52+ Depressing Love Quotes


Depression is a condition that must not be taken lightly.
It is severe and can increase a person’s worthlessness, guilt and hopelessness, especially if the root cause of depression is love.
Below is a list of depressing love quotes to help you to feel better, despite suffering from a breakup and other situations in love.


Since the day you left, I have been so depressed and cannot even put myself to sleep. I am tired of crying. You might see me smiling, but deep inside me, I am dying.


What you are seeing now is not what it always is. It is just like pain. It might not seem visible; however, deep inside, it is just so much to take.


I am willing to wait for you until the day I can forget you or until the day you realize that you want me back into your life.

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I am so broken that I can feel it. I mean it, and I can physically feel it. This is so much more than feeling sad at this point in my life. I’m afraid that it’s already affecting my whole body, and this is all because you left me.


There is certainly a distinct and awful pain that comes with loving someone more than they have loved you.


Walking alone is not difficult. But what is more difficult is walking a mile with someone only to come back alone.


Some people came into your life to give you a lesson. They will pass into your life, and the memories they left will always stay in your heart.


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Some people will leave you at one point or another, but that is not the end of your story. This is just the end of their part in your life story.


Pretending that you are okay after someone broke your heart is also one way of showing people that you are strong enough despite the things that tear you apart.


You will realize that some people could stay in your heart but never in your life at some point in your life.


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It is scary to tell people how much you are hurting, so it would be better to keep the pain all to yourself.


Sometimes, no matter how you tried your best to forget your past, there are instances where the past will keep on coming back and will always give you something that will remind you about the pain that goes with it.


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No amount of sleep can cure the depression I feel for you are no longer near.


Tears are signs of strength. No matter how difficult and painful things are, you can still manage to stand up and move on to life right after you cry all those tears.


A big part of me aches at the thought of you being so near, yet you are no longer mine.



The only thing that stands between happiness and me is reality.


Sometimes, amid heartbreak, you choose to keep the pain with you because you do not want people to judge you or humiliate you for what you are going through.


There are instances when the only thing that can make you very happy happens only in your dreams and will not happen in reality.


Some of the most painful scars are the ones that cannot be seen.


Scars that hurt the most are scars that wound our hearts. It might be healed, but the mark of pain will remain forever.


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Sometimes, we assure ourselves that we are okay and that we can go on with life. However, if you look deep within yourself, you will realize that you are not okay because someone is missing in your life.


Some things do not die a natural death. It dies since we do not know how to replenish the source. It has killed of betrayals, errors and blindness. It dies of wounds and illness, and it dies of withering, weariness and tarnishing.


Instead of wiping your tears away, wipe the people who create them instead.


I badly need a break from all the loneliness that is consuming me. I deserve to be happy so please, let go and free me.


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I am heartbroken, I am hurting, and I am sad and depressed. I have been crying all day and night, but I do not want to let this ruin my life.


There is nothing more depressing than seeing the one you love happy with someone else, and you are no longer part of his life.


Depression on my right, loneliness on my left. They do not need to show me their badges because I have known these things so well ever since you left.


Some of us would think that holding on to something makes us strong. But what we don’t realize is that it is in letting go that we become stronger.


Some things happened in our life that will always come to haunt us. As for me, it is when you have decided to stop loving me.


We consider rain as a problem in life. And sometimes, these problems keep on coming back to us.


Sometimes, I wish I were a kid again. Why? Because skinned knees are so much easier than fixing broken hearts.


Nothing is even more depressing than that you almost have it all, yet you still feel so empty deep within you.


Depression could bring people closer to their loved ones, but so as funerals.


It is recession if your neighbour loses his job. But it is depression if you lose yours if you lose yourself in the process of loving someone else.


If you feel down, you tend to lose your mind, not knowing precisely what you should do. Hopefully, all these depression quotes can help you along with your life journey.


There is no greater sadness than to recall those miseries during the times when we were so happy.


The thought that once in your life, you are happy together with your loved one will make you wonder why bad things happened to the both of you. This is heartbreaking, if not depressing.


The one thing that’s worse than being hated is to be ignored by someone you love.


The only thing that is more exhausted than being depressed is pretending that you are not.


Depression is like a prison where you are both the cruel jailer and the suffering prisoner.


If you are feeling depressed and asked how you are feeling, sometimes it is better to answer you are fine than to make people know the real feelings and be haunted by the pain that goes with it.


I am just trying to learn how to smile, and this is not easy to do when all I think about is you.


At some point, you will realize that some people can choose to stay in your heart but never in your life.


I try to smile at all times so that no one else will know how sad and lonely I have been since that day you left me.


The saddest kind of depression is when your tears cannot even drop, and you feel nothing at all. It is like the world has already ended for you. You do not cry, but you don’t hear and don’t see. You stay there – for a second until the heart dies.


It sucks when you know that you need to let go, but you just can’t because you are still waiting for the impossible to happen.


That depressing feeling is when you feel you are necessary to someone and realize you are not.


Missing someone is your heart’s way of reminding you that you still love the person who is the reason for your suffering and depression.


Moving on may sound easy, but I died a thousand times in pain and depression so that I can fully grasp the meaning behind this phrase.


Since you left, people will always ask if I still love you. I don’t know, but all I know is that something about you is just hard for me to let go of.


I hate getting reminded of the things that broke my heart. If only you could delete memories in the same way, you could delete text messages.


If you ask me how many times you have crossed my mind, I would say once because, honestly, you never really left.


No amount of sleep could cure the loneliness I feel now that you are no longer here.


Relationships are as fragile as glass. But sometimes, it might be better to leave them broken instead of getting hurt by putting it back altogether.


Everyone says that love hurts. Indeed, this saying is true. Loneliness hurts, rejection is pain and losing someone is genuinely depressing. In reality, though, love is the only thing that could cover up all these sufferings and make us feel whole again.


I usually forgive easily, and I do forgive a lot. However, I can never forget what has been said and done, especially if it came from someone once a part of your life.


Everything is a battle, and every breath is war. Without you, I don’t think I would ever win in all these.


You may see me smiling each day, but you will never know whose world is actually upside down.


You will never know how strong you are until strong is the only thing you will have.


True love knows that you have given your all for the person and all you can do is think of the great memories spent while forgetting the hard times and forgiving him for breaking your heart.