The 60 Sad Quotes

We, ourselves, are responsible for whatever feelings we have.
No one could dictate us how to feel, so sadness could only be felt if we allow it to affect us. Humans are not immune to sadness, and there are several factors that trigger this feeling. We cannot undo whatever we feel, the only thing we could do is accept it and ignore it so it would just roll over.

Whenever you feel down, the feeling would further affect you when you look around and see that no one is there for you.

You should have told me that you loved me. Now it is too late.

Seeing you with someone else hurts a lot. I know I never had a chance with you, yet it still hurts.

Other than being a housewife, I have many, other dreams. I guess I myself am a dream too.


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When something or someone has once been yours, then do not dwell on sadness too much.

The feeling that I belong is the only feeling that could make me happy.

Do you have any idea what you are making me feel?

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There are times that I cannot find the moon whenever I look for it lying on my bed and I hate it.

You will know that it is love when you think about the person whenever you hear a sad song.

Beauty is always best found within a person.

Every time I am in love I feel that I am not worthy.

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I am willing to walk away if you always take me for granted.

I do not know if it is me who has changed or you only stopped loving me.

I am so full of the need affection but am receiving none of it. I need it so much and I also need to give it too much.

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The root of every love is beauty maybe that is why I do not understand it at all.

The memories we made are left for me to remember the day you walked away from me.

You do not deserve the long term pain from the temporary happiness.

I could feel my tears drag down my heart like an anchor sinking into a deep ocean.

They only see me when they need me; they do not love me at all.

To avoid the confusion of an avalanche of feelings, change the way you look at them. You may be sad yesterday and happy at the present, yet do not let it ruin your day.

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The moment that you lose someone, that would be the only time that you will realize their worth.

Do not judge me; you do not know my story. You only know my name.

You have everything that is wrong, but I did everything that is right for you.

There is that certain feeling when you feel intense sadness even without a cause.

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Not everyone approves of who you fall in love with.

You are in charge of your own happiness. Never place it in someone else’s hands.

You would not be able to see the real sadness in me if you do not look closer.

Humans are sad while the whole world stays mad.

Sometimes, the people you love are the ones who hurt you, while you do not realize that the people who love you are the ones you hurt the most.


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I have become used to my sadness; it has created an addiction inside me that when I am not sad I try to find my way back into the feeling.

The only thing you want to hear from me is that I am okay, even though I am not.

Every day in our lives is not always a happy day. We have to learn to accept that there might be bad days too, and happiness can only be realized if you have known sadness.

The brain has nothing to do of our tears; it is the heart that cares.

You would only realize someone’s worth once they leave you.

There are people who would only take and take everything they can from you. Better leave them now before they leave you empty inside.

We are somehow responsible for some of our heartbreaks because we expect too much.

I started wanting myself when you let me feel that you do not want me at all.

Being burned by the same flame for two times is not advisable.

Missing someone cannot be as strong as loving him.

Never return to me with your excuses, because you left me without any reasons.

You have broken me already, do not expect me to come back running to you.

You cannot live if you let your past interfere, so let it die.

Waking up one morning and realizing that you should have tried harder is the worse feeling ever.

The scars left by a wounded love would never fade away. It could still hurt like it is still freshly cut.

Magic is the work of illusions. Love may be magical, but it is only an illusion.

I cannot see the man I love anymore. I miss that man, not the man you turned out to be.

I am already falling apart now where once I was falling in love.

When the person stops caring for you, that would also be the time when you would start caring for them.

It is really hard to forget the person you love; it would be like trying to remember someone you do not even know.

You will only know what you did have when it is already gone.

You would have no right to remember her suddenly when she has already moved on.

It hurts so much that I keep falling for someone who is also falling for someone else.

Love and pain is a couple. One would not be true without the other. A person should feel one so they can appreciate the other. So there could not be love without the pain.

Love can be like heaven that could bring happiness to you, but it could also bring a hell of a lot of pain to you.

You treat him like he is everything to you, but it would hurt so much if you learned that you meant nothing to him.

Even you are not with me, I would feel so lost.

You will never know how much I miss you.

I always see you smile, and it makes me fall in love more, yet it is not for me.

I know that I am not over you and you are already over me. I feel it when my heart starts to pound fast whenever I see you cool and calm.

All you did was let go while I was holding you on.

I gave you love that you do not deserve, and I was a fool for that. You had hurt me more than I deserve, and you were too cruel for that.

The strongest thing you can is not to hold on, but to let go.

I have cried a million tears, I have said a million words, but you never came back. I know because I tried.

I can see my heart broken into pieces after you took it and broke.

I even lost a part of me because you already left me.

I have never felt this feeling, but I know what it is. It hurts like hell, and this is what heart break is.

I fall harder each time we get the chance to talk.

It may be hard to pretend to love someone you do not love, but what is hardest is pretending not to love someone you truly love.

I gave you all the love that I can give, but you never returned it and it hurts so much.

Whoever has swept you off your feet could also drop you on your eyes whenever they like.

Even though you already broke my heart into pieces, I still love you with all the little pieces you scattered.

After you left me alone, my heart turned into stone and I cannot bleed anymore.

You still endeavored to leave me even though I have given you all that you need and want.

We were once happy, I was once enough. Now all of those are melted from sight, and I hate what we were once.

Every moment, any moment with you is better than a lifetime without you, so I will give everything just for one moment with you.

Nothing would fade if it is indeed true love.

As I watch you walk away, I ask myself why you were able to leave when you told me that you love me so much.

All those tears that I cried for you, once collected, would be enough so I could drown you in it.

I made the best mistake when I loved you, and it is my favorite of all.

Thoughts given to the sweetest songs ever made are the saddest thoughts of all.

You are my Prince Charming, yet I am never your Cinderella.

The pleasures we feel when we are in love lasts for a short time only, while the pain of love lasts for a lifetime.

You have to tell me if you love me, and if you don’t, please let me go.

Being in love could never be bought, but you could pay dearly for it through all the hurts and pain that you would experience.

I always fall in love fast and hard, and now I am afraid to do so because it always never last.

Now that you are gone, it is really hard to wake up without you next to me.

Grief makes the best kind of people in the world break down and lose themselves in it, sadly.

The worst thing about sadness is that sometimes, it makes you a monster on the inside.

It is easier this way, to be sad and let be sad, it will be so much better that way, it is enough.

Sadness is the one that drives people mad, that eats people inside out, makes them die inside.

Some days, I want to be happy but sadness tells me that it is her day today and then I agree.

There are some things that are not worth knowing, some sadness brought to you by surprise.

And then I see you somewhere and I remember all our old conversations and I realize I still love you but I still cannot have you and that makes me even sadder than I already was.

You know what hurts the most? When I started to love you but you have left me hanging here.

Some days I think that sadness is relative to the person feeling it, the degree at the very least.

Ice cold, that is what your heart is and that is what is making me sad, your sudden change.

Change sucks, it makes people become worse than they were and I do not like it one bit.

Sadness is when you can only watch from afar because he does not even know your name.

When you are sad you do things that you know you should not do and end up in regrets.

Do not let sadness be the doom of you, be smart and try to stay as positive as you can.

Sadness has suddenly become an addiction for some that they want to be sad all the time.

The worst part in being sad is that it does nothing beneficial to you at all, it is just as is.

There are people in life that are meant to come into it just to bring you some sort of sadness.

You were the sad part of my life, that is all you were and that is all you ever will be.

Some days, you have bad days and you feel sad and you are not sure of anything anymore.

Sad days are unproductive days so remind yourself that you can do more things with love.

Being sad is not bad occasionally but when you make a it a hobby, it becomes the worst type.

You have to experience some sadness in your life if you truly want to pursue for happiness.

I am feeling alone, like being on my own is not enough to make me all sad and blue all over.

It was sad, knowing that he was just a doorway away and I can no longer be with him at all.

Sad songs tell stories of how sad life can be, of how sad a person can become, one day.

When you give up on something you have long been wanting to have, that is truly sad enough.

When you start to think of the reason for the way things are, you should not get sad.

If you have a time to make grocery lists or a planner list then you have time to prove yourself.

There is nothing sadder than to see the one you love loving someone else that is not you.

When you try your best but you knew it is just not enough for the people you love, it is sad.

If you no longer feel the same about the person you love, then I believe that is really sad.

When you do the right thing for people and then suddenly things just go wrongs.

It is just sad to just sad when you have to see the people you know on their caskets, right?

No one will able to relate or know your sadness the way you do, that is the way it is.

The great thing about sadness is that it is temporary, no more going back to Georgia to get some sleeps and all that.

If being sad means to be able to lose the capacity to find happiness, do not get sad ever!

The worst thing about the pain was holding on to it even when it just felt sad and grey.

Be careful whom you get to be friends with they might just make you keep being sad.

It is sad to be sad in general so you might as well aim to be happy as much as you can.

There is no better way than to be able to see your friends happy together with you right now.

Saying goodbye to him was like jumping off the third floor of a building, like I would die.

The worst part in being sad is the fact that it was your choice that made you the way you are.

I wanted to kill a person because of this sadness until I realize that person had been me.

Tears are actually from the heart and not from the eyes if you know it, you will realize.

Be careful of the person you choose to love because they might bring you nothing but grief.

And when you get hurt by the nth person who you got involved with, do not complaint about how sad and unsatisfied you are because I told you so, I really did tell you so.

Sometimes, you need to lose something before you realize what it really is worth.

The saddest part about being in love is the fact that you hurt the ones you truly love the most.

I want to tell you I am no longer the girl who mopped at the floor crying, I am stronger now.

I want to tell you that you need to stop being lost and find your way back fast, you can do it.

The worst thing about being sad is when you feel that way but you do not know why.

Some days, I wonder if things are ever going to go back to the way they were before, sad.

It is sad to realize just how much people had been killed all over the world ever since.

When a person you were once close to decides to fall out of your friendship that is truly sad.

When you almost passed the test of time around 5 years, this is when things become sad.

No one should ever experience the grief of loving someone unrequitedly because it is sad.

Admit it, you get sad whenever you hurt someone, when you know that you are hurting them.

I wanted us to last forever and for a time I actually thought that we would but we end up here.

Do not dare judge me because you know nothing about me and that is just sad to think about.

I tell myself every single day of my life that I am not worthy of being loved by anyone at all.

When I realized that happiness is something I can never achieve, I just stop trying to do so.

Sadness is overflowing inside of me and I do not know what to do about it and that is sad.

I feel so lost in the middle of it all, I am afraid to be sad but now that I am, I do not know.

I wanted to be the one to give you all the love that I have but it was very hard to do so, love.

Being sad means not being able to stop regretting over the wrong choices you made in life.

When you feel sad, just look above, see the stars and know that somebody out there loves you.

I wish that you knew how beautiful you are, but sadly you do not and that is sadness in itself.

Sadness, in its purest form would not be recognized by the naked eye, you need to look deeper.

It would be totally awesome if sadness is a chair because I would totally sink into it for sure.

And then suddenly it was as if sadness was the only emotion you had ever known your whole life and you do not know what you want to do with your life any longer.

The ugly things in life are not a reason to be sad, you just have to go for it and just try harder.

Perhaps I just needed to accept that this is my life now, I am no longer the person I once was.

I do not want to be sad but here I am feeling so sad and I do not even know what I should do.

Some days, I am more afraid of who I am than I am afraid of what sadness really is, you know.

A lot of people have tried to paint how sadness would look like but in reality it is the calm.

When sadness hits you, you would know because all those stupid love songs stop making sense.

Then I told myself that maybe things would be better until I realized that they never really will.

I wanted to believe I had it all in me but I know that I do not, sadly I do not know a thing.

I was the one who wanted to be happy and yet here I am giving up at the first door of sadness.

You wanted to tell him for so long about how you feel and it is sad that you let the chance pass you by instead of going to grab it and ask for ice cream.

There are things in life that will make you sad and they are a part of your life, survive them.

No matter how much temptation here is, I would choose sadness over hurting other people.