Emo Quotes and Sayings

Being very emotional is expected because that’s who we are as human beings.
We have feelings, and so we write them down to help alleviate the sadness that we feel.
Being emo about situations lets us embrace our feelings to keep us sane.
It’s alright to be sad after an entire day of being happy.
It’s alright to be emotional about nearly everything.
So here are some emo quotes and sayings that can help you relate with your feeling when you’re feeling anxious, depressed or just sad.

When you came, my world became colourful and alive. After you left, my world went dark and cold and scary, and all I wanted to do was end it all.

Punch me, kick me. I don’t care. None of those hurt. It’s your words that’s the most unbearable. It stabs my soul with a million knives.


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There is no sunshine, just dark clouds and endless rain of tears.

I want to help others out as much as I can and show them that someone cares because I know what it feels like to feel so helpless and drowning and nobody cares.

When people have problems, they either keep them to themselves or tell someone about them. I feel bad for those who keep it to themselves. It must suck to deal with your own monsters by yourself.

If you look down on yourself too much, remember that other people look down on you a lot more than you do. So what’s the point of trying to lift yourself up if the world is like that?

I envy people who are genuinely happy. I can’t even be glad even if I tried.

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The saddest and most frustrating part about being stressed is that no one really understands how hard it is except for you.

Being an option is bad. But at least I’m treated as a nobody.


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That bad memories just haunt me every time. That’s why I randomly break down and hurt myself.

It’s good that no one asks me if I’m okay. I guess being seen as strong isn’t really a bad thing.

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The truth is I will never be good enough for everyone, so I’d rather be on my own.

I may face my own issues alone, but I will never let my friends deal with theirs independently. I will always be that one friend who helps, even when I’m barely hanging on.

A smile is all it takes to show everyone that you’re okay, when deep inside, you’re dying every day.

I can feel myself slowly falling apart, but I just let it be until it kills me.

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I want to act as if I don’t care, but I do. I care about everyone and everything, and it makes me feel so weak every time.

I feel so exhausted. I want peace. I want to sleep and dream nice things and never wake up.

The person who is laughing and smiling the most is also the person who cries himself to sleep every night.

Don’t just assume that just because I smile, I’m perfectly fine. I’m sad, and every day feels like complete torture.

I know what it feels like to lose myself, so I try my best to be there for the people I love because I don’t want to lose them.

The most painful part about trusting someone is being stabbed from behind while you were vulnerably enjoying their company.

I don’t deserve all the good things in this world; I just take them all for granted.

Thinking that you’re worthless is bad enough. But people seeing you as worthless makes everything worse.

All the people in the world will always have a reason to look down on you. So pat yourself and tell yourself that you’re doing a great job.

If you could see through my soul, you’ll be surprised why I haven’t killed myself yet.

I appreciate people who tell me the ugly truth: I was always the second choice and never the best one either.

People don’t realize how hard it is to smile when all you do at night is cry.

I hate how I can’t talk when I’m really angry. I just walk away, be alone, and cry out all the frustrations I feel.

I choose to be strong because no one can really see the pain I have inside.

When I tried to be like everyone else, people treated me differently and badly. So I started being myself and people got jealous. Now they treated me even worse than before.

It scares me how you make me feel so special and important because you’re also the one who can make me feel worthless and a nobody someday.

I’m so sick and tired of crying and faking. Why’s it so hard to be happy?

I cried in front of you, and that’s the worst thing I’ve ever done. I would never want you to see me so weak and vulnerable.

Life is less hard when you’ve got some friends to make you smile. Sadly I don’t have friends,

I just want to go far, far away from where no one will find me, where I can be alone so no one can hurt me.

I know life is always harsh, so I learned how to give myself some slack and tell myself to hang on always.

Being loved and hurt by you is better than nothing. I love you all the way, and I don’t mind getting both love and pain.

I love the rain. I love gloomy skies. I love snuggling in my bed with my beloved kitty while listening to music.

Being all by myself is peaceful: eating alone, playing alone, sleeping alone and being alone.

I know I’m not yet ready to love and be loved by you. I’m still broken, and not even you can fix it.

Sorry if I’m hesitant in texting you. It always makes me feel like I’m annoying you.

When I’m feeling great, my brain likes to ruin it by making me think bad thoughts and making me feel small again.

I’m not very good at socializing, so I guess being invisible isn’t so bad after all.

I don’t really mind if I feel like an extra or unwanted whenever I’m with my group friends.; it’s better than being alone with my anxiety.

I’m sorry if I’m always so blunt. I’d instead tell you the truth than lie, and I’m hoping you can do the same.

I like being quiet and low key because I’m scared of what people might think when I expose myself.

I may look cold, but you can never imagine how much of a cry baby I am when I start listening to music.

I don’t need your judgements. Me being harsh to myself is depressing enough.

I might screw up a million times, but I’ll never stop being there for you a million times more.

It hurts so much that it feels like my heart is being squeezed to death, and it’s a lot more painful than I thought.

Good people surround me, but I don’t understand why I can’t help being sad.

Being depressed stresses me out a lot. That’s why I cut myself to relieve it. Physical pain helps me forget my emotional pain.

I may look like I don’t care about hearing those hurtful words, but my tears just fall when I am alone.

It would be best if you didn’t comfort me when I’m hurt when it was all you who caused it.

I’ll never be good enough, and I’m sick of it. That’s why I stopped trying.

Sometimes, I just lie helplessly on my bed and think how worthless I am.

It really hurts to accept the fact that I don’t have anyone but myself to rely on.

I want to go on top of a cliff and scream the pain out, cry and then jump.

I stopped sharing how I felt the moment I realized nobody really cared.

Something inside me died a few months ago. Now I can feel myself rotting more and more every day.

I will make you feel loved, so you won’t feel what it’s like to hate yourself.

Not even crying can help me deal with the pain. I just want to end it all; end myself.

At the end of the day, I take off the smiling mask. And all I see in the mirror is an ugly exhausted human being who doesn’t deserve to live.

Being lonely is a good thing sometimes. It helps me stay away from people who are capable of hurting me more than I hurt myself.

Sleep is the only thing I look forward to doing every day because I get a glimpse of tranquillity in my dreams.

Believe me. I’m okay. Because I don’t ever want anyone to know how much I’m suffering inside.

How can people assume they know me when I myself couldn’t even figure myself out?

They say it’s all in my head; then I want my head off right now.

I may seem like a quiet person, but you have no idea just how chaotic my mind is.

I refuse to talk to anyone because I always feel like I’m about to cry.

If only I were a robot programmed to be happy, then that would make my life easier.

You know it’s depression when you’re just sad, and you don’t understand why and you can’t think of anything to make you feel better.

The only time I feel relieved is when I sleep because it helps me keep the monsters in my head away.

I try my best to smile all the time, even when it already hurts so bad, because I don’t want anyone to worry.

I decided to stay away because I don’t want you to be seen as a bad person too because of me.

All the good things that happened to me are now but a memory, and I am grateful for it.

I like dreaming because it’s the only time I can be with you.

That warm hug you gave me relieved all the pain I felt inside.

I know it’s never easy, but I still try even if it already hurts.

The moment you tell me that I still need to prove myself is the time I will walk away from you.

Getting nostalgia for the good memories makes me sad because I know I’ll never experience them again.

I sometimes wish I never existed. Living can be pretty tiresome.

I don’t want to deal with it nor talk about it; I just want to run away from it.

I’m a hopeless romantic who would fall for anyone who makes me feel comfortable.

I’d rather choke in my tears than let you see me cry.

She said she loved me. She said she’d never hurt me. Now she’s the one torturing me.

Back then, it was all butterflies fluttering and making me feel giddy. Now it’s all dead. I feel empty and hungry for the feeling of being loved and just hurt.

The good memories we made aren’t enough. I want to make more with you, so please stay with me forever.

Seeing you walk away kills me from the inside. And it’s the worst feeling ever.

If you could read what’s on my mind, you’ll see how pathetic I am.

I’ve never felt so disappointed over a trust that has been shattered into tiny pieces.

Everyone thinks I’m perfectly fine. But the truth is, I’ve done so many scars beneath this shirt.

I would jump off a bridge anytime and bring my sorrows with me.

Do you know what it’s like to despise yourself more than how people hate you?

Please love yourself and enjoy the good things in life so you wouldn’t end up like me, who’s ungrateful and depressed.

If I can’t fool you with my smile, that means you’re a keeper. No one has ever seen my broken side, so if you can see that, please stay with me and help me.

It saddens me every time someone says I wasn’t able to meet their expectations.

I always fake a smile when I’m with everyone else, but I will always genuinely smile when I’m with you.

I want everyone to forget me because I’m not worthy of being remembered.

The painful part about doing your best is when nobody notices it.

I can’t be happy when I have all the reasons to be happy, but I can be sad when I have no reason to be sad.

Instead of wiping away your tears, you should wipe away the people who make you sad.

I want to tell myself that things will get better tomorrow, but so many tomorrows have passed, and I feel like it’s getting worse every day.

Being alone may seem sad, but it makes me feel so at home.

My own depression is suffocating me, but no one can help me except for me.

I may physically look happy, but deep down, I’m emotionally struggling.

I am used to people ignoring me, but it’ll break my heart if you do.

Letting you go would hurt me, but I’d rather hurt myself than see you suffer as you stay longer with me.

No words can describe my sadness, only tears, scars and cuts.

I stopped fighting with the demons in my head when I realized it was easier to just be one of them.

I never planned on stealing your shine; I was always in the dark, to begin with. It’s so depressing how you were never proud of me.

I regret making you my everything because I was left with nothing after you left.

I never really moved on; I just got used to the inevitable pain.

It’s weird how I constantly assume you were mine when there were never us in the first place.

The worst thing you can ever do to me makes me fall in love with you without any intentions of catching me.

It’s hard explaining how I fell in love with you. It just happened, so please don’t ask anymore.

People hurt me in little ways, but it all just adds up at the end of the day. And all of it hurt at once.

Dying is nothing to me; it’s what died inside me while living that made everything feel painful.

I never fit in, so I work hard to stand out and be myself.

You are not alone in battling with your inner demons. Just remember that I’m here, ready to make you smile.

If I can respect other people’s space, they should respect mine too since I enjoy being alone as it keeps me sane.

Love may be the best feeling in the world, but it’s also the most painful and unbearable thing.

Everything in this world is temporary: my memories, my achievements, my relationships and myself.