50 Cute Boyfriend Quotes

Have you ever felt the indescribable feeling when you finally found the one you wish to spend the rest of your life? Tell him how much you love him with these cute boyfriend quotes.

When you came into my life, there was now no reason for my fear. Thank you for making me feel secure all the time.

There was a time in my life that all I could see was you. You are a dream come true. I love you now and forever.

If I only had one wish left, I want it to be YOU for the rest of my life. I cannot imagine my life without you. You are like sugar in my coffee, icing to my cake, and an apple to my pie. We are always the best combination.


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I will celebrate your love for the rest of my life. You and I are perfect for each other. I know that this kind of love will stay forever.

You are always in my mind. I don’t know if I’m already crazy or I am just crazy about you. I know this is crazy, but I hope you feel crazy about me too. Thank you for loving your crazy girlfriend.

It’s a magical moment to be with you finally. If only we could stay like this all the time, things would be a lot better. For now, I will just enjoy my home in your arms.

Quotes About Love

I can always say that life is beautiful because I have you. You mean everything to me. I keep on dreaming of you every day and night.

The 60 Quotes about Falling in Love

Love is when two people make every moment magical. There are no dull moments with them. It is sharing lives, endless happiness, and always a joyful heart.

There is no one like you that can make me smile even through the darkest day of my life. You knew exactly how to brighten up my day. I thank God for your life.

My heart jumped in joy when you came into my life. Who would ever think that a hot and handsome guy on the campus is my boyfriend now? I feel so beautiful. I just hope that this is not a dream, or else I do not want to wake up anymore.

You are more than a boyfriend to me. You are my best friend, my companion, my dinner buddy, and most of all, my prayer partner. I am looking forward to our future together. I love you so.

Two words to describe you: determined and committed. I haven’t met a guy who is so determined about his life decisions and no one who is so passionate about his commitment. I am so lucky to have you.

How can I not fall in love with you if my heart started to melt with just one smile from you? It is in your eyes that I can see a paradise. I hope this will last.

I wonder why I miss you every moment of my life. Time seems to move fast whenever we are together. If only I, can stop it, but you know I can’t.

It is you that makes me feel brand new every day of my life. It is you that gave me more reasons to live. It is also you that I want to love for the rest of my life.

My love, there is no one else like you. You give me butterflies; you’ve made me so happy. In your eyes, I can see our future. What else could I ask for? I think I have already found the one who could give me endless happiness.

It is our love that still connects us so deeply today. It is also the reason why in every trial of our relationship, we still manage to hold each other’s hand. Never will I leave you, honey.

We are meant to fall in love with each other. You are what I have been waiting for. And I am the one you’ve been dreaming of. It is amazing how love brought us together.

I love my husband quotes.

For you, I’ll cross the ocean. For you, I’ll climb every mountain. For you, I will do everything. I hope you will do the same.

I thank my boyfriend for being my hero. He keeps me safe. He won’t let any harm come my way. There is nothing he won’t do for me. I hope he won’t leave me too.

No one can ever replace your love. In my heart and in my soul, you will always be my one and only love.

I promise to stay in love with you for the rest of my life. You take all my fears away with just one embrace from you. How beautiful life is when I am with you.

Maybe this time, it is you. I will be spending every moment of my life. I can’t imagine life with someone else. I hope it is YOU until forever.

The 60 True Love Quotes

There is no one else who will love me as you will. You knew everything about me. You accept me for who I am. And if I would have to live my life again, it is still you I will choose to love.

These best boyfriend quotes express the feeling when all you want to do is be with him 24 hours a day but still think it is never enough. Well, being in love with someone means the world for all who experienced it. It will not only make his ordinary day a special one, but also it will make him smile.

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I never had much luck with my lovers before. And yes, I thought of closing the door of my heart. One day, there’s a guy who lost his way. He found me, and he was so determined. He is the best boyfriend in the world.

We became friends, and later on, we started out together. Slowly, the door of my heart opens. I was wrong when I said no one would love me for real. He made me realize how lucky I am. I love my best boyfriend!

Thank you for giving me everything without asking for any in return. You are one of the best. Please always stay with me.

You are the one I am dreaming of at night, the one I long to kiss, the one I want to hold tight. You are a dream come true. Thank you for coming into my life.

I love the way your jokes can make me smile, the way you compliment my style, the way you hold my hand, and most especially in the way you love me as no one else can. I love you simply because my heart tells me so.

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You are the only person I would like to think about every morning. I just couldn’t stop thinking about you. I am so in love with you.

60 Sweet and Unique Love Quotes for Him

Thank you for keeping me in your life, even if I have so many flaws that could have pushed you away. I am not easy to love, but you are really trying hard. I know someday, this kind of love will stay.

The best thing about loving you is that every time we have arguments, it is you who give way first. You will not let the day end without making me smile. I love you for being who you are.

I am afraid that no one will love me as you do. I am afraid to be alone. I am afraid of losing you. Please take away this feeling and stay with me always.

How did you know I needed someone like you in my life? I am always praying for someone like you. I guess God knows how much I need you. From now on, I promise to be the best girlfriend in the world.

You fill the empty space in my heart. I am now complete because of you.

They said that it is love that will find you. I never look for it. I am praying, yes, of course. You came at the right time, at the right place. You are an answered prayer, God’s most precious gift.

Before, I was hopeless and lost. And then, you came into my life when I needed you the most. I will never forget how you brought light to my life. Thank you for giving me another reason to live.

Things will work out just fine if you are right by my side. In you, I found the love of my life.

Your sweet voice can take away all my sadness. Your smile gives me hope. It’s a magical feeling knowing that we are meant to be. It doesn’t matter what took you so long to arrive in my life. I am so much blessed with the joy you brought to my life.

Sweet I Love You Quotes

I am excited every morning, knowing that I will get a chance to see you. You are the one I wanted to be with until the end. A day without seeing you is a day full of loneliness. I hope you already know how much I love you.

I Love my Boyfriend Cute Messages with pictures

I will cherish every moment I’ll spend with you. I promise to be there always, especially on your worst day. I will always try to sweeten your day. Thank you for giving me this beautiful feeling inside.

Thank you for giving me flowers always. Thank you for making me feel beautiful and glowing. You never fail to make me smile. I am so lucky to have you.

I know that many girls out there will try to flirt with you. You knew exactly how to deal with them, so I believe I do not have to remind you anymore. I want you to know that I have trust in you. Just one thing I want to say, please do not break your promises as well as my heart.

My heart belongs to you. My mind always tells me that it is YOU. My eyes only want to see you. I guess my love for you is true. I love you.

Both the good and bad things in a relationship are important. These things make us stronger and braver. I hope we can stand together the many trials. God bless us.

My ideal boyfriend is right beside me now. He is one of my dream come true. He makes me glow inside. All beautiful things that happen to me are because of him. I love him, and I will always love him till the end.


Do you have an ex-boyfriend or an ex-lover? No worries. We have prepared some best ex-boyfriend quotes just for your inspiration.

You were my life, my sun, my everything. Now you are just my ex-boyfriend.

When I look at my ex-boyfriend, I think I was being drunk the whole time in our relationship.

Think of the past is like a thing that was like before. Let the bygones be bygones. Let the bad boyfriend be an ex-boyfriend.

All the moments we had, good or bad, now they are only ex moments that I will try to forget. Together with you, my ex-boyfriend.

When you see me again, you will wish you never let me go. But you will still be another ex-boyfriend, just a previous love, lost time.

If you were actually a full-length film, I would watch you over and over again, every day, even if you are three hours long. And I will never get neither exhausted nor bored. I love you, my man!

I can’t find the perfect quote to convey what I feel for you, so here I am simply saying I love you!

I can’t promise you that we will always be physically together, but I can promise you that I will always be with you. In your heart and your thoughts, I will stay and remain in there. Darling, I love you!

I am giving you this promise that I will be with you always, even if death takes my life away. Much love for you, my sweetie!

I neither dreamed nor wished to have someone like you in my life because I know that it is impossible for a girl like me, but heavens blessed me because He gave me you.

I love you like how Winnie the Pooh loves honey. It may be corny and funny, but I want to let you know how much I love you, my honey!

Our relationship is all I have; I will not trade it with anything, no matter how broke I get.

I took a peek into your mind. Then I saw how much you really love me. You love me more than yourself. I love you, darling!

My entire world would be total nonsense if you did not come into my life. You are the only sense to all of my nonsense. I love you, babe!

Whenever you see the sunrise in the morning, please be reminded that I am falling in love with you more and more each time the sun rises up. Much love, sweetie!

The love that we have between us is comparable to a journey. As long as my heart is beating, I will travel with you.

The look in your eyes whenever you are with me gives me an assurance that I am the luckiest lady in town. I love you!

You are the only person alive who made a huge and significant difference in my life. Thank you for that, honey, and always keep that in mind.

Whenever you kiss me, I always have this feeling that I want to be in the sky and sing with the stars. I love you!

You are the brightest star in my whole sky. Hugs and Kisses!

I only want one thing; it is to be with you now and then. Much love!

I do not know if my mind is pre-programmed to always think of you because I just can’t stop doing so. I love you, baby!

You are the motivation why I was finally capable of perceiving my significance without you hurting me.

You are the explanation at the back of all the smiles and grins that I have on my face.

You are not a knight in an alluring and glittering armor, but you are for all time my one and most authentic hero. Thank you for saving me!

You are just precisely the sort of man that I am dreaming of. How propitious and lucky I am to have you. Kisses for you, babe!

Knowing that you are at all times next to me makes my heart relaxed and cheerful.

I’m pleased that the universe gave me you, my sweet man. I love you!

I will be devoted to you, and I am keeping you for eternal time. I love you, sweetie!

I overpoweringly love you. I do, and I sincerely mean it. You are the only one for me, my hero!

I beam when someone says your name. Even your name, my love alone, brings me joyfulness. I love you!

I do not really heed how I will depart this life as long as I get to spend the rest of my precious life with you, baby.

I at all times have enjoyment and delight with you even if we are not doing something or nothing at all. I presume that is the thrilling magic of love.

I am so worn out. So worn-out of thinking about you all day long, my knight. I love you, darling!

I am grateful to you for loving me throughout the period when I don’t even make out how to love myself.

I am forever and a day prepared to settle and be with you no matter how distant you go and how complicated the journey will be.

I am akin to the fact that I purely love you. No query. No explanation. No buts. No ifs.

Every day is a grand day for me, most notably when I am with you.

Even if destiny keeps us at a distance, your name and love for me were already tattooed in my spirit.

Each daybreak keeps me reminded that I have another marvelous day to use up with you.

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I, at all times, follow my common sense; the day that I met you, it was my initial point in time to go after my heart.

I am living a reverie, or shall I say, I am living with the gentleman of my wildest dreams.

Indeed, I am so blessed to arouse each morning exactly next to you. I love you, cupcake!

I sense safety and more security every time we cuddle. Without a doubt, in your arms, my love, I am cherished and secluded.

It is an indulgence to lay down at hours of darkness in our cottony soft bed with you right by my side. My hero. My man. The love of my heart.

Spending an entire day with you makes the whole thing absolutely perfect. I love you!

Sunsets are astonishingly striking because it tells me that my day is incredible because I have someone incredible in my life like you. More incredible than the Hulk, to be honest.

I am sending my gratitude to you, my love. I now totally understand what the significance of genuine and authentic love is. I love you, darling!

There are no more than two moments in my existence that I want to be with you by yourself, now and until perpetually.

There is a single and only one thing that I will not request you to do: to alter yourself for me. You are just endearingly perfect by simply being you.

We are precisely twenty-nine thousand miles apart, but I never felt the remoteness in my beating heart.

You, at all times, give me something to be blissful and grateful about each day. I love you, my man!

You are the solitary explanation why I thank heavens every second, minute, an hour of the day, every day.

I am always searching for Mr. Right. Then you came, and I don’t have to search anymore because you are more than Mr. Right.

Knowing that you love me is enough for me; it is the most reassuring word I have always wanted to hear.

I am happy when we are together in good times, but I am blissful when we are together during those difficult times in our relationship.

Your loving words resonate in my heart, my mind, and my soul. I love you, babe!

I want to let the whole universe know that the gentlest person in the universe loves me. He is you, honey!

I wish that the day will come that we are not going to say goodbye to each other. I miss you so much, dear!

Whenever I eat ice cream, it reminds me of your lips, sweet, luscious, and yummy. Miss you, darling!

Up to this day, I am still attracted to you, just like the first time I saw you.

If you depart this life, let me know first so I can be the first one to depart before you because I do not want to live another day without you.

You are the remaining source of my positivity in this life, and everything else is already rotten. I love you!

I have this extra dose of happiness every day because I know that I have you, darling!

Every time you look into my eyes, it feels like you are hypnotizing me because I can’t seem to let go of you.

I am the pollen while you are the bee, for you are always attracted to me. Together we make tasty honey. I love you, sweetie!

I will start charging you for rent because you have been residing in my heart and thoughts for years.

I love you when we are together, but I love you more whenever we are at a distance.

You caught my heart yesterday. You still have my heart today. Tomorrow and evermore, my heart will always be yours.

Nothing tears me more than the two of us being apart. Hugs and Kisses for you, babe!

You are the song that my heart and soul are longing for. Finally, I can listen to your tune and sweet melody now over and over again.

I have never seen you before in my life, but all I know is that we are meant to be with each other the instant we touch hands.

I love the fact that each day I am falling for you. Harder and more profound than the day before.

I firmly believe that dreams do come true because you are the living and tangible proof to that.

I wanted to be with you yesterday. I still want to be with you today. I will want to be with you tomorrow. I love you, sweetie pie!

I have this strangest feeling that I might have loved you already before in our past lives. Some memories flash before my very eyes. As if it is history replicating itself.