The 70 Very Sad Quotes


There are some moments in our lives when we feel so down and so miserable and feels like nothing can cheer us up. Sadness could result from a thousand reasons; each of us feels sad because of some specific cause. Sadness can also lead to some severe problems like depression and sometimes even death.
We collected diverse sad quotes to help remind you that it is normal to feel sad and not alone; we hope that this collection will also make you feel a little better.


You do not have any idea behind all the tears that I shed for you, and that’s enough reason for me to believe that you do not have any idea how much I care for you.


Forgive me, for there is nothing left of me to be given to you ultimately.


They said every time you get hurt; you become more and more invincible. I guess it does not apply to me because right now, I am starting to break into tiny bits of pieces no one can ever mend.


I had enough of pleasing everybody. I had enough of faking a smile each day. I had enough of crying until I fell asleep. I had enough of being hurt. I had enough of being me.

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I can remember almost everybody, but no one seems to remember me.


One of the saddest truths about life is that some people can and forever remain in your heart but not in your life, it hurts, but it’s true.


I put a smile on my face every day, not because I am blissful, but because it helps hide the pain that is about to explode inside me.



The saddest part of moving on is seeing your former partner so blissful and happy with somebody else, yet you remain broken.


He did not break my heart, but he shattered all the dreams I have for myself.


They said families are always there for you in times of trouble and need. I have a family. I’ve been through lots of difficulties and pain. No one from my family showed up during the times I needed them most.


I promised myself not to love someone, for I cannot afford to lose myself again.


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Loving someone who does not love your back creates the deepest wound and is more painful than a knife’s cut.


Sometimes there are no words to describe how hurt we are inside; that is why our eyes speak by crying.


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They said I am strong. They said I was invincible. But what they do not know is that inside my thick armour, I am already torn apart.


The moment you realize that you are not crucial to the person you value the most will send you to deep melancholy.


It is summertime already, but how come I am still gloomy.



He promised us that we would always be together. He promised it would be my first dance on my birthday. He promised to be there for us no matter what happened. In a matter of a few months, he broke his promises. He went to a place where we could not follow him right away. He went to heaven without bidding us goodbye.


If I could have one wish, I wish to have visiting hours to heaven to see my Father once more.


Her lips are telling me she is happy, but her eyes are telling me a different story.


Sadness makes my ears enjoy the melody, and my heart understands the meaning of lyrics.


All you need is love.


The only man who can put my tears in a halt is also the same man who made my tears fall.


I should have told you how much I love you before it is too late; regret does come in the end.


Whatever I do, nothing will bring you back. All I can do right now is cry myself to sleep with buckets of tears and start accepting the painful reality that you will never be here.


I don’t want to live in this society where you only remember the single mistake you made.


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It is tough to find someone who can understand you, and then when the moment you do, they will vanish to thin air without warning.


You came. You stole my heart. You left. Now, I don’t know what love is.


You said that we would chase happiness in every side of the world together, but you left me alone and left me behind.


Turning my heart as brutal as a stone helped me turn down people so that nobody else could ever rewind me.


I have a degree in trusting people masters in getting hurt by people I trusted, and a PhD in lying that I am all right.

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I know him yesterday and the other days that passed. He changed big time. I knew him today.


The biggest lie I told my father while on his deathbed is that we would be completely fine even without him.


I have superpowers—the power of invisibility. I am invisible to the eyes of the people whom I care about the most.


I am used to people talking to me only when they need me.


My life is a heartbreaking story with no happy endings. With me dying in the end.


People thought I was a lucky person. They didn’t know all the pains and sufferings I’ve been through, and that hurts because no one appreciated my hard work and perseverance.


The positive thing about being by yourself and alone is that no one can ever hurt you and take advantage of you. I know, trust me.


Together we flew to the skies; we are so happy while having the whole world beneath us. All of a sudden, you decided to leave me. You stole my wings and left me flightless. I fell to the ground. Everything in me shattered as if I were a glass. Now, I don’t know how I am going to put myself back together.


I am used to being taken for granted. I am used to being ignored. I am used to being taken advantage of. I am used to being used.


How can I follow you without sinning? How can I follow you without committing a crime? How can I follow you without killing myself?


I am still breathing, but I do not feel alive.


Everything in my life ends with NG. Loving. Trying. Hurting. Pretending. Dying.


Everyone we know will somehow manage to cause us pain. We have to find out for ourselves which pests are worth it.


I let him go, not because I wanted to. I let him go, not because I desired to. I let him go because he deserves to have the happiness I cannot give.


If you leave me, please give me a reason that will help me get over us quickly.


Time is the only one left who can lift the loneliness that I feel.


I want to be a child again because I don’t feel as sad as I am today when I was still a child.


I built a wall around myself to keep sadness away from me. It was too late when I noticed that the same fence kept my happiness out of my life.


His spoken words stab me harder than any other knife would.


Love does not have a natural death. Unlike older adults, love will not die because it’s too old. Love dies because we did not take good care of its source. Love dies because of our lies. Love dies because of our doubts and mistrust. Love dies because of betrayal.


Sometimes letting go is the only way left for you to start healing.


You fell in love. You got hurt. But at least you’ve tried.


The most painful experience a parent can have is to bury her child.


They said our eyes cry tears, but why does my heart call as well?


Yesterday I lost my number one fan. Yesterday I lost my best friend. Yesterday I lost the person who loved me the most. They are all gone now because my father died yesterday.


You said you love me. You said you need me. You said I am your life. I guess you are only good at saying because I didn’t feel anything at all.


You are demanding, they say. You are brave, they say. You can handle it alone, they say. But no one asked me what I was about to tell.


There is still blood flowing in my veins, but how come I feel so dead inside.


You do not have any idea how big was the scar that you left in my life.


I love it when it is raining very hard because nobody will hear as I cry my heart aloud.


Nobody told me what I should exactly do after losing you. I became blind. I cannot see the path ahead of me. I became deaf. I cannot hear consoling voices anymore. Nobody told me how painful it is to lose someone you beloved. Somebody, please help me, I beg you, please.


The pain is twice as painful if the love that existed between two people is real and pure.


I do not want to be attached to anyone else anymore because I might not make it if I became lost again the second time around.


I am so tired of waiting for you. I give up. Waiting for you is like waiting for a crow’s feather to turn white.


I have a heart, but I am incapacitated to love.


I opened my door for him, but still, he chose to build himself a wall between us.


How can you forgive someone who abandoned you? How can you forgive someone who turned her back to you? How can you forgive someone who chose to take good care of others instead of taking care of you? How can you forgive someone who forgot who you are? How can you forgive someone who chose and pursuit her personal and own happiness than your own? How can I forgive someone who refused to love me? How can you forgive someone who is a woman? How can I ignore the woman whom I’m supposed to call mother?