45 I Love my Boyfriend Quotes

Tell the whole world, “I love my boyfriend,” because that is just a way of showing that you genuinely love him.
It is one of the proudest moments in the world, having your lover be proud to tell the whole world that she loves you.
There are only a few people in the world who can do that.
If you want to shout out to everyone about just how much you love the person with you, here are some of the quotes about loving your boyfriend that you can use for that purpose.

I love my boyfriend; he is the one I want to keep holding on to when the world starts crashing.

He cheers me up when I feel so upset about my day, and I appreciate him for that very thing.

The truth is that he is the sweetest guy that I have ever known in this life, and I love him for it.


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I swear to God I’ll try to be the best lover I can be to repay everything he’s done for me.

My dear, I want you to know that you are the person I want to spend the rest of forever with.

Never would I trade any moment that we have had for all the money in this world, I tell you.

I have found happiness in you, and I promise I will never let you go now more than ever.

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No other person in this world will be able to love me the way you do and the way I do for you.

The best thing that I have ever received in this life of mine is you, and I want you to know that.

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He makes me feel as safe as I can be and secures me in his arms, and so I love my boyfriend.

My dear love, you are the first person in this world that I never want to lose, honestly.

No one will ever mean to me as much as you do. That is the truth of it all.

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You picked me up when I was such a mess, and I honestly cannot even thank you enough for it.

I learned that trust could be fixed, for you taught me how to trust another person again.

You make me believe in magic, in the possibility of a happier tomorrow, and I love you for it.

There is no need to hide my love for you when it is so apparent when I honestly love you so.

I will never hesitate to tell you how I feel because you need to know that I won’t let go of you.

I am so lucky to have found you, the right person at the very right moment. That is the truth.

I’m calling you right now to tell you of my love for you because you need to know it.

You are my dream, to be next to you all the time, you are the best for me.

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I love my boyfriend for the way he would always whisper in my ears that it would be all okay.

He smiles at me, and all the problems I have faded away, and for that, I love my boyfriend.

There is no better match for me out there than you are; you love me through my worst times.

I want you to know that I will never forget you because you are the person I care for the most.

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I cannot even think of how I would feel without you; take care of I won’t have to lose you.

I never want to lose you in this life; I never want ever to let you go, for I love you a whole lot.

You are my number one source of happiness at this moment, so I want to thank you.

I love my boyfriend because he makes every worry go away, helps me conquer my fears.


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You make me laugh in ways other people never could, and that means a lot to me, my dear.

Sure, you look good, but I began loving you because you have always been so kind to me.

We had the most beautiful story, loving each other unconditionally, and I want to thank you.

I am happy we are lucky enough to find each other amid everything else.

You may be miles away from me, but still, I love you just the same please believe me on that.

Believe me when I say this: you will always have a part of me; my heart is yours forever.

I know the distance will never stop our love; I know it will survive everything else.

He kisses me as I’ve never been kissed before and I love it, and so I love my boyfriend.

No matter what life tries to throw at us, I know that we will survive it, boy.

You have me right in your hooks, so stuck with you, my heart is truly in your hands now.

Every time I realize that you are not with me, I miss you so much. I wish you were here.

I know we will make it because our love can survive it all, I believe that.

I cannot take my eyes off you because you caught my attention the first second we met.

I love my boyfriend, and I would gladly shout it to the whole world because that is how I feel.

Some days I cannot even believe that you are mine, that you do love me too, after all.

Who would have known that we would match each other, the jock and the nerd? I love you!

You talk about the most intelligent things. I don’t know how I could have gotten you.

Despite being so busy, you still make time for me to talk and to be with me, thank you, dear.

I love my boyfriend, and I am proud of him, everything he has done and everything he will do.

I admire how good you are at handling your schedule, and I love you more for that.

The truth is that I want to be with you forever because you give me a reason to live even more.

You never cease to amaze me. That is the truth; you give me something to look forward to daily.

You always look out for me, and I cannot even start to think of the reason to not fall for you.

I wake up with you every morning, and I can’t be any happier than now. That is the truth of it.

I promise that I will do my best to help you achieve your dreams and still achieve all of mine.

Together, we will conquer the earth; we will get all we want and realize our goals.

I miss those days when we are still accessible and able to be together all the time. Still, I care for you.

I want to give him the best in every way that I can, and that is how I love my boyfriend so.

I have never stopped caring for you; that is how I know that you are the best thing to me.

Even when the world tries to go against you, I swear I will be the one person to stay with you.

I will cross oceans if it means that I will be beside you now and forever, my dear.

I find it so hard to breathe without you by my side. That is how much I need you right now.

The day I met you was the happiest day of my life, to meet the one called true love.

He makes me smile even when I do not know what to do anymore; I love my boyfriend.

You are the one who gets my hopes up and makes me believe that things are still possible.

I will never leave you even when you try to push me away; I will be as stubborn as hell.

Seeing you happy is one of the best moments in my life. That is the truth, believe me, dear.

Of all the gifts I was given by God, you are still my favourite present; that is the truth of my life.

Thank you for every single memory we spent together, for they still make me happy today.

You matter to me, and I want you to know that; I want you to know I care for you a lot.

Everything changed in my life; I have learned to love without expecting things.

No one else can come into this heart of mine because I’m sure that I love my boyfriend so much.

I love my boyfriend, and I will not let anyone come in between us now and ever; I swear on it.

I have learned my lesson of trying my hardest to make the person I love most as happy as ever.

Even though we do not meet as often as possible, I still love my boyfriend forever.

I do not even know where to start talking about how I love my boyfriend as much as I can.

He is my favourite person in this world; I love my boyfriend so much I’d do anything for him.

He is all I think about from the moment I woke up until I was about to sleep. I love my boyfriend.

I love my boyfriend right now in a way I have never loved all my previous lovers, honestly.

I am so captivated by the things he does, so I want to shout that I love my boyfriend.

I love my boyfriend, and this is just a way of showing him just how much I appreciate him so.

I get jealous of other girls a lot, but that is only because I love my boyfriend a whole lot.

I love my boyfriend even when you think that I do not; the truth is I do so much.