Know Your Worth Quotes

Do you know your worth? Do you love yourself? A lot of people don’t know their worth which results to low self-esteem and confidence. Not knowing how to value yourself also means you lack self-care and self-respect. So keep your head held high and love yourself. If you have doubts, take the time to read our collection of knowing your worth quotes and be encouraged.


Good Vibes Quotes

Good vibes should be a necessity. Life’s tough and no one wants to be surrounded with toxicity because it only brings us down. The world would be a lot better if people spread good vibes that promote having a healthy mental and emotional state. Keeping good vibes comes a long way that’s why we have wrote these positive and good vibe quotes that you can read when you’re either feeling down or in need of keeping your spirit up.


Good morning messages for her

If you love your girl, then you have to make her special too. Let her know how special she is to you and express it not just through actions but also through words and the great time to do it is during mornings. Send her a message that can make her grin and feel giddy in the morning. And in case you run out of words, we have a collection of good morning message for her that you can use.


Monday Quotes

We all have that certain day of the week that we don’t seem to like, and that’s Monday. You know why? Because it’s the first day of the work week and who doesn’t love weekends? Below are our Monday quotes that can help you feel a bit better about facing the first day of the week.


Party Quotes

A party is one of the best events to socialize and interact with people. Whether you’re partying with your close friends or with strangers, chances are you are going to have one of the best times of your life. Below is our collection of party motivational quotes, quotes about party with best friends, and funny party quotes that you can relate with. So check out the quotes and you might find yourself using any of them as your Instagram or Facebook photo captions after joining a sick party.


Missing Someone Quotes

Missing someone is hard and it makes you feel melancholic. Yearning for one’s presence is simply genuine and pure and you can’t help feeling sad about it, sometimes missing someone just makes you want to cry. Below is our collection of missing someone quotes where you can relate to it. Read them and you might either feel a bit better or a lot more emotional.


Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend

Show your boyfriend how much you love and appreciate him through words. I know letters, texts and quotes are too traditional but they always work. Actions do speak louder than words, but words are actually also effective in showing your partner how much he means to you. It’s like music to his ears. Here’s a collection of quotes you can choose from that can help you express your unconditional love for your boyfriend. We have cute love quotes, cheesy love quotes and even quotes for teenagers experiencing young love.


Starting Over Quotes

Some relationships or marriages don’t really work out. People have their reasons, but whatever it is, it’s quote sad even if the couple deliberately made such decisions. However, not all breakups are sad. It might actually be a pretty good decision for people who are just not happy anymore. Here are compilations of quotes that can help you start over a relationship.


Platonic Love Quotes

There are many kinds of love and one of them is platonic love, the peaceful and uncertain kind of love. When you want someone to be in your life though not in a sexual or romantic way, then that’s platonic love. It’s selfless, innocent and honest. A lot of people treasure platonic love snoo if you have someone whom you share this kind of love with, then these quotes are totally for you. Here are some relatable quotes about platonic love.


Mother Son Quotes

Mothers hold a very special place in her son’s life. Her love and affection greatly contributes to his upbringing that’s why she dedicates all her efforts to his success and happiness. It’s very important to show mothers how much we appreciate them because we all know that we can’t repay the great things she’s done for the family. So here are mother son quotes that can help you tell your mother how much she means to you.


Miscarriage Quotes

When an expecting mother experiences a miscarriage, it’s the most painful and heartbreaking time of her life. Every baby deserves to see the beauty of life and mothers spend time preparing for her little one and buying clothes, toys, blankets, bottles, and everything her baby needs, and it’s just an overwhelming experience to lose a baby. So if you’re a mom who’s experienced a miscarriage or someone who wants to comfort a brokenhearted mother after her miscarriage, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are miscarriage quotes that can totally touch a mother’s heart.


Troubled Relationship Quotes

Relationships are important to a person’s life. They help a person feel a sense of belongingness and love. However, not all relationships are perfectly happy and at peace. Sometimes relationships are being tested to make it stronger. Below you can find quotes about troubled relationship. Read them and be advised.


Inspirational Quotes for Kids

You might see kids being carefree at school and enjoying recess and learning in pre-school or in grade school, but they have hard times too. They might be having troubles socializing or loving a subject or struggling with exams so they need some word of advice. So if you think a kid needs to hear inspiring words to get through hard and confusing days, here are some quotes that will inspire kids in need.


Funny Work Quotes

We are human and we work so we could make it a living. Indeed, work isn’t easy. You may enjoy it at some point but it’s still hard and tiring in a way. But as we face the stress we get from work, we should also learn to smile and shake it off and just enjoy life. So let these funny work quotes add a smile to your day. We can’t be serious every day; sometimes we need some humor to get us back on track. Enjoy reading!


Funny Spring Quotes

Spring is one of the best times of the year. Spring break is the time to make memories with friends and family without worrying about homework, if you’re a student. It might just be a week or two, but it certainly gives you the freedom from the stress with reality. Let’s face it, we all experience stress and anxiety with work or exams so let’s make the best of spring.


You are my Sunshine Quotes

There’s a certain someone in our life that makes our days brighter and better. When you’re having a bad day, that person helps you see the good in those days. That person is your sunshine and they give meaning to your day every day. So here are heartwarming quotes for you and your sunshine in case you want to let your sunshine know what they are to you.


150+ Funny Sister Quotes

If you have a sister, then you’re lucky. She may be annoying sometimes, but she’ll always there for you because you’re a family to her. She understands you unlike anyone else and she knows your deepest, darkest secrets even if you don’t tell her. So here are some funny sister quotes and sayings that will surely remind you of her.


Cute Aunt Niece Relationship Quotes

One of the best kinds of relationships is that of an aunt and niece relationship. An aunt treats her niece like she’s her own daughter and a niece treats her aunt like she’s her own mother. The relationship is mostly very close and special, almost like best friends. Moreover, having a niece is one of God’s greatest blessings. Aunt niece relationship is what makes family ties exciting. For an aunt, it is always a great feeling to see your niece with your guidance. So here are inspiring niece-aunt quotes and sayings that will certainly remind you how wonderful this relationship is.


Funny Quotes

Sometimes life gets too stressful and everything is just too serious. So take a break, get that funny bone working and read something funny to lighten up a bit. Here are funny quotes that can surely put a smile on your face.


Irish Quotes

Irish quotes and sayings are both insightful and witty. If you’re looking for words of wisdom with some humor, there’s nothing better than Irish sayings and some of them are also inspiring that we can live by in our everyday lives. So here are Irish quotes and saying for a good read.