45+ Best Love Status Quotes

Love could make the world sigh with pleasure.
It is one of the most beautiful feelings that God ever let humanity feel.
Loving someone could inspire anyone to perform the best they could ever do in every aspect, and genuine love could bring out the best in anyone.

Loving someone is not a matter of just whispering sweet nothings. It should be more about giving proof of your love to that person.

Think of love as a rubber end that, when released at one end, the other end would indeed get hit and hurt.

I may be busy, but it is never an excuse not to make time for you.

The first few weeks of love is sweet, yet a love that lasts is the most beautiful.


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No one can explain love.

If the eyes cannot see love, it must be felt by the heart.

You are mine, and I am yours; that would be one love between the two of us.

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We all know how to fall in love, yet the real challenge is staying in love with the same person forever.

It has become a hobby of mine to think of you, yet when I miss you, my heart’s ache stays long.

I could not stop thinking about you from the first time I saw you.

You only crossed my mind once, and since then, you never tried to leave.

Best Love Status

Once you are in love, all your senses will be affected, as well as your heart and your mind.

Your words made me fall in love with you, and they also hurt me the most.

We should never spend more time searching for the perfect partner; instead, we should try to perfect the love we can give.

Cute Love Status

We may be miles away, yet you are the only one in my heart and my mind.

Nothing could make my love for you fade away, not your mistakes, neither would your circumstances.

No matter where I go and what I do, the time I spent with you will always be remembered.

Emotions are almost always eaten up by shame.

An intelligent person knows how to control your emotions by using your reason.

Your emotions always trigger the things you do and the feelings you have.

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Too much hate and anger steal away all the love that should be in your heart.

You do not realize that the little emotions you have can run your entire life.

The purest, truest emotion that you feel is often the one hidden from the entire world.

Making your masterpiece without any emotion is not a masterpiece at all.

Inspirational Quotes

Emotions run the way of things in our life, so do not let negative emotions rule your mind.

If you are not able to control your emotions, they might someday hold you.

Females are fonder of their emotions than their reasons.

As a woman, I use emotions more and reserve my reason for a greater purpose.

You cannot notice that the intense emotions you have are the ones working, not yourself.


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There are times that you want to shout your heart out, but the words you have are just not enough.

It would be best if you never made permanent decisions when your emotions are running high.

One of the essential things in our life is to learn how to manage our emotions.

Those who are in silence are sometimes more hurt than those who often speak of their hurt.

Our emotions become the root of everything we do, so it is more powerful than our thinking and reasoning.

Love is a matter of a circle, not of a heart, because hearts could break, but a process goes on forever.

The best way to fall in love is by keeping your eyes closed.

Being in love is like stretching a rubber band. If one let’s go, the rubber band would hurt the other.

Words are never enough to express what I am feeling for you, but I do love you.

You cannot always come upon that emotion that says you want to be with a certain person forever.

So many people could catch your eyes, but a certain person could only capture your heart.

Persons who are in love cannot blame gravity for falling.

Look at the sky and see the stars spell out your name.

There is just one word that I have never learned how to pronounce, and that is love.

Now that you are inside my heart, it is all perfect.

We have to meet the wrong people first before we can find the right one to know how to avoid the same mistakes we made.

You will know that it is love when you can love an imperfect person ideally.

I am not everything that you want, but I am everything that you need.

Knowledge comes from the depths of a loving heart.

When love happens, one soul resides within two bodies.

A woman ready to listen to her man could make him fall in love with her halfway.

A man who is proud of his woman is worth loving, and he would also be willing to take risks for her.

Nothing and nobody could measure love.

I am always asked what the most beautiful thing in my life is, and I only have one answer: you.

When you decide who you will love, always remember that the heart is located on the right side.

Those who say that love is a complicated thing are wrong; it is a complex people.

I consider all my battles won the moment I see your wonderful smile.

Let us run away from everything, just you and me.

Love stories have circulated the world for centuries; however, my most favourite is our story.

When you lose interest in a relationship, never cheat. It is best if you leave.

If you could live for me, I would die for you.

I have already accepted that you have already left me, but please do not love anyone right in front of me.

I fell in love with you not because of how you look but how your heart glows for everyone.

Loving always constitutes tears.

I always lose sleep because of you, but I am ready to be an insomniac so that I can think of you.

New love is cute and delightful, but a love that can withstand time is the most beautiful.

You captured my heart and soul; now, I could not see myself without you.

Loneliness is preferable to being together with someone who still makes you feel alone.

A young heart is the product of real love.

Do not give a place for hate in your heart. Give space only for love.

When you love someone, you should appreciate them and not possess them like a thing.

Dreams do not need to be feared, and love should never have limits.

Seeing you always make my heart crazy and beat extra fast.

You can choose to live for love or die for it; there is nothing in between.

A person who is genuinely in love with you will fight for you for so many reasons.

Love should occur the moment you are ready, not when you are feeling alone.

Believe that love can heal both the giver and the hurt.

Everything in love starts with a simple ‘hi’.

You should not define love; it should be demonstrated.

You should only say that you love a person if you mean it.

There should be no limits to love.

I hope that all the days I spend will always be with you.

I got attached to you the moment I first saw you, and that does not happen often.

All the lovely girls have caught my eye, but it took only you to see my heart.

If you just let me borrow one kiss from you, I can promise to give it back.

Being in love makes you much fearless than you could ever be.

When I give my heart to somebody, it will remain to be his and only his.

The moment you entered my heart, it became perfect.

In all the ways that you do, you are perfect to me.

Talking to you makes me realize that I am falling in love over and over again.

Being your first love is a beautiful thing, but becoming your last would be amazing.

I can give you my love forever if you would give me yours in just a second.

I am willing to surrender all for love because it can conquer all.

Being the reason that you smile every day always lifts me.

Love is ultimately just a word until someone comes along to give it more meaning.

You are not mine, yet I am terrified to lose you.

Some may think of you as one of the millions, yet you are indeed one in a million for me.

There is no telling when I would stop loving you; all I know is I will love you today, this week, this month, this year, and this lifetime.

If you genuinely love a person and that person loves you back, believe that you will be back together again no matter what happens.

If you want to find your finish line, you have to love being on the journey first.

I am always with you, yet I could not stop thinking about you.