Loving is one of the best feelings in this world one could ever experience.
For a woman’s heart, love could be the greatest gift she could forever treasure.
For love can be so wonderful, just like a thousand bolts rushing in her every senses, it can make her feel alive.
On the other hand, love can be like a dagger that can strike her heart any moment leaving her lifeless.
A woman’s agony can be expressed through break up quotes that are directly felt.
The pain, sorrow and regrets are intended to be shout out loud to reach the dumb heart of the person who causes all her pains.

Before you came, love is the most magical thing in my imagination, until you’ve turned that imagination into a nightmare.

I am a woman of vibrance and happiness. Well that was me before you break me into shatters.


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I am ever ready for the battle of loving you, until walking away and letting you go was my last resort.

Laughter of love is sometimes paralleled to tears of sorrow of an ending relationship.

A woman cares too much for a man assuming to be too much blessed to take her for granted easily. But a woman who cares is a woman who definitely knows how to uncare and turn her back away.

You were the only priority I had in our relationship, but I came to realize that YOU is the only thing you know about our relationship.

Lies can be fascinating to hear and to believe but unfortunately, lies are not designed for a woman like me. So leave me alone and marry your lies!

60 Quotes About Love

Walking away is sometimes braver than holding on. So I chose to walk away from you and have proven it right.

Every beat of a heart is danced by soul. But I found out that we weren’t dancing on the same beats. While I am dancing in love, you are dancing in jealousy and selfishness.


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One day, you’ll regret the idea that you chose to throw a diamond in a search for fake stones.

Remembering our past relationship doesn’t always mean that I want you back in my life. It is just the feeling of missing the good memories that made me smile before.

Breakup Quotes for Him

It thrilled me that the idea of our indifferences will add spice to our relationship, but I was definitely wrong. It just dried the love we have for each other and made it tasteless.

The roller coaster feelings of loving you was not fun at all, so stepping out in our relationship is the only chance for me to collect all my feelings and protect my heart from drowning.

When we were in loved, I felt like the world is bright for us, but when you chose to be out of love, you’ve painted the whole world differently.

Loving is a CHOICE
PAIN is certain
But staying with pain is an OPTION
And ending the pain is a DECISION

Positive Thoughts for the Day

Break Up Quotes for Girlfriend

Choosing to stay in a complicated relationship with your girlfriend is probably a choice but breaking up with her is a decision. Finding the most sincere words for her could not make the whole break up thing comforting but it can make you a real man, standing true to your feelings and trying to be fair. No right words can cover the pain of breaking up but through break up quotes, splitting with her can be smoother and gentler.

Loving you is one of the things I will never regret, but staying longer will just kill the best in us together.

I am walking away not because I am coward. Coward is he, who is afraid to face the truth of fighting alone for the relationship.

Breaking up with you may leave a scar. But for sure, it will be a beautiful scar that will remind me how I’ve been in loved before.

Fighting for a person who is not fighting back to save the relationship is like fighting in a battle with a certain defeat.

Toxic relationship needs a pill and that pill is break up.

I may hurt you now but you will thank me tomorrow because I set you free from a love that has never existed.

Letting you go doesn’t mean surrendering my promises to you. I am just trying to be brave, enough to let go of the person who have surrendered first the promises once uttered for love.

Loving you is like fooling myself that fairytales do come true.

In being alone, sometimes love can be found.

You are busy trying to find every wrong in our relationship, while I was busy believing that everything in us is right.

You can hate me forever for breaking your heart now but I will hate myself forever for comforting you with lies.

Pretending that I am happy with you is just like You pretending to be in love with me.

Breaking up is sometimes waking up with lies and living with the truth.

You have too many excuses to prioritize our relationship; well I can have too many reasons of leaving you.

You are just part of my story, and that part is now ready to be rewritten to have a perfect ending.

Coz it just doesn’t feel right anymore

All I’m asking is for you to stop holding on

Containing the pain is enough

I don’t want to look so tough

So I’m letting you go now and bury the promises that have died.

Let part our ways like strangers

Strange from the love that grew and fade.

I slept with a dream of our love and woke up with the nightmare of our break up.

No more making up because there were no more us.

Sad Break up Quotes that made you Cry

Some say it’s painful to forget someone. But the worst pain comes when you don’t know whether to wait or to forget. The longing is unbearable. The sadness is suffocating.

Quotes are one way to express the undesirable feelings of being lonely after a break up.

I’m standing still watching you turn away, asking myself how it all started why I never see it ending.

The most beautiful dream is love and can be the worst nightmare lovers can have.

The silence of the night is covering my sobbing heart. I’m still longing for the love I believed to be mine.

Sometimes, finding love and holding on to it weren’t the same thing. It can make you smile but it can make you bleed.

Since the day you left my heart bleeding, is the day I stop believing, to the promises of love that are meant to be forgotten.

I’m afraid of the night coz night reminds me of you breaking up with me with the words of never returning back.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than to see the person you should have been protecting, crying out her heart because of you.

When I loved you, I breathe a new life.

Now you’re leaving me with no air to breathe.

I am crying, so as the sky. I am wondering if it could also feel the pain I have inside me.

I can run from the truth.

I can hide from it.

But I can never change the reality that you’re now in other’s arms.

The universe needs someone to admire from a distance, from a far distance impossible to hold.

My heart is singing a song of sorrow while my eyes are drowning from the tears of longing.

I wrote everything about you in my memories. Now I can still hold you from my imagination and feel the love that is still there.

A lost love is a like lost star. You missed the chance to whisper a wish of hope when it passed by.

Even the most intelligent mind can never understand the agony of a love that forgot its own meaning.

My heart is sobbing in pain. I wish there is a pill for the ache.

The promises of your love are the reason why I wake up. Now you are the reason why I’m crying myself to sleep.

Please forgive the heart that never learns to forget. Find it too difficult to let go of the love that ended so soon.

I write a song that is sing by a lonely heart that is used to the melody of the past.

I love crying in the rain because the rain became my only comfort in times of my sadness.

The picture of our love is still in my mind that every time I close my eyes I can see you slowly fading away.

My cold heart is finding comfort on the whisper of the night promising to return after the dusk.

I’ve lose you because of my fear of losing you.

My weakness is to forget happy memories which you bring away with you when you left.

I find my place in the warmth of your heart. Now I find my place lost inside of your soul.

Quotes on Breaking up and Moving On

Breaking up with someone who already has a special part in your life could probably the hardest thing to do. Breaking up is a thing no one desires to experience. No matter what you do, pain is always a given feeling that both parties may feel. It is an excruciating process but deciding to part ways doesn’t always mean killing someone’s heart. Breaking up can also be a goodbye.

Easier said than done
But what’s done is gone
And your only choice is to move on

Closure is for sure the only way to forgive but not to forget.

I was devastated by the pain but I overcome the storm.

Even the universe can’t stop you from letting go and moving on.

No matter what love throws unto you, your choice must always be moving forward.

Everything is temporary. You’ll soon forget how it hurts because time promises the healing of feelings, as it passes by.

Break up is hard to accept but staying is even harder. Move on and respect the decision of hearts.

What’s killing you now is what will make you alive coz the pain will be your only weapon in the battle called love.

You can never fight back to fate. Just trust and let go and learn to believe on what it is has prepared for you.

Re- reading the past will lead you to your next destination wisely.

Escape from the torture of break up. Chase the desire of your heart when you still don’t know him.

No one takes pleasure of carrying burdens. Put it off and enjoy the walk.

You are precious to be wasted. Get up coz the man that will truly love you is patiently waiting.

You are the writer of your own story and stories can always have a twisted version. Always choose the best version.

What’s ahead will never be appreciated if the heart is still looking back on what has ended.

Have the courage to let go of what can’t be changed.

Sooner or later, you will thank your past for giving way to your future.

Just pick up the pieces of your heart, walk on and move forward.

Learn the art of letting go and you’ll never be wrong.

Yesterday’s gone.
What was left is today.
So release and forgive, and embrace the changes that belong to the future.

Happy after Break up Quotes

It is not impossible to be happy again after a painful break up. A rainbow never failed to show up after a storm. Break up can be so devastating to a heart that learned how to love. But a heart that learns to love, learns to forgive and happiness follows.

She gave her all but still not enough. She cried a river but drowned from her tears. She fought and was able to conquer the sadness. She stood and smile when she look on her back.

Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears nurture the seeds of your future happiness.

The only song I hear is the song of forgiveness, so as the reason of my heart’s contentment.

I saw you in the street but never recognized you. When I wake up I realized it’s indeed a beautiful dream.

I’m wearing my best attire tonight. My SMILE.

I saw the sunshine which I believed before to be you. I just realized, there’s really a big difference between the sunshine and a FOOL moon.

I just opened my door today after the painful break up and saw that the windows were open all this time. I just didn’t noticed because I was busy locking you in my life.

I pray for my heart everyday to find its comfort after the painful ending of our relationship. I’m glad He answered my prayer.

The universe conspires to give me the most precious diamond after I was tossed down by a rock.

I was addicted of my love for you before. Our break up was my cure and now I’m back to my old self. Careful of my own feelings.

The reason of my happiness today is not the reason of my tears yesterday.

Someone has picked up my broken heart and make it his own.

I discovered my new talent. It is being okay despite of a painful break up.

Life is seasonal. And today is the season of spring. My heart that once died in winter is now in blossom again.

I’m in love.
Yes I do but not with you.
Her name is SELF.