35+ Pure Love Quotes

There is a love so innocent, something that makes you feel so great, something that sprouts from two people loving each other with everything they have.
This is what pure love is, a love that is free of all bias, of all judgement, of all those bad things in life.
It is shared when the love is true when the love that lovers share is full of the happy things in life.
Here are some quotes to show your love that your love is truly pure.

They say that you only get to live once in this life, and I assure you that I have pure love.

I want to show you that my love for you will survive whatever life tries to throw at it, my dear.

You will know that love is valid if it gives you strength and makes you a better person.


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Every beat of this heart of mine is but of pure love for you and only you, my dearest beloved.

Just let me tell you that love is not just based on any fancy thing that a person will give you.

To love is to make yourself vulnerable against a person, so you want to be careful about it.

I know what I have for you is pure love because I love you despite all your flaws.

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You know that what you feel is real love when you are willing to give everything you have.

There is something about loving someone that makes you feel more alive than you already are.

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What is pure love but accepting that you love a person just because of the person he is?

Let us share a love so pure that we will make a happy ending, you and I, every single day.

You make me see things from a different perspective, and that is how I know your love is pure.

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They say love only brings pain and nothing more, but I believe that pure love brings happiness.

I know I am weird, but you love me just the same, and that is how I know that you love me.

You make me believe that I can do anything as long as I try to reach for it; that is your love.

Pure love is something that needs to be felt by your heart and everything else that you have.

You make me feel something I have never felt before, so I try my best to give it back.

I wish you would care for my heart the way I care for yours, with tender loving care.

Pure love is but a true love, like a kiss from your lover that lingers for such a long time.

Should love be a game, I do not want to play; I will surrender everything to you, my love.

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True love is genuinely indispensable; it makes you want to hold on to your life.

One of the most beautiful things in this life that you can ever experience is pure love.

There comes a time when I seek refuge, and all I will ever go to is you, my dearest love.

True love is something that will never come to an end; I believe it then, and I still do right now.

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If you are lucky, you will be in pure love, never having to prove yourself to anyone at all.

If what you feel is love so true, then believe me when I say that it will never really end.

You cannot forget the people you love; that is what hurts most when you fall in love.

May you remember that true love will never waver, will never stop, keep growing.


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No matter what happens between us, I hope you know that I feel pure love for you.

You can never fake true love; I promise that you will know that exactly when you are in it.

Love a person in his worst, and you will have him on his best, and you will know love is true.

A few people who walk this earth can ever say that he has experienced true love, that is real.

You cannot find the meaning of pure love alone, is what I have been trying to tell you all along.

When you have a love so true, you defy all odds; you overcome everything better together.

There is something about true love that makes it so powerful above anything else at all.

A true love, such as what we share, is scarce and delicate; let us keep preserving it.

Pure love is not easy to get; you need to try your best to taste it.

Love like you have never loved before, and you will get true love and never let it go.

True love is something that you can never be measured. It varies from one person to another.

We all have different ways of expressing our love, but it does not make it more than others.

Love is more important than anything else in the world; it is the one we feed to live.

There is something sacred about the thought of true love that makes it hard ever to achieve.

Once in your life, you will experience pure love, and you will never want ever to let it go.

Generosity is what comes out of genuine love, the most positive of all the traits humans have.

If you were given a shot at true love, I suggest that you will never let it go, never, ever.

When you do things out of love, you will feel like your soul is being lifted all the time.

There was a time when I believed in true love, but maybe I am starting once again.

May we keep on holding on to our love so that it will never be just another chapter in our story.

There is no love better than pure love to which you are willing to sacrifice yourself for it.

When you are willing to give anything without wanting anything in return, you have true love.

You do not try to find true love because I assure you that it will come to you.

I wish that what we have between the two is but pure love that will never end.

True love means that you will go against it all to prove that your love stands strong.

There is a difference between just love and genuine love; the second is greater always.

If you have to prove your love to that person, I assure you what you feel is not valid.

Pure love is something that will never fade no matter how much time passes us both.

The thing about real love is that it does not care where or when; it just comes suddenly.

One day you will look at someone, and suddenly he has become the one that you love.

When you doubt that things will be okay, then the love you have is not true at all.

I know this is pure love because you know my weakness but never use it against me, ever.

When you have to choose between two persons, then that is not true love, I can tell you that.

The course of true love is never easy, but I can tell you that it is always right; it never fails.

At the end of it all, when your love is true, it will survive the most significant challenge there is time.

Thank you for the pure love you have given me, for it has made me stronger than I ever will be.

So tell me that love is easy, and I will tell you that your pet is not true. That is just the way it is.

If your love is true, it is free because only so much love comes with freedom.

Love that is real is truly one in a million; pray that what you have is that.

If we have pure love, then we will survive the distance; we will not fail it.

There is no lie in love, you either have it, or you do not; that is just how love works.

It does not matter if you live in different worlds; what is meant will always find a way.

As long as there is genuine love in what you do, know that you have already succeeded.

I promise you that this is pure love, born from thoughts of becoming the best versions of us.

The thing with true love is that it runs far more profound than the rivers, more comprehensive than the oceans.

Eternal is how real long love lasts, so do not worry if you have not yet found that person.

When the time comes, you will feel it; you will look at that person and know he is the one.

There is nothing better in the world than having someone give you pure love freely.

As long as you are willing to give everything, even yourself, then the love you have is accurate.

Real love does not look for anything else but to make his lover happy all the time.

I fell for you in the purest of ways, with me growing up beside you and taking you all in.

I want a love so accurate that it will defy all odds, that it will make fate change no matter what.

I wanted to give you the world, but I couldn’t, so I am just going to provide you with all that I have.

Lately, dreams do not matter to me because I have finally found a love so true with you.

If I can give you everything you want, I would believe me, for I love you so.

You are always in my mind, so tell me, if this is not true love, then what is this?