Sad Quotes About Losing a Loved One

We have all experienced the deep pain that comes with the death of a loved one.

It brings various expressions that capture the shock and reality of their exit. It is essential to understand that this compilation can help to give you the right words during your time of loss.

There is nothing as appropriate as entrenching the rich legacy of your loved ones with choice words that resonate with your soul.

You have come into our lives and you brought so much joy to everyone. We have lit our hearts with your love and nothing would quench it.

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Your legacy has been richly displayed like the freshness of water in spring. The quality of water makes it impossible to forget who you are.

Death cannot take you from our hands. We stand in the power of your love and we know that you shine like a million stars in our memories. Thank goodness the Stars would always shine even the darkest night.


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More days would come without the sound of your voice, your hearty laughter and your warm embrace. We know you would want the best for us too. We refuse to weep because in our lives; you remain a part of our joy and peace.

Recounting each moment has made us conclude that you lived beyond your years. Is there someone to tell us the story of how we can go on without you? We believe each day is a story that would never be complete without your presence. We know it would be well.

Our love rises high and your memories linger with each tear that drops. We may not have sweet songs to sing but we remember the sweetness you brought to us. One of the things that we would never forget is the cheery words you spoke when we were down. We know you still cheer us on. We live because of you.

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Lying in a box would never take you away from being in our thoughts. We have only missed your physical presence but we have not lost touch with your true essence. Your values are dear to our hearts. We miss you and We love you.

Second chances are not a norm in this present world. You came, you touched us and you blessed us…all with the one chance you had. This makes you a genius that is held by us in high esteem. Here lies someone who continues to thrive as long as we connect with our souls.

Mourning may not take away the pain but it reminds us how much we owe you in your absence. We celebrate you even in death.

The Clock kept ticking and we hoped that it was a dream. We looked and searched our hearts but finally knew you had gone to a better place.

When the cold hands of death came knocking, you embraced it and never looked back. Sleep on and we need to let you know we love you.

The gradual passage of time has made us realize the permanence of what has happened. Irrespective of this, we would keep you as a legend that overrides time.

Our world stood still because you made it go round. In order to honor you, we would never stop remembering you to keep our world the way it ought to be.

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Words do not fully capture how much we love and appreciate you. A thousand songs cannot express the tune of sadness that plays in out hearts.

I looked up to the sky and I saw you smiling at me. I am glad it went well.

The transition took place and it was the most peaceful experience I had witnessed. You showed no pain even in death. You are truly a victor.

The sting of death and the crushing sound of the grave would never keep you down. We know you can beat the evil with your charming smile.

All over the world, the magnitude of your presence was felt. This is not a time to mourn but to count our losses.

How painful it was to know that this experience would last for a lifetime. We are not together anymore but we realize you are in our hearts.


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There are few people in the world just like you. You are irreplaceable. A rare gem that surpassed the limits of mere mortals.

When an Eagle soars into the blazing Sun, it is not just a show of strength but because he truly belongs at the top. You have flown like an Eagle to the top where you belong. We miss you.

Can we carry on without you? We do not have all the answers but we know you would be surely missed.

I looked through the collections that brought fond memories. I could not believe that you would not be by my side to share these precious moments. Can you please come back? The rush of peace even in the darkest night shows you are calmly resting in peace.

Many stories have been told about men and women who live on even at death. You just wrote a book with your life. We believe it is worth reading by all who love life.

It is just like yesterday but it remains real today. You have gone and not coming back. Farewell.

Our cries would have brought your back but we know it was best you stayed in a place of peace. It is beyond the reach of mortals but it is full of splendor. Do glow in this new existence.

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You did not die. You simply went ahead of us. We love you.

Our love became fully expressed in our grief. Our Grief only shows we would never do without loving you.

When I tried to put myself in your shoes, I discovered you did not want anyone treading where the Angels have not yet prepared for them. You walked sweetly to your appointment and in due time, we know your sweetness would constantly bring us healing.

Most of the words that we have spoken may not suffice for the enormity of the loss. We bid you farewell.

When the splash of the Rain hits the earth, it is not tears it brings but a blessing. You are a blessing and we cry because we were blessed by you.

Everyday would be a reminder that someone great passed through the earth.