60 Cheesy Love Quotes

There are times when you want to tell someone your most profound cheesy love quotes so that they will understand what love is turning you into, someone who can say cheesy love quotes without shame.
When you are in love, you become a mushy person, someone who says the sweetest things.
Cheesy love is definitely what it is called.
If you ever need some cheesy love quotes, here are some just for you.

And suddenly, I was turned into this person who believes that there is cheesy love.

You only got to love a person once, so why not do it with all that you have within your heart?

There is only one person in this world that you will love with your heart whole, cherish it.


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And when he comes running back to you, make him remember why he should regret leaving.

There is this love, and it makes me all sappy, and still, I am in love for the very reason I said.

I want you to love me like I am someone you are so afraid of losing, someone important.

Let there be love and let it spread in the entirety of the planet that we live in; I told my love.

60 Love Quotes

You are the one person I will always want to be with as long as possible; I am in awe.

Your beauty has no explanation, you are, and that is what I love most about you, my dear.

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And when the mountains decide that they are tired of standing tall, I will still be there for you.

Cheesy love is when you smile at each other and fall, even more when words start to fail.

When you fall, I promise that I will be right there to catch you with my arms wide open, love.

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In the beginning, there wasn’t anyone at all but you and me and how we are perfect together.

I wish I could bring back those moments we lost, but we are still here, so let’s make new ones.

There isn’t much I can do now, but I hope you will realize just how I love you.

No ocean is too deep for me not to swim if it means that I will be next to you.

I cannot breathe when you are not in the vicinity when I cannot even see you, dear.

How dare I get away from you when you are practically the definition of my universe.

You are everything I have ever wanted to be mine, and I can’t wait to be with you even more.

If I get the chance to show you what you are worth, I would gladly take every single second.

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You only get to experience one cheesy love in your life, and you might not want ever to let go.

You know you’re truly in love when it is a type of cheesy love, something to be acknowledged.

The truth is that you matter a lot to me because I love you for all the reasons there is here.

My heart beats for the personality that you have that has me falling deeper and deeper in love.

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You are the epitome of the perfect person for me, the one who is so obviously my dear match.

We might have been fated to be together because God forbids me; I fell for you so hard.

May you know that there is nothing more I would love in this world than to be with you today.

I wish I could teleport to where you are now and cradle you in these arms of mine, my baby.


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You are the paradise for me; you are my haven, my breathing space, no one can compare.

And when the storms hit us, I swear I will be with you throughout this life; I know it now.

I will adjust the sails of my boat as I will adjust to every flaw that you have; I love you too.

Cheesy love is when you want to keep looking at the person all day because you want to.

You’re every quirk is what I love; your every sigh, your every mistake is what I crave too.

And when you are having doubts about yourself, may you remember that I will always be here.

You are the best for me, and you always will be. I have long realized that by this very day.

No matter what you do, what I think about you will never change: you are beautiful.

I wish I could show you that you mean so much to me and that I want to prove it to you now.

Let me show you what you are missing if you think you are doubting choosing me, girl.

The love that I am offering you is far greater than myself; it is the selfless kind of love.

It is that type of cheesy love that makes you feel so corny and keep laughing at yourself.

Let me be the one who holds you in my arms on the coldest of nights to keep you all warm-up.

I want to be able to hold your hand, to intertwine your fingers in mine and keep walking.

May I be the person you wake up next to after a long night of sleep? Let me be that very one.

If you let me be the lucky ones, I will sweep you off of your feet and put you on a pedestal.

My lady, you deserve nothing but the best, and I promise I will try to give you all I have.

You cannot get your hands off of her because cheesy love is precisely just that, very sticky.

When you get your hands on a cheesy love, remember to tell me all the details about it, boy.

It may not seem obvious right now, but the truth is that I am very much in love with you, girl.

Every detail of you I have got memorized is making me so mesmerized I am afraid of falling.

No one needs to know about you and I but us, and I will gladly keep it that way if you want to.

Let me be that person who wraps you in a warm embrace when you have done some good.

I will sing your praises and tell you about the bad things you can mainly improve on.

If you let me, I will be your eyes, and I will be your ears if you lend me that dear heart, girl.

You can have my heart, you can keep it or break it if you want, but it is only for you.

The only princess in my life is you, so will you let me be your partner, not your knight, lady?

You mesmerize me because of those eyes that compelling voice; you got me captivated, boy.

The first time I saw you, I knew I would be in love with you; I was right.

You know you are in a cheesy love when suddenly your brain has shut itself down.

When nothing makes sense anymore, it may just be that you are in a so-called cheesy love.

You will never really belong to anyone else but yourself, but let your soul and heart be mine.

Hopelessness will be felt at one point, but I swear I will make your life worth it.

Every crest and every trough, I will be there at you at those points in your life; I love you.

Love is something that can be measured, that can be quantified, but we choose not to do so.

In every waking moment that I spend next to you, I fall for you even harder than ever.

If I can hear your voice all day long, I would gladly do it because you my favourite sound.

Your voice is the one thing I can keep on replaying inside my head and not get tired at all.

If there is one thing I can tell you, it’s that I love you for all the right and the wrong reasons.

There comes a moment of realization in your life when you wish for things you can’t have.

You are the one I will never let go of, the one I will never let get away; you are that for me.

Indeed, love changes people, and it has changed me in a brighter and more positive direction.

Oh, cheesy love, how I wish that one day I will be fortunate enough to experience it out.

I can say nothing about cheesy love but that I will have enough power to be in it.

Without the perfect reasons, I will still love you just as much as I do at this moment in time.

There isn’t anyone in this world that I think I will love like you because you are unique.

If there comes a moment in your life that you do not know what to do anymore, I am here.

I will be right here for you, waiting for the very moment that you will notice me finally.

Let me be the person that will save you from the darkness that will pull you out of the dark.

I will be your saviour should you need saving though I think you need not anyone at all.

One day I will know what cheesy love is, and I will enjoy every last second of it, I swear.

There is nothing cheesy love can’t do; it will bring you to your knees in seconds.

How I wish I had something like cheesy love, but the best I could get is friendship.

This cheesy love that we share will take us to places; I believe that now.

When things seem so wrong, I swear I will give you all my cheesy love to savour.

Until my last breath, I swear I will stand by the cheesy love we both have, you and I.