60+ Love Quotes

Love Quotes: Love has lots of meaning. Whatever you define it, love will always be magical. Just imagine the world without love. I’m sure it will be miserable. Learn more about love with these Quotes About Love for everyone.

Remember, love is what makes this world extra beautiful. Here are some beautiful quotes About Love just for you.

I can always love another, but I can’t give the same love I give to the one I genuinely love. Just like the old saying, true love comes once in a lifetime.

Wait for a kind of love that will surely last. Love that is pure and real. But take note that it is not easy to find. Only those who persevere will receive it.

Past love teaches us many life lessons. It is designed to make us stronger and smarter in the future. Learn to become better and even lovable this time by using your heart and your mind.


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Young love sometimes ends up in parting ways. Why? Because it takes two mature people to build a strong foundation. If one lacks understanding of what real love is, it will end up in a failed relationship.

Short Cute Love Quotes

Learn from love advice. Believe it or not, but it helps a lot of people in saving their relationship. However, put in mind that you hold the final decision.

Every love story does not have the same ending. Some are happy. Some are not. It is just a matter of time to find the right person for you. Never give up on chasing your own happy ending.

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Wrong love is nothing but a painful experience. Two people are at the wrong place at the wrong time, and the result is they end up hurting each other’s feelings. Only right love can bring them back to the right track and heal their broken hearts.

It is destiny that will bring you to the one you will love for the rest of your life. You probably have no idea who she is or when it will happen. But I’m sure she’s out there waiting for you to come. Just wait and believe, and see how love will find its way to her heart.

Once in your life, you will have someone who will understand you like no other else can. If you think that she is the one, then go for it. Fear not because your heart knows what it is doing.

Love those who hate you. Show them that you still care. Only love can change the way they treat you.

Not because you have already found your love doesn’t mean that you will stop working on it. Remember, love can fade. And when it happens, there will be no other chance.

Learn to love yourself first. It is impossible for someone to love others if he himself doesn’t know what it means. How can you give time if you do not have time for yourself? How can you understand others if you cannot understand what you really want? True, isn’t it?

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Beautiful Love Quotes

We all had crushes, but the best ones are the ones that stay forever. For that special feeling, we have prepared crush quotes that will melt your heart. Enjoy.

I fell in love with the same person over and over again. I guess there’s only one person that my heart knew, and that is you.

When I am asked about love, I do not have any answer to give. Honestly, I did not have any idea until I found you. You were the answer I am looking for. Love is being with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

You don’t love someone by the way he/she looks. You love them because in their heart lies the real beauty.

There are different kinds of love. There’s a love for a friend, for a family, and for a special someone. Want to know what’s common about them? It is the fact that they are all important to you.

A man can say he loves you, but a real man lets you feel he loves you. Love needs to be felt all the time.

The most feared part of being in love is getting hurt. Life doesn’t promise us a storm-free life. Instead, it teaches us to be strong. Just like in love, you get hurt, but you manage to fix yourself.

I just cannot imagine my life being with someone I do not love. I think it is better for me to be alone than push myself on the person my heart doesn’t really want.

The 60 Quotes about Falling in Love

There’s nothing impossible with love. Love can connect two different worlds, including two different people. Love can make their heartbeat as one.

I would be smarter this time when it comes to love. My failed relationship taught me to be stronger and wiser. I love who I am right now than yesterday.

There is no other perfect love except God’s love for us. He has given us the most precious gift above all, and that is love.

Cute love messages for man

Loving your man is the best gift you can give him. But sometimes, we forget to show them our feelings, and here are the love messages that will spice up your relationship.

Being hurt should not stop us from loving again. Always remember that better things are yet to come in our life.

When someone leaves your life, it only means that someone better is coming. That someone will love and treat you better than before.

60 Cute Love Quotes for Her

If only I could love two different women at the same time, then I will. But I know it is not correct, and I will only end up hurting the two of you. Let God guide me in choosing who to love among you.

You cannot just give your love to the person you just met. Take time to know more about him. No one wants to end up being hurt because of carelessness.

Too much love can lead you to the worst situation. Remember, too much of everything is not good at all. So better learn to control yourself and your emotion.

I can stare at you all day, and I can watch you sleep all night. There’s nothing I cannot do for the one I love.


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You can tell obviously if your friend is in love. Just listen to every story she has. It is all about the same person.

If there’s someone I cannot live without, that would be you. My heart belongs to you and yours to mine. I would die without you.

Love enables us to forgive. No matter how big the sin he has for you, you will choose to forgive if you love that person. Why? Because real love doesn’t keep records of wrong.

Love gives us many chances. If another relationship fails, then try another one. Keep trying until you find the right one.

God is the author of every love story. I trust in His work because He holds my future. His plan includes the one who I can be with for a lifetime.

I always end up loving the wrong person. But it doesn’t stop me from choosing you. I don’t care whether you are right or wrong. I will still try even if this one doesn’t work again.

Love knows no age. You can love someone who is older or younger than you. Love does not vary according to age. It is always the same kind of love you give.

The kind of love that God has for us is indescribable. Only He can sacrifice His son for others to be saved. Only His love can forgive many sins, heal any broken relationship, and give love that is still the same. His love is never-ending. It never fails.


Loving you means everything to me. You are what makes me happy and new. I always pray that our love will never come to an end.

What is the difference between love that is real and loves that is not? Real love accepts everything about a person, including his past mistakes and failure. False love does not. Real love forgives. Others cannot. So if you are going to love it, make sure it is real.

You cannot just buy love. You have to work for it; you have to do everything to achieve it. Love is like your dream. No matter how high it is, you will reach for it.

60 Sweet and Unique Love Quotes for Him

Being ready in love means being able to do things that you usually do not do, get hurt, and most especially, be able to forgive.

Love will teach you everything about life. As a real teacher, love will help you learn from your mistake so that you can make it right the next try.

Hate produces envy, jealousy, and sin, while love produces kindness, cheerfulness, and forgiveness. Hate no more because it will only lead you to disappointment and failure.


Loving a person who does not love you back only means that he/she does not deserve you. Wait patiently for someone who will share the kind of love you have, someone who will never break your heart.

It is amazing how love brought two different people together. Despite their differences, they still manage to accept and love each other.

Simple Sayings about love

Love is a powerful weapon in any relationship. It can help you fight those who want to bring it down. It will strengthen not only your foundation but also your trust in each other.

I do not believe in love at first sight. For me, it takes more than just that. Maybe it was only an appreciation of the beauty you saw at first in that person. But real love lies deeper within. It is a matter of knowing each other well, and it takes time.

No one knows the ending of every love story. Some think it will end up happy, but they will find out soon that it is not. Some think it will end soon, but to their surprise, it ends happily. See? Love is mysterious. It will not reveal itself until it is not the right time.


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Love is not blind at all. It only accepts that the one he/she loves is not perfect and that he/she can make mistakes. Love is about seeing the reality behind every lies. Being able not to do so will lead someone nowhere but in danger. Do not be blind by this world. Look deeper within. In that way, you will find the answer you were looking for.

Love is probably the best way to make a cold-hearted person become sappy and romantic.

There is not a force greater than love in this world, especially in the influence part.

People drink all the time, but their reason is mostly love, either full of it or lacking it.


Stop chasing love because patience is also key to it, so just wait for the right man.

If you are going to be like this, I should have dropped the love that I felt for you all this time.

I honestly thought that loving someone would be easy, but it turned out to be so complicated.

Who would have known that a girl like you would end up in love with the most popular guy?

The best kind of love in the world is pure and true, with no strings attached.

I hope that you find someone you love so much that you think he or she is worth marrying.


All of my thoughts are about you, and I talk about you too much. Oh boy, this must be love.

I had never felt love before I met you, and now I do not know what to do without you here.

Stay beside me until the end of time, and let us prove to the world that true love still exists.

What is the best measure of love but withstand the test of time that no one else had done?

If you tell me you love me, I will do the same and show you just how much my love is.

I love you, so no matter what may have happened in your past, I will accept all of it.


Past love messages

Loving you means that I will accept you for who you are, for everything that you are, love.

All I want is to be a part of your now and your future. I will accept the past if you take me.

No matter what happens, I will be here for you until the end of it. That is how much I love you.

I love you so much that I am willing to sacrifice all that I have if it means you will be happy.

Love truly makes a fool even out of the most intelligent people in the world. Love is their weakness.


No one in this world can ever escape the power of love. It is so powerful that it affects all.

Love means defying all the obstacles and taking all the risks just to be with one person.

Sometimes, the only thing that keeps a marriage together is the love between two people.

Even when the world tells me it is wrong to love you. I will because that is what I mean when I tell you that I will love you until the very end.

When you tell a person you love her. You are giving her the chance to break you.

Quotes About Love

Indeed, love is the most dangerous thing in this world. It breaks people and crushes them.

I believe the saying that too much love can kill because love is a playful emotion, indeed.

There is no better proof of love than standing in front of someone and showing your soul.

Love will defy all odds if it is true. It will withstand all the tests and survive it for sure.

When love is young, it is so sweet and fresh, but when it grows old, it grows bitter as well.

You need to make sure that the person you will marry is the person that you genuinely love.

When you find that person you do not get tired of seeing every day, think about marrying her.

Love is one of the best things to have in this world; it will keep you happy without reason.

Sweet Love sayings

When you find yourself smiling for no reason, just because you remember someone, love is in its most innocent form. Here are sweet love quotes for cute couples.

When someone’s smile warms your heart, it may be because that you love that person.

The best time to fall in love with someone is now; tell him what you feel even if you get hurt.

Getting hurt is part of the process of loving someone. Happiness always comes with a price.

I think that love may be one of the few things that keep the world spinning around its axis.

The Lord’s love is so great that He was willing to give us everything if only we asked Him.

Love makes people believe again and have faith in something invisible to the eyes.

I think that a person who can be faithful to the Lord will be a good lover, loyal and faithful.

Indeed, one of the best things in this world is to be loved by someone you love.

One day, when you are old enough to be in love, you will experience how delightful it is.

No person is too old or too young to fall in love, for anyone has the right to feel that way.

When you fall in love, you will finally be able to relate to all those stupid love quotes.

You would never know what real pain is until the day you finally fall in love with a boy.

Dear girl, I hope that one day, when you fall in love, you do not give all that you have.

The moment you fall for someone, everything that you are is no longer yours.

I hate the fact that people change when they fall in love with someone, they become selfish.

Finally, you fell for someone, but sadly, he is not the one meant for you, which is sad.

You can fall in love so many times, over and over again, but you have to find that person too.

The day I met you were the day I decided that I should try to fall for someone.

The first time I saw you, I thought that you were the person I would love for the rest of my life.

It is no secret that he never leaves anything more for himself when a person falls in love.

Fall in love, go and lose your heart but do not lose your head. Do not do anything stupid.

It is not justifiable to lose your life because of love. Prioritize yourself for a moment there.

Think things through, is loving him worth it all, or is this love just another story to tell later?

The 60 Heartfelt Love Quotes

Some days, I think it might have been better not to fall in love with him at all, or maybe not.

Could it possibly be that I love you more than I love myself? Some days I think that is the case. Some days, I think it is not.

I still long for the days when we were still madly in love with each other. Time indeed flies fast.

You were my dream until you became my reality. Now you are nothing but a nightmare to me.

My first love was a boy that opened up my eyes to big dreams. I will never forget him.

You will always be here in my heart, boy. That is how I am when I love someone truly, forever.

When I told you that I love you, I meant that I will love you until the day I finally leave this world, until the day I take my very last breath.

The day I get married is when I promise to be with someone until after death, for eternity.

Some days, I still think that the best kind of love would be friendship; no one gets hurt.

The family has the strongest bond, but the greatest love of all is a mother’s love for her child.

There is no stronger love than the love of parents for their child. No one can change that.

If you truly love someone, you need to have the guts to let go and set them free.

Go out there. The world is vast. Find someone to love, maybe marry and then live your life.

You need to learn to love your life, treasure it and mostly enjoy the heck out of it.

There are so many reasons to love someone, and I love you because you make me happy.

You are my one and only, the one I truly love and the only one that I ever will, until the end.

I may not be able to promise you all the things you want, but I will give you all my love.

You need not ask for it. I will give you my heart and all the love it contains.

My heart is overflowing with the love that I have for you. Please take it from me right now.

If one day, you realize that you are not really in love with the person in front of you, then you have never really loved that person at all.

Love does not come and go. You either love a person truly or never really love at all.

Love is the manifestation of all those crazy emotions that you feel when you see someone.

The best thing about love is that it either hits you immediately or slowly creeps through you.

If only you would realize how much I love you, maybe we would not be standing here now.

Would you let me love you and show you that my love for you will heed no question and will stand through whatever tries to block it out? If yes, then I will start now.