25+ Cute Love Statuses

Being in love and being loved always inspires us every day. Having your beloved close to you makes time feel like water slipping away fast, and all we want is for time to stop so we can be with them longer. Whenever we are away from the one we love, we make sure that our feelings can still touch them through sending and posting love statuses on social media,
and here are some which you could use.

Even before I go to sleep, the last person to leave my mind is you.

I always want to spend every moment with you, so I drift away as I close my dreamy eyes so I can see you.

You are the person I care about the most, which is why I am very concerned about the state of your happiness.

For all the things that came into my life, you are the best that has ever happened to me.


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A lot may change through time, but there is one thing that would not budge, and that is my love for you.

The world may be full of gorgeous persons, but I only have eyes for you.

I know that I could make you happy by making you smile without any reason at all.

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You are always in my heart; I do not care about the distance and the time between us.

Life is made for us to celebrate, but there could be no party to celebrate in my life without you.

You are worth all the time I will spend waiting, so I will wait for no matter what.

They might be small things for others, but they matter the most to someone else, and they can make a great diversity in our world.

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Not all bad experiences ruin you; sometimes they teach you all you need to learn, so never regret your decisions.

Do not mind what others would want you to become; believe in who you would like to be.

People always ask me how life is, and my reply would always be, He is fine.

The 60 Cute Love Quotes that Inspire

You gave me wings so I can fly and soar with you, my angel.

The most serious accident I was ever involved in was falling in love with you.

Whenever I read through your old SMS and emails, I can almost feel your love through it, and it is magical.

We are almost like the mirror of each other, too identical like a book with two volumes.

When you came into my life, I finally found my turning point.

The deepest feelings that I have can never be measured with just words.

Love you forever

I am so happy that I have you because I have someone I can hold on to for the rest of my life.

We started as strangers; then we became lovers, and, strangely, we became partners for life.

I am constantly busy at work, but I always think of you when I find time to pause.

See the beautiful things that are happening in your life. You have to stay optimistic.

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You may have made the most significant mistakes, but I would never leave your side because I know that you are trying your best.

Your flaws do not mean a thing to me because I care about you.

Partners should share their problems so they can also share their happiness and fulfilment.

Now that you are here beside me, I hardly think of the future at all.

When things are all over, do not cry. Instead, smile because of the memories you had.


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You are the anchor that holds me whenever the storms wreck my life’s ship.

The way I feel about you is like math. I add the love I have for you; I subtract any hate and multiply our trust.

I may not be a warrior, but I can fight all life’s adversities if you are with me.

God has promised all of us that He would ensure our future is in good hands, and He gave you to me.

I am not that popular, but I am thankful for that because you got to know me.

I am already falling into the gravity of your love.

An almost perfect relationship is made up of two imperfectly perfect humans.

I feel so comfortable with your breeze whenever you are around because you are the coolest man around.

Trials may come to us, but you are the sunlight that lights up the dark and the rainbow that makes my world colourful.

I could almost feel your beauty; I do not need to see because my love for you blinds me.

You are the one that I found in my search for love.

There are reasons behind things that happen. If you cannot see its purpose now, later in life, you would.

Do not copy someone else because people will accept you more if you are yourself.

You have the choice to move on if nothing in your life can be changed.

A good heart sees a natural beauty, not your sight.

Life could be easier if you could only notice all your blessings.

A person in love can still smile even after becoming angry at the person they love.

Words can never beat a hug that could say it all.

As we grow up and enjoy life, sometimes we tend to forget that we are becoming old.

You have to think more about your present than your future because the end often wears the gift’s mask.

Share your ache with me so we can divide them together. Happiness shared is also multiplied.

Hope is present in an honest relationship than in any other thing in the world.

A relationship does not require a perfect partner. It needs someone who could make it perfect.

A beautiful house becomes beautiful if the person who lives there know how to live in it beautifully.

Beautiful homes are made by lovely people, not just interior designers.

Fear is the only thing that blows up your problems.

If you do what your heart asks you to, that would be pure happiness.

When small things in the world can make you intensely happy, and then imagine what more enormous blessings can do.

Once you feel love, you can never reverse it.

During hardships and adversities, that would be when you would see who truly cares for you.

The moment you hear someone’s heart beating only for you, it would become the best melody in the entire world.

I am already feeling the symptoms of being in love with you now that I have insomnia, mood swings, and forgetfulness.

I always watch for my phone to light up and hope that you have remembered me.

No matter how far the distance is between the two of us, it would never hinder me from loving you.

The mind looks when one is in love; it is not the eyes.

Love is present when there is respect, trust, and care.

No matter what mistakes you make, I still love you. But why do you have to do it so much?

Love becomes painful when it is already confirmed.

I have loved you more today than I did yesterday, but I will love you today less than in the future.

Some people can love one person; others can love two. But all I love is only you.

You know that no one can love you as much as I do.

We do not need anything as long as we love each other.

Love is a word that comes alive when meaning is put into it.

You always make me smile; you do not have an idea.

I only have you inside my heart when all I want is to have you inside my arms.

Whenever I am not with you, I feel incomplete, and I wouldn’t say I like it.

Love does not always last forever.

Loving someone unconditionally is not a weakness. It can become the strength that could lead you forever.

I love you always, and I hope you will not forget it.

Whatever love we have, we accept it because we think that we deserve it.

My heart may stop beating, but I will love you until it does.

You should shout it out to the entire world if you love a person.

Happy endings do not come from true love because it has no end.

You cannot hear me when I am screaming, and you cannot feel me when I am touching you.

I have you in my life, and everyone is envious because of that.

I wish someday I could seek love with no traces of loneliness.

You hold the keys to my heart because you alone keep it.

I cannot stop thinking about you every second and every hour of every day.

Before you can say I love you to others, you must first learn to say I.

Our friendship would not work anymore because I am falling in love with you.

Keep yourself busy, and love what you are doing. That is the ultimate secret.

You can always love one another, but if you cannot, exchange the final two words.

I cannot stop loving you even if I cannot do anything for you to love me.

I would forever belong to you because you have my heart with you.

You have to realize your one actual prince once you get the chance to meet him.

Butterflies raid my stomach when I think about my special someone.