70 Falling Out of Love Quotes


Have a sentimental moment about your recent “drifting apart” or “it’s not you, it’s me” with your then-boyfriend/girlfriend now, EX? Want to shout your feeling out?
Here are some of the saddest, most heart wrenching falling out of love quotes for your subsequent status update:


Love is a very tricky thing, one thing you have it the next thing you don’t.


Falling in love is easy; staying in love is a different story.


It is never really love if you lose it.


It is not okay when you tell me you have fallen out of love. It means you don’t want to keep trying.

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It is best just to let it go even if you want to stay. It is not much of a relationship if it is just you who wants to stay and only you.


Love should always be reciprocal. Once the other one is negligent of his obligations, it is time to rescind.


Stop thinking that every time you meet someone, they will be the one; you fall in love so fast; I cannot keep track of how much time you have fallen out of it.


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Fall in love fast, fall out of love even more quickly.


If you keep falling in and out of love with the same person, congratulations, you might just have found the one person with who you can spend your life falling in and out of love over and over again.


Here is the thing, you keep speaking of falling in love, but you can’t seem to support that love with you every time you meet another girl you just fell in love with.


Falling in love can be scary if you are unsure what the person who promised to catch you will do.


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That is what scares me about love. One day everything is perfect, and then suddenly, he wakes up and does not feel the same.


I just woke up and felt nothing—and then everything all at once.


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If he wants to leave, by all means, let him go. Don’t be for someone’s love.


Falling in love is a death wish. By falling in love, you have given him the power to take your heart and keep it in his hands until he gets tired of it and throws it out of nowhere.


No one ever plans on falling in love with someone, same as no one plans to fall out of love with someone.



Falling out of love is the saddest thing two people can do to one another. It just means that they have grown too comfortable enough not to make an effort to try.


Being with someone you no longer love and still doing all acts of love is like being a zombie that says, I love you on command.


If he can’t find a reason to stay out of all the reasons you love him, then let him go.


Do not waste your love on someone who is not willing to reciprocate that same love for you. You are not made to live a life as a martyr unless that is what you are.


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I told you to take your time, did I not? Now, look at what you have done, seven women, seven broken hearts.


You will fail at love if you force it.


Everyone has a pair, so keep on looking, and when you finally find her, that is when everything starts to make sense.


Like everything in life, when in doubt, don’t; when you doubt what you feel, don’t enter into a relationship.


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Love should not be out of necessity. It should be an essential element of one’s actual being. If you keep looking for love that way, you will never find true happiness.


If you learn to take your time, you will find that jumping into a relationship is not the answer to your happiness. You will constantly fall out of love every single time.


Falling in love is a reaction, not a choice. You cannot choose who your heart beats for. Same as you cannot dictate to keep loving the person who your soul has no room for.


Projectile and Gravity are the best way to explain why some love to have to fail simply.


Don’t sell yourself short. If it is not working anymore, it will never work. Your temporary happiness will never be enough to assure you a long and lasting love.

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I have made a huge mess of things. I said I loved her out of fear that I might lose her.


I cannot just give you my heart. You can never ensure love; once I give it to you, it is yours forever. And if you choose to break it, it will be ruined forever.


I would like to cash in my insurance policy for one broken heart. Cause of injury: falling without thinking twice.


I can’t figure out people; one minute they are inseparable, the next, they’re blocking each other on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Amidst all the negative notions about love, I still choose to fall in love, even if it kills me.


If you keep using falling out of love as an excuse to get out of a relationship, maybe love itself isn’t for you.


If he has dated more than you can tolerate, maybe you ask who breaks up with who. If he does, then you better leave, fast.


Don’t put your heart out like it is on sale; love never runs out, do not make them think yours do.


Drifting apart is the only excuse a person who has fallen out of love can come up with to feel less guilty.


If you keep looking for love when you feel lonely, you are doing a disservice to the person who falls in love with you.


I don’t think people fall out of love; it is just that they felt they were in love when they believe they have found it. They are just coward enough to admit they were wrong.


Do not give a second chance to those who cheated on you. If they love you, they will not find love from someone else.


Love is meant to be complementary, never obtuse.


When you have fallen out of love, you dread every minute that you have to lie to someone who still loves you until such time that you have to break up with them.


That is why I don’t want to fall in love. I am so used to being dumped that I fear that the time will come for me to do the same, and it just kills me to know how it will feel.


People don’t fall in love all on their own; there is always that one person who made it all possible. What is scary about it is that that person now has the power over you.


Falling in love is the easiest thing to do. It keeping that love alive that’s tricky.


You can’t just keep falling in love over and over again with different people. If you do that with one person, then good for you, you have figured out what others take years to understand.


Falling out of love does not happen because of fate; the other party no longer chooses to stay. In the end, it is all but a choice.


When you fall out of love, you keep looking for minor flaws to make your decision reasonable.


One who truly loves work with constant devotion and sincerity, the same way a mother loves his child.


Falling out of love does not happen overnight. It is negligence or out of tolerance that should have been addressed in the beginning when it poses a threat to the relationship’s stability.


A successful marriage is done through a constant reminder that love, like anything, may come and go, but the choice to stay in love is always there.


For most relationships, falling out of love is a constant thing, but it does not mean ending the relationship.


Falling out of love means discontent.


One can take lessons from a different religion that happiness can be attained through contentment, and contentment is lacking from people who say they have fallen out of love.


Falling out of love is the absence of communication, both in heart, mind and words.


Sometimes couples drift apart just because they used the wrong tone of voice.


Fall in love with yourself, and you will never be without love.


Falling out of love is a consequence of failing to address two people’s recurring problems who avoids talking about.


It is the end of a relationship when you start to entertain the question of falling out of love.


Some people fall out of love because they let life happen.


I often fall in love with every person I find attractive, and I hurt myself every time I see a reason why I can’t love them.


I chose to love her because it was worth it, but she stopped choosing to love me.


Here we are in this tough time in our relationship, but you choose to take the easy road for yourself and not care about me in the process.


People who fall out of love are the most selfish kind.


Some people have no shame; they come to you, tell you how much they need you in their life, and then when they finally have you, they desert you and then leave you.


The bad thing about being left behind is knowing that he is starting a new chapter in his life while you are still trying to find out where your story goes from here.


I can’t say much about falling out of love; all I know is that people who drop out of love can’t be trusted.


No matter what happens, don’t give all of your heart away; you will never know if he’s willing to take care of it for the rest of his life.


The moment he chooses something else over you, that is when you leave.