The 60 Falling in Love Quotes

The bliss of falling in love is like no other.
The surge, the thrill and the anticipation of hearing from the apple of your eye are some of the greatest feelings in the world.

There is no better way to express that blissful feeling than with falling in love quotes that tells the story of falling in love.

At the beginning of all of this, I can see not you nor me but for us.

Falling in love is the secret of successful marriages. It requires falling in love over and over to keep the love alive.

I didn’t realize that I became a victim of love until my mom asked me why I am grinning from ear to ear whenever I check my phone.

Blame gravity or the law of attraction, but nothing in this world could clearly explain how it happened – you fell in love, and that’s all it matters.


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I am afraid. I am scared. The edge looks daunting, but my heart is daring me to jump. Should I fall, or should I stay in my comfort zone?

I am an organized person – from my daily tasks to my groceries, a plan is always sketched inside my head. Meeting you is not part of any of it. You have pushed my thoughts into disarray, and I don’t know where to start fixing this mess. I guess that’s what falling in love is all about. It comes when you are least prepared for it.

You fall in love, you are in love, and you fall out of love – that is the recipe of love.

Quotes About Love

I am one of those people who would shrug her shoulders when she hears sappy stories of romance – the bouquets, watching the stars on a rooftop, intimate dinner for two, holding hands, and whispers of adoration. When I met you, my cynical belief about love was shattered – I am converted.

After I met you, I woke up every morning with a renewed sense of purpose. My eyes, they say, are brimming with brightness. What was black and white before are now filled with vivid colours. Then, there is a warm and bubbling feeling in my chest that I cannot explain – I guess that means I fell in love.

When I close my eyes, I see you. When I hear a song, it reminds me of you. When the wind caresses my cheeks, it reminds me of your warm breath when you leaned in for a whisper. What is going on? Is this what happens when the venom of love bites you?

Two days more and I’ll see you again. Why do 48 hours feel like 48 years?

Falling in love more than once is impossible – until I met you.

Billions of souls, thousands of songs played every day, hundreds of people met, but only a single person made me believe in the magic and beauty that love holds – it’s you.

If you keep smiling like that, soon, I won’t be able to stop myself from falling for you.

Sweet I Love You Quotes

Our differences opened the door to a new world. I learned to like what you do, but not all. Your thoughts are a pool to indulge on even though I’m afraid I have to disagree with it all. Your taste in music is totally contrary to mine, and I learned to love some of it. The fact that we are complete opposites is what makes falling in love with you even more magical.

Being with you scares me. Thinking that I will want to see you every time drives me nuts, and most of all, your presence swimming in the waves of my life takes my breath away. Now, I don’t know what to do, and I only know one thing for sure – I have fallen in love with you.

Love is a delusion, an obsession, and only fools will accept it as true. I guess I am a folly then.

Senses – I had lost them when I met you.

It has haunted me all minutes of my days since I met you – that mysterious feeling of floating and bliss mixed with electricity. I have searched Google for answers, and I came up with nothing. So I guess it only explains one thing, it is the effects of love.

The greatest discovery in life is discovering the magic of love.

Falling in love usually comes when you have built your walls so high, only to be crushed by a single blow from a beautiful stranger.

No words in any language can match the essence of love.

Romantic Love Quotes for Her or Him

The art of falling in love turns you into a poet and an artist. You find words that you haven’t learned before, and you stretch your creativity just to see the person you love happy.

When you are at work, you wish time to pass faster. When you are waiting, you wish for the same too. However, when he comes into your life, all you want is for time to move slower when you are with him.

The greatest torture of love is missing that person your love.

Cute Falling in love sayings from heart

You will be surprised by how much you can do for someone when you are in love. You go out of your way just to see him/her smile.

The 60 Short Quotes About Love

You are not a good cook, but you try to learn how to make the best lasagne because that is his favourite. You are bad at art craft but want to give him the best compilation of your moments together. You don’t know how to play the guitar, but you took a class for the basics so you can jam with him. That’s what falling in love does – it pushes you off your boundaries.

Falling in love is a leap of faith. Falling in love takes a lot of courage. But more than anything, love is a journey like no other.

You built a checklist for your ideal mate: blue eyes, soft lips, smart, and quirky. When you meet that someone, all of this list will go down the drain. Most of the time, we fall in love with someone outside our ideals.


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Stopping yourself from falling in love is like stopping an avalanche from sweeping away a village on its way. It is impossible.

The more I try to avoid you, the more I keep thinking about you. I try to keep you out of my head by submerging myself into work, but you keep popping inside my head. When I hear a love song, all I can think about is you. When I see couples holding hands and whispering sweet nothings to each other, I hope and pray that it will be us someday. When something good happens to me, or I get these random thoughts about life, you are the first person I hope I can tell. Ah! The madness of love!

95% of songs sing about love. Poems are mostly written about love. Most movies and novels talk about love. Love with you made me realize what the madness is all about.

I am falling deeper and deeper, and there is no escape. I don’t have a plan to save myself from drowning in love with you anyway,

It is like travelling through time and space, from heaven and earth and from one end of the continent to another. It feels like crossing from one lifetime into another. That’s the closest I can describe the art of love.

No one ever falls in love elegantly. Love will make you fall flat in your face, with snot in your nose and any worst possible clumsy scenario you could imagine. That’s how it is. Love adds a lot of comedy to your life.

Why do people are so hooked on romantic movies and love songs, and stories of star-crossed lovers? That is because; only love can genuinely tug on the heartstrings and give us this overwhelming feeling of falling.

People write about falling. Singers sing about falling. Stories tell about falling. And when I met you, I began to understand what the frenzy is all about.

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than looking into the soul of the person you love.

Falling asleep under the stars, talking until four in the morning, going on a road trip with no destination and Indulging on a food trip – I thought that these fantasies would stay an illusion until you turn them into a reality.

Real Falling in love messages for mens with images

Have you noticed him the first time he walked into the room? Your heart stopped when you saw him? Then read on these falling in love quotes for him we have prepared just for you.

When I saw him, I knew this was the true love of my life.

Quotes about Falling in Love

I don’t need to fall in love with 30 people. All I need is one beautiful soul to fall in love with.

The most significant moments in life are the little minutes that make us feel the essence of living. Love with you made me feel the joys of living – our little chats, catching each other glances across the room, laughing until our tummy hurts. These are my significant moments.

Falling in love is exploring the forest inside another person’s soul. You take a journey in, and it is up to you whether you’d stay there for the rest of your life or find your way out.

The mark of true valour is taking the freefall of falling in love with him.

Abandon your fear of falling. Give it a try. It will be the best decision that you have ever made in your life.

Love, at first sight, is fiction until you have experienced it for yourself.

Love is the scariest rollercoaster ride you will ever take in your life.

I believe I am solid and unshakable until your lips swept my guard away.

60 Sweet and Unique Love Quotes for Him

You only live once, right? Why let fear cripple your journey of falling in love?

Love has its maladies. It gives you the dread of losing someone.

Insatiable joy and weakening pain – these are the two facets of love. Just like a day have two faces – the light and dark.

The sight of you crossing the room towards me brings my tummy into a summersault. Your name on my mobile makes my heart beat faster and faster. Spending time with you takes my breath away. I won’t trade this extraordinary feeling of falling in love for anything else in the world.