75+ Beautiful Eyes Quotes

For the one you love with the eyes, you fell in love with, the one you can never get tired staring at, the one you wish you could wake up next to.
Here are some quotes that will help you convey your feelings of love and hope and everything else to tell them that they have a beautiful pair of eyes.
Spread the love and keep living your life.

I love the way your eyes tell me all that you need to say to me; it truly makes me happy really.

Your eyes are the brightest things I have ever seen, maybe even brighter than the stars above.

If a girl is beautiful, she must have a great pair of eyes, that is truly my opinion.

One of the best things about a person is a pair of beautiful eyes to keep looking forward to.


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I fell in love with your eyes, the way they would reflect me when I look deep into them, always.

You were my kind of happiness; I would lie awake dreaming about the way your eyes look.

You are the best kind of crazy, that is true, and there aren’t a pair of eyes as bluer as yours.

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There is no one else I would rather be with forever and ever besides the hazel-eyed woman.

You are the one I will always look forward to being with whenever I feel lonely and alone.

Your amethyst eyes always comfort me whenever I do something wrong or when I feel down.

There is no else I would rather be with, no else I would glad to be with than you right now.

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I love the way your crimson eyes would look at me with so much passion in them and love.

You love me, and I believe that when you said it because your chestnut eyes tell the truth.

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Those black orbs seem to be staring at me as if I am the most beautiful girl in the world.

You have the most beautiful pair of hazel brown eyes I have ever seen in my entire life.

You are the reason why I wake up each morning, to look and stare at your beautiful eyes.

Those eyes of yours are the only pair of eyes I would never get tired of staring at all life long.

If you gave me a chance to prove my love to you, I would do so to show you it’s true.

Those eyes are practically the best pair in this world, and I am glad they are with you.

One day, someone will look you in the eyes and make you realize what love truly is, girl.

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There is no way I will not be the person I am not meant to be, beautiful eyes, I tell you.

Let me tell you the tale of the girl with the beautiful blue eyes who conquered the world.

She was the girl whose eyes are like mirrors to her soul, and she did all she wanted all day.

I wanted to be that girl, the one whom you will keep beside you until the end of forever.

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Guys love girls who have lovely smiles and eyes, which is the truth behind all of it.

The beauty of a girl can be seen from her eyes because it is the door to her heart.

The eyes are the windows to your soul; to see whether you are kind or not, it is that.

You write for so many reasons that you can find, one of them is seeing a pair of brown eyes.

The beauty that you are feeling inside of you right now will eventually reflect in your eyes.

I wished I had told you of your beautiful eyes, of eyes I had longed to stare at all day long.

The sexiest thing about a girl is her eyes. Thus, that is the first thing that you should look at.

Honestly, the eyes seduce a man, so having a pair of beautiful eyes is a gift, indeed.

You may have the sweetest smile, but you would not have much appeal if your eyes were dull.

One of the assets that I am proud of is my eyes, these plain brown hazelnut eyes.

There is nothing I can do about the things I have no control over but these eyes of mine I have.

You can tell me to do the things I want to do, and all I would do is stare at your eyes all day.

Your eyes are indeed the reason I stayed at your side until now; you have the most fantastic pair.

Those beautiful golden eyes of yours with speckles of brown are truly magnificent to look at.

I am not sure either of the things I should do, but all I know is that your eyes are lovely.

I wish I could show the world that I am great and have seen the best pair of eyes there is.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to stare at your orbs; I tell you, they are beautiful.

I look at you, and I see the potential, the beauty in your eyes, and I see it constantly.

I wish there were times when I would be able to look you in the eyes and tell you how I feel.

The best moment to confess to you would be the day I can look you straight in the eyes.

I always feel shy around you and always look down, so I do not see your pretty eyes.

Those orbs of yours that are brown with specks of gold are indeed a sight to look at.

When you feel like you want to disappear, all you need to do is look at me and smile.

There is nothing wrong with being down; that is your power as long as you get back up.

Being able to bounce back so fast is one of the best things about you, beautiful eyes.

To the girl with beautiful eyes, I hope you will love yourself because you are fantastic.

You may be an average person, but to someone, you are the most beautiful person ever.

There is always a way to be the best you can be. I believe in you, Mr Beautiful eyes, sir.

There were so many things that I wanted to tell you, but I was so mesmerized by your eyes.

I forgot all that I had to say the moment our eyes met each other, sad to say but it’s true.

Is it alright to love you even if the only thing I am attracted to is your beautiful eyes?

They say that eyes are the ones that will tell you most about the person; you are beautiful.

You are the most amazing woman I have ever met, and your eyes are practically the same.

If there was a chance that we could be together, would you take it? I do love your beautiful eyes.

Your eyes are like diamonds that shine whichever way I look at them, wherever they stare at.

The thing I love the most about you is the love in your eyes when you look at me that it is.

If you asked me what I love the most about you, I would not hesitate and answer your eyes.

You have the most beautiful eyes in this world, out of the billion other girls out there.

I love the way your eyes looks so concerned about me whenever I am going away; I love you.

I think it is a sin for a guy like you to have the most beautiful pair of brown eyes.

You are gorgeous, you with your crimson eyes that burns me whenever I look directly at them.

Your eyes are the reason I wake up each morning so that I can stare at them all day long.

The concerned look on your face when you are worried shows in your beautiful eyes, girl.

It would help if you won an award for having the most beautiful pair of eyes there ever was, ever.

I would give the world eyes like yours; I am honestly envious of those beautiful eyes.

They are like crystals that I never want to let go of; your eyes, you are indeed my jewel, love.

You may not notice, but everyone stares at your eyes simply because they are beautiful.

Give me the chance to be with you; I just love to see those eyes as happy as they can be.

I love it when you are happy because your eyes seem to shine so much more, becoming prettier than ever, you know, and I love it so much.

Forget everything I said about you just now; you have the most fantastic pair of eyes ever!

You love me, and I love you, let us stare at each other’s eyes for quite some time right now.

There is nothing else I would rather be in the morning than to wake up beside you and stare at your dark pools of darkness that sucks me in every single time.

There is always a reason to look at you; I make them up to catch a glimpse of you.

You are amazing, the way you are, everything, and I want you to realize that, my girl.

You are the one I will keep holding on to no matter how much time has passed by, darling.

I never want to part from you again; I want to always be with you, my princess.

Why did you not tell me just how much you love me? It is indeed too late right now, you know?

And after all of that happened, it is still you that I love, still you that I love to think about.

I always dream of you and your beautiful eyes and how we must spend the day together.

Maybe tomorrow would be a better day if you let me look at your beautiful eyes.