The 75 Holding Hands Quotes for Never Letting Go

It’s such a nice feeling to be holding your loved one’s hands.
Just the mere act of holding someone’s hand is enough to let the person know how much they mean to you.
Whether you love holding your partner’s hands or that of your friends, here are having hand quotes that you can probably relate to.

Holding someone’s hands is like giving a promise that the two of you will never have to face the world alone.

I can conquer the world quickly as long as your hand is holding mine.


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Holding your loved one’s hand in public is another way of saying that you are proud to have her in your life.

Remember that at some point in our life, we all will stumble, every one of us. This is why it is a comfort to go hand in hand with someone you love.

People hold hands not because they are possessive but simply because they want people to know that the person they have the hands to is theirs.

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Holding hands is about maintaining contact and about speaking affection without any words. It is merely about wanting someone and not letting him, or her go.

The relationship is not just about holding each other’s hands. It is also about understanding each other, despite having different characters.

You might hold my hand for a while, but you can have my heart until forever.

Just hold my hand and make me think that you love me in the same way I love you.

I may be a solid and independent person, yet now and then, I also need a person to hold into my hand to let me know that everything will be all right.

So hold my hand tightly and hold it with confidence, for this love will last until forever and this love we share.

And it is true. Regardless of how old you become, it may be best to hold each other’s hands and stick to one another if you go out into the world.

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We always hold hands because if I let go, she would end up in the shops.

We love to hold each other’s hands while walking through town because it is through that hand and that feeling that we experience our love for each other.

Hold my hand, and I will take you there someday, somehow and somewhere.

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The best test of a relationship is to disagree, yet you still end up holding each other’s hands.

There is something so special about holding hands, which is some complex simplicity. The act says so much even by doing so little.

Holding hands or hugging with the person you truly love has been proven to reduce stress instantly.


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The lovers appearing happy are often holding each other’s hands when they walk. Although it seems that everything is perfect, only they know the truth.

Hold each other’s hands instead of grudges.

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Your hand perfectly fits mine like they are both made for each other.

Hold on to a true friend in both your hands.

I can tell if two people are really in love in the way they hold in each other’s hands.

Nothing in this world compares to the joy and comfort of having someone special hold your hand even without saying anything.

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Once I had her hand in mine, I never wanted to let her go.

If you are holding someone’s hands, never have a gun on the other hand.

Hold my hand and don’t let go. For my love for you will forever last even until a lifetime.

When you are feeling down, hold my hand tight, and everything will be all right.

Each time you hold my hand, I am often reminded that I am not alone in this world, that somebody cares for me, and I have a friend who will be ready to rescue me for whatever trouble will come my way.


I could conquer the world if you were holding my hand.

I want to be the only hand you will ever hold on to.

The spaces in between our fingers are created in such a way that another’s hand could fill them in.

I want to be able to hold your hand and wander the streets with you by my side.

Better than I was and more than I am, all this has happened by taking your hand in mine.

Call me old-fashioned, but holding hands is such a big deal for me.

Love is when you are holding hands with someone, and they rub your thumb by their fingers.

Always make it a point to hold her hand in public like you are saying that you are so proud to have her in your life.

Hold my hand, and I will take you there, someday, somehow, somewhere.

I can undoubtedly conquer the world with only one hand for as long as you hold the other hand.

I could hold into your hand all day, sit by your side always, with no complaints, because you are indeed my favorite place.

Holding hands makes our fingers smile.

Whenever you are feeling lonely, look at those spaces in between your fingers and remember that is where my fingers would perfectly fit.

Some people hold hands when they sleep so they will not end up floating away from each other.

Nothing compares to the feeling of security and comfort of having someone hold your hands.

Sometimes, all we need in our life is a person who won’t mind holding our hands through happiness and sadness.

There will always be room for your hands to fit in mine.

When traveling in life’s journey, it is always a good idea to have someone’s holding yours.

Mothers hold their child’s hands for a short while. However, they have had them in their hearts for a lifetime.

The night walked down in the sky with the moon in her hand.

Promise me to hold on tight and never to let go.

Expressions of affection, such as holding hands or kissing the forehead, involve the principle of honesty and loyalty.

I have never believed much in the holding hands kind of love. I always have thought that love is just about two personalities trying to confront life while getting a sense of their responsibilities.

One of my favorite things to do in this world is seeing two people already old, yet they are still holding each other’s hands and kissing each other in public.

When you are 17, live in the suburbs, and know only three gay people, holding your girlfriend’s hands is a proclamation.

Why is it that, as culture dictates, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding each other’s hands?

When I see gay people holding hands and kissing in public, I do not believe that seems right.

There is an element of tongue in cheek in every one of our songs. Walking in the sunset while holding each other’s hands, I never imagined there was ever a place like that.

Love is not finding a hand that will perfectly fit yours, but it is finding the one who will be willing to hold your hands, regardless of how unfit it may be.

Do not ever reveal to your friends all of your relationship woes. A relationship must only be between two people, holding each other’s hands and making a promise to stick with each other no matter what.

I will be holding your hand when we are 80 and look straight into your eyes while saying; we made it.

Holding on is tough, and it is even tougher than letting go and simply quitting.

A true friend will see the first tear, catch the second, and then stop the third.

No matter how old you will get, do not ever stop holding my hand and never stop dancing or saying the words, I love you.

Sit with me so I will not feel alone. Hold my hand so I will not feel scared and cry with me to no longer suffer all by myself.

A genuine relationship is not simply about holding each other’s hands during happiness. It is about having lots of misunderstandings and still not letting go of each other’s hands.

If you commit to holding someone’s hands, make sure that it is forever.

If you believe that your sky is falling, take my hand and hold on to it.

Your body is meant to stay right beside me at the passenger seat while your hands are meant to hold mine while I drive.

Nothing is sexier than a man who will admit he loves you and shows the public how much you mean to him by holding your hands in him.

The simplest things in life, such as a hug, smile, kiss, and holding hands, are the most priceless treasures, so enjoy these simple things in life.

A relationship is just like a job where you need to work harder to get in, and you may need to hold each other’s hands to stay in it.

It would help if you did not give me answers. I want you to hold my hands when I cry and say that everything is okay.

Meeting you was fate. Becoming your friend was a choice, and falling for you was beyond my control. Please hold my hand and never let go.

Sometimes, holding her hand is enough to make her feel safer and loved

Respecting you, caring for you, and holding you. These are the things I will do even until eternity to show you how much I love you.

And my heart is at home every time your hand is holding yours.

Never hold on to anything tighter than you are holding on to God.

I always hold your hand because I do not ever want to lose you, and I want you to be with me and stay forever in my life.