort of people might stray into your life, so better be lonely than to played by the wrong people.

Never say the word promise if you are not willing to keep it.

I can feel the weight of the world in my shoulders and no one is there to soothe me.

All around me people are talking about their special someone while I do not have my own one.

I cannot believe that we now turned into strangers despite talking to each other every day.

I do not want to lose you, so I just use lies for my comfort and reject the truth just to keep you.

Why does it feel that I cannot do anything right with you?

Knowing that the person you love the most in the world does not care about you is painful indeed.

I would do anything to avoid hurting you, but I did not know that you would not care if you are the one who would hurt me.

The bad memories may hurt us most, but what pierce us are the best memories that we cannot bring back anymore.

The harder I try to forget you, the harder I think about you.

If I cannot forget you now, I will wait when you realize that you cannot forget me.

Let your heart pour out all the tears so you can replace it with smiles.

We rarely talk nowadays. It’s so sad to think that we once talked everyday.