65 Alone Quotes


Not all the time having people around us fits our mood.
There are times that we also need to be alone to clear our minds, think things over, and have some peace of mind. But when alone bringing too much sadness already, then having company would best relieve this loneliness.


How could I feel alone when loneliness accompanies me all the time?


I would rather be alone because that way, no one can hurt me.


Loneliness sometimes becomes a good friend.


Listening to music is my hobby whenever I am sad because it makes me extra sad.

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No matter how broken I am inside, you will never notice it because of my smile.


The one that could hurt you the hardest is the one whom you love the most.


I’d rather have the truth, for it hurts for just a while, than be told a lie that would hurt for a lifetime.


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Release all the tears you have inside so more smiles can grow out of you.


The moment you love someone who would never love you back is also the moment when you would feel the greatest pain of love.


There would come a day when I would forget you, and you would realize that you cannot forget me.


I am not a heavy sleeper, but when I do sleep, it is still never enough.


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Being happy alone is the saddest thing in the world.


When you do not even know yourself, you will feel as lonely as having no companion does.


The scariest thing I have ever encountered is loneliness.


Distrust is lonelier than loneliness itself.


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You may be popular and known all over, but the loneliness deep inside you is overwhelming.


Being lonely is just like experiencing the worst poverty.



No one could ever make it out in the world alone.


Every one of us is all in this together alone.


God has seen loneliness, and He named it the first thing that is not good for humans.


A baby, that’s I love you so much.


Being right sometimes causes loneliness, so do not try it if you don’t want to be lonely.


Most rich people’s problem is being lonely.


Vanity can only be healed by loneliness.


When you are not comfortable with yourself, then you are suffering the most painful loneliness of all.


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I am alone because I am different, and you are different because you are alone.


You would never feel alone if beautiful thoughts accompanied you.


I never felt any loneliness whenever I was with you.


There are also benefits in being alone, just like not getting hurt by others.


I cry without tears whenever I am alone, just like a storm without rain.


I may smile a lot but behind all of these is my lonely heart.

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Loneliness teaches us that with only ourselves, we are never complete.


Not liking yourself is the worst loneliness of all.


Loneliness and depression are the very best of friends.


I never wanted you to be hurt, yet you managed to break me yourself.


We never failed to talk every day, but today we are almost strangers to each other.


Once you start caring, you will be vulnerable to all the hurt in the world.


I was writhing in pain when you just let me go and let me walk away.


I would rather be lonely than love the wrong person.


I want someone I can call my own amidst all these couples around me.


My thoughts can even scorch me.


Every time I get angry, I wouldn’t say I like it when everything dissolves into tears.


Sitting alone feels like sitting with your past.


You caused me to cry, and I wish it would still be you who will wipe away my tears.


I stopped crying when I realized that even my tears wouldn’t bring you back to me.


I can never go back to the times when my smile was once genuine.


My life is so full of misery, and no one has any idea.


The pain you are feeling now would someday be helpful to you.


I feel special whenever I have low self-esteem.


No one could feel the void of loneliness in any human condition.


You never know who is trying to go through the day and never trying to fall apart.


Laughing makes the pain go away.


I fall harder whenever I try harder.


You always tell me you miss me, but you never make an effort to show it.


Sometimes we fear losing people who are not even ours.


Our feelings are overflowing, yet the words we say are never enough.


Never choose to be stuck wherever you are; move on and be happy.


I feel so lonely now that I could never do what my heart yearns to do.


We were once so happy, so how did we get so sad?


I am trying so hard to keep everything together, but I am running out of strings and glue.


Not all our friends would last long. Once they’re done with you, they’ll step on you like dirt.


I would rather be awake once all things are in their proper places.


I can’t wait for the day that you will realize what you lost, and I will see what I gained.


Avoid climbing too far. Love’s ladder for you will fall harder.


People only see me whenever they need something from me.


No matter how loud I scream, no one can still hear me.


I can’t bear it when you are feeling pain because of me.


I always feel lost and lonely, but all I want is to be found by someone who will care for me.


I have done everything for you, yet you never seem satisfied.


I do not want to give up. However, it is the best option I have because I was wasting my time.


The wrong one would only get what he needs from you and leave you without anything for yourself.


Never give away the most important part of yourself, your heart, to someone who will never take care of it.


I would never be who I am today if you did not break my heart.


There is nothing lonelier than seeing your whole life fall apart, and you cannot do anything else to save it.


Memories are meant to be shared; that is why the worst part of it is the loneliness it contains.


Everyone’s dying of loneliness even though we can do so much together.


Dissolving all loneliness is a human’s never-ending search.


We can be alone in the universe, or we are not, and both ideas are terrifying.


Loneliness is strongly felt especially when you are with someone whom you have ceased to talk to.


To avoid feeling lonely, you need to have a social circle and an intimate relationship. Losing one or both would still make you desolate.


It is alright to stay single, but being lonely is never a good thought.


Failed marriages are the loneliest of all.


The hole that I have in my heart is the place you used to fill.


The intense loneliness I feel scares the life out of me.


I am very much worried that I will be lonely, which is my most minor favourite thing in the world.


The best thing about loneliness is it triggers you to start living for something worth dying for.


Loners never enjoy their solitude. It’s just that they tried to reach out yet were still disappointed by people.


Loneliness for the lonely people wears a disguise to fool everyone around them.


It would be best if you were by yourself the most whenever you feel lonely.


Everything would end right away, the loneliness and the misery in life.


Music can heal me, and I can crawl back into my loneliness with the notes in the spaces.


You can only escape loneliness using love.


Being lonely when you are alone means you are in bad company.


You can never escape loneliness. Every man would experience it.


There may be joy and fulfilment in the world, yet loneliness is most appalling and horrible.


The pain of loneliness is long and intolerable.


Loneliness springs forth from online communities.


Being alone means, you never have to answer to anybody; you only do what you want.


I am more comfortable with loneliness now that I am older.


There is a difference between being alone and wanting to be alone.


When you are alone, you can discover things about yourself and why you are always alone.


Love creates an illusion for us so we can think that we are not alone.


Loneliness spices up life and gives a challenge to ordinary life.


The moment you need others badly would be the time you will realize that you are alone.


Being alone does not necessarily mean that you are unhappy.


Solitude is the companion I have been looking for for so long.


I chose you over my solitude because you are sweeter than my being alone.


Loneliness is only painful for the youth yet pleasurable for the mature.


I was surprised to notice that loneliness can also bring happiness.


You will feel misery the moment you cannot sit quietly alone in a room.


I am alone with you, and this is my favourite kind of loneliness.


There is nothing worse than being together with a person who makes you feel alone.


Solitude sometimes brings you the freedom you have always longed for.


There is nothing wrong with being alone as you think things over.


You have to be comfortable being alone if you want to know whether you chose a person out of love or loneliness.


I feel like I am the last cookie in the jar.


I am so used to being alone that sometimes it feels so typical for me, and nothing else is.


One of the loneliest moments that can happen to a person is to be alone for all his life.


I thought nothing could rip me apart, but it seems that it is hard to survive being alone forever.


The idea of being alone eats me from the inside; it’s so hard to cope with it even now.


The people who know me will be able to realize just how much I want to be alone right now.


People would not leave you alone when you want them to go you then when you do not.


It is so hard to be alone, but I have learned that I should not feel lonely and cope.


We are all together, are what people are saying, but we are all afraid of being alone in reality.


The only thing that can shatter most people with weak minds is that which is called loneliness.


It is scary to think that a person can be alone even in the midst of a big crowd of people.


Being alone by chance is okay, but being left alone is too cruel to even think about.


What is being alone like? It is when you and your best friend fought, and neither forgives.


Try to avoid being alone; it is certainly not good for the heart; you need not be that person.


Sure there is nothing wrong with being alone, but it is not that great either; be happy.


Being alone means that you do not have someone to be there, and I honestly think that is sad.


Sure, you can be single, but you need not be alone; remember you have your friends and family.


Forget it; I would be alone in this; I need to do this by myself; you cannot stop me from this.


Some days, I do not even know what it means to be alone because that is exactly what I am.


There are times when I want to be alone when the world becomes too noisy for me.


I do not even know why it happened; I know it; I am afraid of being alone.


I care not for what you want; I care for what I think when I am all alone.


Having some time for yourself, being alone is not as bad as it sounds; you get to focus more.


Imagine a day with you in control of everything. That is precisely what being alone feels like.


Some days, you have to fight the feeling of loneliness and know that it is okay to be alone.


To be alone is to be sucked in by a black hole; you feel a vast emptiness inside of you, forever.


I am lonely; sometimes, I think I am, but I appreciate how alone I am right then.


It was never a question of who I was with but more of how many times I was alone.


People think that being alone is as complicated as it seems, but it is not; it is pretty straightforward.


There would always be someone to annoy you, distract you, and be alone is the best choice.


Often, I still love the feeling of being alone, of being by yourself, of hearing your thoughts, of knowing what you should be doing next, of not being confused by anyone.


I would love to be alone, be on my own, and protect myself so no one can break my heart.


I have built these walls around me so someone else can break them but be alone for now.


Feeling alone right now, and all I think about is you and how much I miss you today.


Being alone is kind of my favourite thing to be, knowing that all I care about is myself.


Wanting to be alone in this noisy world is not as selfish as you believe it to be, darling.


Solitude is what being alone is, dedicating your life to being alone, on being you.


One of the best ways to finally find yourself is to spend some time being alone.


When all I wanted was to be alone, I guess I am past those times now.


I wanted to be by myself for quite some time, but then here I am again, being by myself and yet it feels so sad as if I never wanted to be like this in the first place.


Who knows? Maybe to be alone is one of the best things I will ever get to decide by today.


I should make a stand, be alone or not be alone; I guess that is one tricky question now.


Some people have been alone most of their life and were still successful, anyways.


Being alone feels good; it feels as if I can finally focus on what matters to me.


Take it slow, the world is not revolving around you alone, but you have to appreciate that.


I wanted to tell people that I could do things on my own, by myself, all alone all the time.


I thought I would instead do it on my own than do it with many useless people.


Somedays, it is better to be alone because people want to impose their ideas on you.


I am done listening to others when they do not listen to me; I want to be left alone.


So starting today, I would like you to leave me alone; I need no one else in my life.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone; just let me be by myself for this one time.


I wanted to show the world that I would be fine on my own, alone, and now here I am.


To be alone in this cruel world is one of the worst things that can ever happen to a person.


When the weather is cold, being alone can be torture, without any warmth near.


How does a person transform being alone to being lonely when it is not?


One of my favourite things in life is when I get to have myself by myself, after all.


The best thing about always being alone is that you have got no one to be mad about at all.


No one needs to care for me and get hurt because I have now decided to live a solitary life.


Starting today, I promised myself that I would tackle all of life’s challenges on my own.


I pray that tomorrow would be the last day I would ever be alone, that I might have friends by tomorrow, soon enough to pick me up from this loneliness that I am in right now.


When you find friends that are worth fighting for, decide on whether you want to be alone.


Until today, I still pray that somehow I would move on and stop feeling alone any longer.


I want to stop being alone; I want to be the best person I can be, even if it seems so hard.


No one is stopping you from being alone; you get the freedom to choose that for yourself.


Once you fall for someone else, you realize that you do not want to be alone.


Every day, it feels like I am slowly sinking into another black hole, alone for my life.


When I started to be on my own, I felt like I was talking to thousands of strangers every day.


I wanted to forget you; I tried to stop all the memories until I became all alone.


Stop wondering what you can or cannot do; just be yourself, or maybe, be by yourself.


One day, I know that I will be fine and be okay even when I am all by myself.


It has been years since I last been with anyone, and I love being alone.


Those times of alone seeming so far away right now, it feels like it was just a stupid dream.


I do not want to waste my time with people anymore; I want to be in my comfort zone.


There is nothing wrong with being by myself; I like my own company, it is not too bad at all.


All I need now is the time to be alone, do what I like to do, and do what I do best.


I need no lover because I have been managing so fine on my own ever since then.


I have long been alone, and I see no problem arising telling me that I should change that.


Being alone can also mean that you are capable of being independent, of being on your own.


You have that shine inside you; you can become who you want to be even if you are alone.


Let me tell you that being alone does not mean that you will be lonely, that you are sad.


I want people to stop looking at me with pity just because I want to be alone, to be by myself.


What truly is being alone? Is it trying to say to the world that you are lonely or simply enjoying being by yourself, to be able to express yourself without any judging eyes?


When someone tells you they want to be alone, maybe you should respect just that.