Mad Love Quotes

You know that moment when you are madly in love, but you don’t know how to say it or how to express it.
Then now, you are at the right place here, where you will find mad love quotes for them to show how crazy in love you are.

Mad love quotes for her

Maybe it is your heart that gives you strength, or perhaps it is the smile on your face, but I love you just the same.


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You can see it too. When we were friends, I had always wanted a crazy girl I could date in my life, and I wanted it to be you.

She was the only girl that I wanted to marry. The only one worth the time of my life.

You are a person that makes my heart smile and my heart melt, and that is why I love you.

For me, it was hard to find someone else that looked like me in the same clothes. Isn’t it mad? 😊

If someday the girl comes along in a better mood, I would marry her. Why? Because she will become my best friend.

60 Quotes About Love

You are the stars, moon, and clouds, but the wind is my love, and my love is my sun.

They said she was going to be the one I see when I come back home. They were not wrong.


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You make my heart smile and my heart melt, and no words can describe how amazing this love is over and over again.

You see my wife and how beautiful she is. I will make sure she will always be treated the way she deserves it. Like a princess!

Step Daughter Quotes

She has her own set of problems, but there is something between them that makes her meek and not so easy to please.

You see the way she looks at me when we are talking. It is the mad magic of love.

My love, my sweet girl, my heart belongs to you. And even if you sometimes can’t see me smile, you can feel my love.

It reminds me how lucky I am as she is so gentle and caring that it almost makes me cry.

Romantic Quotes for Him

I am not afraid of saying no to her. I am so scared of being in the way when we kiss.

I hope you are happy as you said that you would be next to me when we woke up in the morning.

Her mad laugh makes me smile, and she makes me want to kiss for hours.

We tried hard to make it happen, but unfortunately, it is never going to happen. I am sad but also somewhat mad about it.

Our relationship is getting stronger by the minute, and there are things that we cannot overcome.

She said that this love is here, which makes me happy as well. I am madly in love with her.

I wish I lived with a woman who could make me happy and feel like I am living a dream.

The only things that I miss the most are the way she kisses me and how she is making me remember you.

I want her to be happy, which means that I will try my best to be her friend.

I have a special wish in my heart she would always feel happy with me.

It might be a dream for her too, but I do not understand how her heart ever felt happy before.

She always gets the worst when she feels lonely. I do not know why that is.

I make no mistake; it is mad love that we have. I see it in her eyes when we kiss.

There is no real problem on her side, so I am sure we are more than friends. We are crazy in love.

Maybe I can make her happy too. I mean, it might just be a dream for her as well.

Her life will never get better after she marries, but we can change that now.

I love you with all my heart because I’m not just any girl, my sweet little boy.

It might be the dream they make for us, but I do not understand what that means.

I can see it now, and I am not afraid of being disappointed.

Maybe I’ve already told you, I think you’re such a crazy girl.

Oh, so you’ve come out of your shell, are you? You still can’t look at me.

I hate you for everything you do, but at the same time, I love you madly and always want to stay with you.

I wouldn’t say I like the way she’s holding herself at all. I wouldn’t say I like the way she makes me feel when I’m thinking about her. I love my girl even after we’ve been apart.

So you’re no longer with me anymore, are you? I wish I could stop loving you. I hated being without you. It makes me mad, but I love it; the feelings about you themselves are crazy enough.

You’re so beautiful. I wish I have to be more like you.

I hope you’re able to love me now too, and I know this would be good. I wish you could madly in love look at my face with your own sweet loving eyes.

Mad love quotes for him

Lucky for you, I am a good girl. But I can go mad when it comes to love, just for you to know 😊

I can still believe in you. We are still the just ones, and we only deserve to be in love, even for the best part of our lives.

My love for him is more significant than the whole world. I love you more with every second.

I love you. I love you so much, darling. I love you.

His eyes are the perfect colors, and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is one beautiful boy that has always made me feel special.

I love the fact you are sleeping in my arms, in that peaceful silence, that feeling of not having to worry about anything.

He is the perfect boy who loves me, and I will never let him go. My sweet boyfriend is the love of my life, and I am ready to fight for him.

I love how you are making noises to wake me up when I am too tired to wake up myself.

I love all the feelings of being in my arms while you kiss me, smiling, and when you are asleep.

I love you so much that I cannot do anything to make you stop, sweet boyfriend!

I loved the way you made me happy when you wanted to do some crazy stuff together.

You are so wonderful; you are my all too.

You are so adorable when you are asleep and when you wake up smiling even more.

I love how you get us so used to each other all the time and when you wake up feeling used to me.

You are so adorable when you are so happy being with me. I want you to be my man forever.

I love you so much, darling. I love how we finally get to know each other. I love to see you smile a little bit more. I love to see how excited you make me. I love to see how happy I am to be there for you. I love that you are such a good person.

I love when I see him smile and how he looks at me. He is my sweetest boyfriend ever!

I feel like saying, “My love. I will never let you go”. Thank you for the love that I get. Would you please keep holding on so much?

This is my love, darling, that I do not even know which way to go in. I love you so much that I want you to know how much I love you. You make me happy whenever you see or tell me I am my girl.

I love that you are my boyfriend, and I love you so much that I am willing to risk being hurt to keep you.

He is the man I could never live without; I will have him forever, no matter what, I will never stop thinking of him.

His perfect smile made me want to hold him in my arms forever. Such love, I thought it was impossible to exist, what he and I have.

You are the one I keep on dreaming about because you are the one who keeps bringing me so much happiness.

Mad passionate quotes about love

You have been amazing, and I know that I need to stop saying it.

I will show you how to love and let it be the love that is worth it.

I want to let it all go and just let it be the light of your life.

I wish to be your mad love for you. I want just to let it all go and just let you be the love of my life.

Just live your life to the fullest and keep loving it until you feel the happiness this life must give you. You deserve it, honey!

When I think about all the things that I am really. I am lucky that I will get the passionate person in you who cares and loves sincerely.

Never let your doubts ruin her love. The reason you fall in love is that you do not expect her to fall for you. That is a passion of love!

You are so lovely, and I adore you. This is a dream come true.

I love your laugh; it is like my favorite candy.

I love every second that we spend together. I will love you until the day I die. That’s how I love you. That is how I adore you.

I will make you happy because you helped me make my life easier, less painful, and full of love and affection.

It is only you that I love. I cannot get away from you.

I love you, darling. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I need you more than the earth.

This love is the most precious on earth that I will have forever, no matter the circumstance.

Sometimes I wish that I was a star in the sky, the brightest in the night sky. When you go to bed, I will be looking at you from above.

When I love you, I am still trying to find every reason not to love you. I want to be with you forever and ever.

I need every minute because it is only the most precious life I have seen, being with you.

I will always think of you every moment. I want to be with you every moment I can.

One day I will hold you in my arms forever. You are everything I have been looking for. I do not want to let go of you; I want to keep you in my heart.

We will never understand the feeling of the love that we have together, and you are the reason I can call you my angel and my sunshine.

I want to be with you, and I want to be with you forever and always.

There is only one thing that I want in the world, and that is you.

I always felt you were my angel forever. I wished and dreamt about it. And you will always be there for me like I will be for you.

I love you, and you never will leave my heart and my soul.

I wish more than a star could light the entire universe. My wish is that you never leave my heart.

So many nights, I would sit alone and look up at the stars in the night sky, thinking about you again.

I love you, sweet darling. I love you for being you and for being my sweet love.

What a miracle, I know it. I want to be with you and stay with you in heaven.

There is only you. I do not have a name, do not name me. I cannot stop calling you my baby. I want you to be my first name.

I know this is just the way it is. I do not want to make you change. I know your feelings and how I feel. I know that you are here with me.

Would you please help me? I need your love so much. I just made a promise to myself, and I am glad that I did that, to love you madly forever.

I did it to myself. I did all the hard work not to let you go. I have always loved you, sweet darling. I will always love you, sweetheart. I love you for every single moment and everything you do.

We need a chance to love each other too. We want to say that we love each other no matter what we do.

I will always keep your passionate love with me. I keep showing your love to me to keep myself safe and happy.

You are the light, and you are the stars, but you are also my love. That is enough for me. You are my light and your love and my sun, the heaven, and my love.

I want to tell you that my love for you is my greatest love, and I love you.

You are the best of all time, and your love makes the world go around.

I want to be your lover, and you make our world a better place with every kiss you give.

I love you, and I want to be married to you. You make my dreams come true.

You are the sweetest, and I love you. I will never be alone with you.

You are the sunshine, the snow, and the sun, and I will take you with me forever, to the world of light that is your love, my love.

I want to tell you, even if you never hear the end of this, you are in my heart, and that’s enough for me, my love, so say bye, and you will never know love.

I love you. I can’t believe that love could be so strong, my dear.

I want to tell you that you are a very talented girl and I love you. I think I am going to go mad about you and that you will be the one.

I know you will be here for me and love me forever, and I will never let you go.

You are the sweetest, and you make my heart smile, and my heart melts. You make our world a better place. I hope I know how to make you the best one.

You are the sun of our world, the star of our sky, and our sunshine, my love. We all live in an endless world, but I love you more than every living star, and my passion is so overwhelming.

You are my love, and I love you truly, madly, deeply, sweetheart.

You are the very light and the very life, my love, making the universe go around. And that is the truth of the universe itself.

You are my sun and my love, and the light shines here and now, my dear. I will find the one I can be with forever, and I will never see my truth, my love.

I can see that you are the most beautiful thing, and if you are my life, I will forever hold your heartstrings.

You are my love, and my love is the like universe, and I love you all the time.

You are the truth and my love, and I will never give up on you. So don’t say goodbye, say I love you, and that is enough for me.