Top 60 Cute Short Love Quotes

They say that the best way to show love is to show it, but sometimes a sweet phrase or two could make your significant other’s day.
Maybe a simple greeting or a declaration of sweetness and light; here are some quotes to help inspire and hopefully make you fall in love even more.

I am blessed to have found a special love that holds all my hopes and dreams and gives me a reason for being.

My love for you is the start, and your love for me is the end, and together we form a circle.

I find it hard to tell you how much you mean to me, so I stay silent. But I hope you understand that this feeling is so immense that there are no words, and just so you know, you are my everything.

I didn’t realize that I had fallen in love with an angel because the moment you held my hand, my life was blessed.


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I don’t know how long I have loved you, but I am sure that a single moment within your arms feels like forever.

To have a lover in a friend is a dream that has come to life.

The hours in your presence feels like an aromatic garden at dusk where all the fireflies start to glow. You make me feel alive as nobody else had, and you are the proof that indeed angels walk among us.

60 Love Quotes

By loving you, I have become who I truly am meant to be. My dreams, hopes, and happiness are all in your hands, and as long as you keep them safe within your heart, our future will always be bright.

You improved me by being around me, and I could not be who I am now without you.

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You are my map to life, and I lose myself in the adventure that is you.

When I feel lost, I look to you as a lighthouse as a ship does in a storm.

My love for you is more profound than the ocean, as vast as the galaxies and as ever-expanding as the universe.

You are everything that I believe in in this world.

As long as my heart beats together with yours, our love shall never end.

The 60 Cute Love Quotes that Inspire

As we hold hands know that we may part, but my love for you will always be in my heart.

You are the blade of grass poking out of the snow. You are my hopes and dreams come to life. You sustain me in times of hunger, and you make me want to be better.

I want to live in the presence of you, for you are the sun that nourishes the flower that is my heart.

I always pray that both our days will be long, for our lives to last, and for our love to endure. And when one day it ends, I only wish to die in your arms so I will never have to go a day missing you.

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You let me be myself, and for that, I owe you my life.

My life is within your eyes, the sparkle of living and the hope that we shall be together for always.

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What I feel for you is more than care. I cherish you, and when you are far away, I feel the pull of the string from where you are. Know that you are always in my thoughts.

Each thought of you is a flower in the garden of our love.


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I don’t exactly know why I love you, but it feels so easy, as if I have already loved you and will continue to do so.

For each star in heaven, I shall bestow a kiss. For each touch you give me, I feel bliss. And when we embrace, I feel our love. And look to the skies to thank the Lord above.

All you need is love.

I may not have you in my arms always; no am I able to be near but know this, my true love, I will always hold you, dear.

I’m thankful for you holding on because I honestly cannot let you go.

You are the sun in the morning that wakes me up. You are the moon at night that lulls me to sleep. You are the turn of the Earth and the movement of the tides. To me, you are everything, and I am lost in space without you.

Together, our love is timeless and is unbound by the constraints of space. It is with you that we can indeed be immortal.

In your eyes, I see a reflection of my soul and a feeling deep in my heart that I have never experienced.

Your sweetness draws me to you, making me fall in love with you even more.

When my life seems dark, I remember your smile and all the good that has come to my life because of you and always the world becomes a brighter place.

Life is unimaginable without you.

If I could wake up next to you every day, then God would have granted me my greatest wish.

Our love is a never-ending journey, forever trailing on a long, endless road of bliss.

I can’t help but love you. No reason for the rhyme, I do, and I am glad.

Your image runs through my mind like a beautiful waking dream. My heart yearns to be with yours.

The heart must have what it wants, and I am glad that it wants you.

You are the source of the fountain of my joy. The waters of your love nourish the dry fields of my soul.

I don’t dream as much now; I hold the reality of love in my arms each night.

You are the paradise of my dreams and the realization of my hopes.

I think of you before I sleep, wishing to see your face next to me when I wake up.

You make my heartbeat, you make my brain sizzle, you make my knees go weak. You make me feel alive.

Your face is the sunrise and my whole day is brighter; my heart lifts, and my soul is lighter.

I would cross the hottest desert because I know you will be waiting for me in the oasis of our love.

My love for you is as perennial as the sunrise.

In this life journey, your hand is the only one I want to hold; your footsteps are the only ones I want to follow as we move forward together in an uncertain future.

I would gladly say my vows repeatedly to prove that my heart is whole and my intentions are genuine.

In you, I see our love as it was, as it is, and how it will be as the sun sets and rises every day to forever.

In each flaw you see, I see only perfection. It is in these that make us both human and in love.

Your presence is the arrival of the sun in a damp and cold plane, warming the Earth, awakening the soil to live.

My heart became perfect when it learned to love you.

Each morning, your smile is the sunrise that I look forward to seeing, and I long to hear your sweet voice and taste your lush lips, and it is all that I can do to wait for night to pass, to feel this rush all over again.

My moving heart beats for you, its rhythm and beat following the melody of your laughter, and I fall in love with the music of it.

I never knew what I felt in my heart until the moment I fell in love with you.

I could not help but fall in love with you. It was only a matter of time when my heart tripped to the beat of yours.

My love for you unfolds into wings, and your love for me is the wind beneath. Together, we fly in the sky of our free love.

I’m not sure if this life is a dream or a reality because with you in it, everything feels like magic.

Being in love with you makes each day a brand new adventure.

Our love started as a spark, burning into a flame, both of us not expecting that it would be as hot as lava and as primal as a volcano.

Each dawn seems to be filled with more possibility, each sunset with a little more magic, ever since I fell in love with you.

I am a man walking through an enchanted garden, falling ever deeper into your love spell.

I pledge my heart to yours, no matter how uncertain the future is, because I am confident of you.

When the stars twinkle in the sky, I say a prayer asking the gods to please keep me with you forever.

The night had finally passed the moment I saw the sunrise of your smile.

If I could only believe in one thing, it would be you, for within your heart and soul is the whole universe.

Your soul spoke to mine the moment I looked into your eyes.

I didn’t know I had so much poetry in my soul until I heard the song of your love.

I had never expected true love to hit me in the face, but it did, and it was so intense that my heart caught fire.

Love is not the wheel that turns the world but the fuel that sets life ablaze.

Life is only worth living because you love me.

I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. Only then will you be able to see a miracle.

My hands felt empty until I found yours to hold it, and now we can walk together for eternity.

Each kiss I give you is a piece of my soul. And I shall keep kissing you until all of me is absorbed into you.

I love hugging you. Having you within my arms makes everything possible.

I don’t want to live in a life that doesn’t have you in it.

Life never meant this much until I found you.