65 Losing friends quotes and moving on

Losing friends is a challenging experience in both parts, may it be because of an argument, something, maybe a person.
It is not great to lose friends because friends are lifelines for every person, someone to depend on when everything goes wrong.
Losing friends can be very traumatizing, makes you feel like you can no longer make friends because of the risk of actually losing friends.
May it be fast, slow, or at the correct phase, losing friends is something that someone should never have to go through.
Nevertheless, you will never have to go through the losing friend phase if you find real friends on your own.
Here are some quotes about losing friends that might help you.

Losing friends is a phase in life that I hope you need not go through because it is challenging.

Eventually, you are bound to lose someone in your life, and you need to accept that it’s normal.


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Some friends will leave you behind and move on, so be careful with the one who stays.

It is hard when friendships are broken because it is tough to fix but not impossible.

I wanted to be okay, to believe that later on, it would be okay, but the truth is that it is very hard.

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Every crack that a friendship has can be repaired, but it is hard to do once it is broken.

Just be with me, stay with me, promise me that I will never lose you, and I swear you won’t.

When life tries to stop you from doing what you want, call a friend and then go together.

If you want to be friends with me for a long time, learn to forgive me for my mistakes.

Learn how to let the small things pass and do not let them come between the two of you, okay?

I wish I were there, but everything seems against us, so we try to fight every odd now.

Eventually, we will lose a friend, and it will hurt you so much that you cannot even breathe.

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May you remember that some things in life are worth the wait, worth everything in the world.

Can you promise me that you will be okay even after I am no longer here? I hope you can.

Sometimes, you lose someone you never expected to lose, and it changes your life forever.

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The sad truth is that everyone will leave you at one point, so choose to accept wisely.

You lose a friendship once, and you no longer care about the next one at all, such it is with life.

Maybe you are meant for the bigger things in life; perhaps you need to be a whole lot wiser too.


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I wish that I never have to lose friends because I care for each of them so much, girl.

Losing friends is okay because you never really lose your real friends, after all, only fake ones.

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Let me tell you that someday you will find a person that will fit you so great. Never let her go.

It is hard to lose a friend, but eventually, the pain subsides; maybe you just are not meant to be.

Do not be too busy with your life that you forget to ask your friend how she is doing, okay?

Everyone loses a friend at one point, and I hope this is not the point in life where you do.

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As much as possible, I do not want today to be the day that I lose you, and it would be very hard.

Do not let losing a friend take its toll on you and instead be the person you wish to become.

When you do all the best you can, but you still lose a friend, maybe it is not your problem now.

I wish I could comfort you right now because I know how hard it is to lose someone forever.

It is like nothing ever lasts forever anymore, considering that even friendship does not.


I need you in my life, dear friend, so if you can, I hope you will never leave my side, ever.

Please help me, do not leave; I do not want to lose another friend in my life, ever, my friend.

The first time you lose a friend, you realize what his worth truly is, my dear.

How do I tell you that I never want to lose you, that I do care about you, my dear?

I wish that you would never leave me because you have been my light since day one.

Our friendship has withstood time and distance; I hope to keep it that way until we grow old.

Maybe we will grow apart, but I hope we still get to keep what we have here in our hearts.

Every memory we made is etched here in my heart, and there it will be forever and ever, dear.

You are my friend, and you always will be. That is what I can promise you today, love.

Our friendship is a promise that no one will ever come between the two of us now and forever.

Let us go back to when we were still innocent and free, for I miss those times.

Who knew that four years changed a lot of things? I wish we had been together during those.

We changed and grew apart in those years between us, and I wouldn’t say I liked those years.

Maybe we can still catch up, and perhaps we can still mend the friendship that was chipped by time.

I thought losing friends when they are fake is okay, but I guess it still hurts a lot, a lot more.

Losing friends is something I do not wish upon you because it will surely change who you are.

I hope that I can still keep you as my friend years and years from now. I still wish just that.

There is not much I can do or try to keep you, but I promise to always be with you all the time.

If I can keep you happy, I will do everything in my power to keep you that way, friend.

I want to be your friend now and until the day that the Lord decides to get the life he gave me.

Remember that I am here if you need me, and I promise you that I will always be here for you.

I will send you all the things I think you may need and the stuff you want, stay with me, friend.

It takes three words to remind your friend just how much you appreciate her: I love you!

You are one of the best gifts that I have ever received in my life. Can you say the same, dear?

My friend, let us not lose each other in the process of finding ourselves; let us stay together.

We learn a lesson when we lose a friend, that some things in life are meant to be gone.

We are careless sometimes and do not appreciate what we have until we eventually lose it.

I wish I could tell you what you want to hear, but I cannot, so I hope you forgive me.

I do not want to lose you; that is the truth, so please make some space in your heart for me.

After all this time, I still think of you as the best thing that has ever happened to me, dear.

I hope that when everything we are going through is done, you will stay with me one day.

No matter what hurdles or challenges we go through, you will always be a friend of mine.

I love you like no other, so I will do everything in my hands to keep you stuck with me, dear.

My friend, after so long, here we are, still friends; I hope that will never change, ever.

The love we share makes us a whole lot more substantial than we already are. That is true.

May the friendship we have last for a lifetime and even our life after this one.

You are the person I want to bring in my next three lives in the world, no matter what I do.

I hope you choose me to be what you want to be as a friend because I choose you.

I had hopes that our friendship would last forever and ever because you are special to me.

You do not know it, but I care so much about you, much more than you will ever know.

It is the friendship that we share that makes everything around us seem to be a lot better.

I wish I could stay with you to be with you now and everywhere you will be in the future.

I know things do not seem reasonable right now, but eventually, they will be better for us.

When you start losing friends, remember that you will never fail me in this life.

Start making new friends today so you can make up for the times that you had lost friends.

Losing friends is not uncommon; as you grow, you change, and so do they, so you drift apart.

Maybe it is not about losing friends but the fact that some friends are better than others.

I did not want to lose friends, so I decided to change and become a better person.

I will never give you an okay with losing friends because they are the ones to take care of you.

Losing friends may be hard at first, but soon enough, you will learn how to live without them,

The first step from being a changed person was losing friends at the moment I needed them.

The time I needed to have friends the most was the time I started losing friends. What a pity.

Losing friends is hard, but the truth is that you will eventually get used to it, believe me on it.