35+ Sad Thoughts


Love is special, happy and inevitable.
But just as much as it is associated with positive things, love is stained with sadness when heartbreak occurs.
Here are some of the excerpts people can relate to when heartbroken and sad:


Maybe we create our heartbreaks sometimes, through too many expectations.


What is love if you are not here with me?


The greater your ability to love, the greater your ability to feel it when it hurts.


Love is as brittle as glass; it can be fixed when broken, but a crack will remain.

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I cannot make you a priority while all I am to you is an option.


Love is like glass; at times, it is better to sweep out the broken pieces rather than cut trying to fix them.


It isn’t easy to play a role in someone’s life while not even having the script.



Maybe there was no love between us, just lust.


Life goes on without you.


I doubt whether I loved you. Maybe I was just in love with the idea of you.


Sorry does not fix a broken heart.


Sad Crush Quotes


If you make me question your loyalty, then I owe you none.


It hurts remembering who we used to be.


Sad Lines


I cut you off because you handed me the scissors.


Since it is your fault that I am gone, I do not expect you to miss me.


I sometimes wish I would drown you in these tears that I cry each night since you left.



You cannot close the wound of heartbreak; the heart still bleeds.


I wish I had not known you, so I would not have fallen in love with you.


I want to make you want me; the more I love you, the less you want me.


I look at the sky, and the moon does not shine; it is like the night is sadder since you are not here.


Cute I Love You Quotes


Whenever I draw a heart, I put your name and mine, and when I do, it hits me that you’re no longer mine.


You appeared in my dreams and conquered my heart, and when I least expected it, you broke my heart.


Let me know if what you feel is real or just a game. If this is real, we will solve it, but if it is not, please let me go.


Please do not ask me why I’m crying because it is your tears tarnishing my face.


Loneliness Quotes


It never hurt that you left; it hurt that you did not come back.


I want to stop feeling this incessant agony; I want to stop sobbing every time I hear a romantic song, stop sighing when I remember your smile.


I had promised myself that if it all ended, I would resign and accept that it was nice, but here I am crying and hoping for everything to go back like it used to be.


I tried to forget about you, but sadly the more I tried, the more I thought about you.


It hurts me to love you because you do not feel the same, it hurts when you hold me because I know that everything is a lie, but it hurts more to see you with another person when I see that you’re playing with me.

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It hurts to love you the way I do because I wouldn’t say I like it when you laugh with someone else. You do not know that you rip my heart out each time you do it. I wish I’d never met you so that I wouldn’t feel this sadness.


I miss you every passing moment and wish you’d come back in my arms.


If you are thinking of me, please stop because it may be the only way that you will stop loving me.


Never give up on love; resignation is for only those who do not know how to love.


Sometimes in life, you have to make decisions, sometimes those decisions break hearts.


You always suffer for someone, and you will realize that someone is not worth it at the end of the day.


The habit of thinking about someone who might not even be thinking about you stays with a broken heart forever.


I sometimes wish that I hadn’t met you, but then I realized that my life would’ve been an empty shell if you weren’t in it.


I wish that I had a magic switch in my life, one that, when pressed, erased all the memories I had with you.


My heart breaks every time you talk to me and call me a friend.


I still love you; I hope that you still do too.


I love what you are, not what you have.


You said that you are out there, that you are well and that you do not think about me, yet I cannot help but miss us. I have to say that if you decide to come back here, I’ll be waiting.


You’ll never know what pain is until you look into the eyes of the person you love, and they decide that you are indifferent.


That feeling I get when you are so close, but I am not able to kiss you.


I got lost in your lips, I got lost in your body, and now you can afford to forget those great moments?


Just because you call me Doll does not mean that I was created for you to play with.


I prefer a moment of rejection to an eternity of uncertainty.


My heart beats faster when they mention your name.


It wasn’t easy to assume that I did not want you and pretend that I did not care.


It should be illegal to miss someone who does not miss me.


You’re the best thing I have in my life, and I have always wanted to be with you, but sometimes I doubt whether you love me or not.


You could do so many things to me, but of all of them, you chose to hurt me.


Face it; you miss somebody right now.


You were attacked so much that your only defence was to close your heart and be cold.


My heart tells me you’re mine, but your eyes tell me otherwise.


You may not know this, but it hurts to see you with someone else.


How difficult is it to end a relationship where it was believed that there would be a future?


You left my heart slamming the door without realizing you left your keys inside.


All I did was give you all my love, and all you did was give me your false love and your betrayal.


She knew that he did not want her but still got excited each time he wrote to her.


Some people are not meant to be together forever; they pass through our lives to teach us a lesson.


Love … What is love? If someone knows, please tell me. I felt it once right before you left.


I think of you in silence; sometimes, I say your name. All I have left are memories and a heart that only thinks of you. I am filled with sadness, and my tears will not stop flowing, but everything my heart misses are things you will never know of.


Thanks to you, I’ve woken up wanting to live, but now I no longer live because you love someone else, and the thought of that kills me.


I feel so cold and distant that you are no longer the same as me.


It is said to be in love with a person who does not reciprocate.


How can I confess what I’m feeling for you, with this fear so tremendous from which I am suffering?


I do not know where we’re going, I know I want to go with you …


If I lost you, I would be missing someone in my life, but if you lost me, your life would be meaningless.


The first sign of love is the last of reason.


No love is truer than that which dies without being revealed.


I do not know if I live to think of you or if I think of you to live.


When I met you, I loved you, but I never thought I would shed tears for not being with you.


Never say never, never say always, never say I love you if you do not feel it.


I want to be your cigarette, to be in your hands and be consumed by your lips.


Love is not only hugs and kisses because someone can love with all his heart without touching or being touched.


Love is a mental state in which more fantasy than reality lives.


Sadness is to love with your soul and life, and your loved one calls you a friend.


Even if you go, you will always be in my mind; you will never be my last and always be my present.


I love you; I adore you; do not be sad because that’ll make me cry.


Love hurts, but it hurts more not to tell what’s in my heart for fear that you might reject me.


Just by loving you, I broke my own heart.


Don’t dare to say that you have never killed anyone because just by leaving me, you killed me.


I wish I’d never loved you; I wish I’d never laid eyes on you, I wish I’d never kissed you, and I wish I’d never slept next to you and woken up next to you. Yet, I wish I’d done all those things a million times over before you left.