60+ Emotional Quotes

Emotions run free within every single person. Emotion is, in essence, what makes us human.

Whether its anger, sadness, joy, and fear, we all have some emotion stored deep in our hearts and often times running across our faces.

Here are some quotes about emotions that could make even the most frozen iceman melt:

We must seek to balance our emotions, the positive and the negative. Only then can we find the middle path of peace.

Taking control of your emotions is taking the reins of a fierce and wild animal.

They may be little, but emotions are the cells that breathe life into living.

Male or female, there is no human or mammal that cannot feel a bit of that emotion.


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You can always recall the experience with its corresponding emotion. We remember with our hearts.

Merely feeling emotion is unproductive. One must act on it to progress.

There is no such thing as being too emotions. There is, however, such a thing as overreacting.

When one professes to feel nothing at all, he is, in fact, feeling everything.

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Those who numb themselves from emotion are truly sensitive souls.

Joy and Sadness are bedmates, strange as they are, and necessary for the existence of the other.

I crave the rushing emotion of what comes when one stands on the edge before falling irrevocably in love.

Sometimes, understanding is not necessary for comforting a person. It is enough to sit with them and share their emotions.

As it lets people express themselves and let go, music is a friend to emotion.

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Every time you look at me and laugh at my little quirks, I feel a stab in my heart. A dark mark of emotion bleeds through.

Never indulge in the feeling of negative emotions. This is poison to the soul.

Dance always to the feelings of your heart. Let your emotions flow like songs.

Do not confuse lust with emotions. Your libido is not your heart.

Experience the emotion of Gratitude with an open heart. Heal yourself with thankfulness.

Do not borrow someone else’s emotions. You cannot feel them, you can only think you are.

It sometimes pays off to keep your emotions close to your chest. As love is a battlefield, your feelings could prove to tip the scale and win the war.

To paint your emotions on a canvas with color is a pure catharsis.

Emotions can be shared between good friends like a bottle of wine.

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Cherish your tears. Keep your laughter close. Emotions are a divine treasure.

The absence of emotion is a pitiful poverty.

His food tasted of ashes. His drink could not quench his thirst. There was no laughter in his heart, a dried up oasis of emotion. His soul, a dried up desert of sadness.

My broken heart is a gift I accept with a teary smile. To know that I feel—to know that emotion still runs through my veins—is a beautiful sadness.

Take care to take care of your emotions or they will take care of you.

Guilt is ravenous. It is an emotion that does not stop until you wither into nothingness.

The sunshine is my happiness, the rain is my sorrow. Only nature can sympathize with my emotions.

Anger is an emotion that erupts like a volcano. It spreads, it destroys, and it shakes the very center of your being.

The feelings of life ebb and flow like the tides. Emotion, like the moon, pushes and pulls elements of eternity.


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Let the emotional tears flow from your eyes. They clean the soul like the rain washes away the dirt of the earth.

I wish I were in a fairy tale where emotion was linear and black and white. But my story is an adventure, with challenges that assault the heart and confuse the mind.

We all share a heart, we all share emotion. We are the children of the conscious Earth.

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Like the proverbial silver lining, emotions can burst through a cloud of indifference after a long quarrelsome trial.

Mercurial emotions, moods like the tide, joy like storms, and anger like earthquakes. A woman is of the earth.

Women are beautiful emotional creatures. To see them run wild, to chase that fleeting wind, to see the wild laughter without inhibition. It is a beautiful precious sight.

Positive emotions are always better. Not only does it enrich one’s soul, it enhances other’s lives.

Love, when felt deeply, is the most dangerous and damaging emotion. But if it taken with caution, can be most benefitting.

It is like a small cut in your soul to keep your emotions within ones chest.

A relationship based on emotions running wild will trample everything in its path leaving in its wake, a beautiful destruction.

Do not listen to those who profess loud emotions, but strain to hear those barely speaking, silent in their own pain.

You are what you feel. Be the joy that sparkles like stars.

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The driving force that bends logic and reason, that slays armies and topples kings, leads men to ruin and women to despair-emotion.

Emotions are the salt and pepper to life. Without these feelings, then life would be as dull as unseasoned bread.

In life, one cannot go on without acknowledging ones emotions. The madness and feeling that is dictated by you heart demands to be felt and heard.

Some people have deep dark wells of emotion so it is never a good idea to judge them by what they show.

Apathy is the slow deadening of emotion when a person who has seen too much does not received comfort.

Always a surprise, emotions cannot be faked.

Do not try to reign in your emotions. Like a raging river, putting up a dam will only result in a future catastrophe that will drown you.

Humans are emotional creatures. You do not rule them with logic, but by how much feeling they have for your purpose.

The best people always offer a smile to ease other’s pain, yet it is by our neediness that we are cruel, for we must force these angels when they are crumbling on the inside.

Love is a dangerous emotion; volatile and hazardous. Handle with care.

Emotions cannot be measured in any sense, unless in woe, for then we can measure it bby the amount of food.

Science is not cold, for within the heart of each scientist, is an artist with emotions full of passion.

Often times, the more in control you think you are with your emotions, the more wild and free they run amok upon everyone.

Channel the turmoil that is your emotions into something worthwhile.

People who are broken on the inside smile a lot to mask their pain. People want to believe the lie, but it is often a joy to ease someone of that burden, even for a little while.

Love, the drug most preferred, can twist and turn your heart into a mess. And with the same drug, can also often save your life.

The heart, or at least the organ, lies within the brain. That is why your thoughts affect your emotions, and your emotions affect your thoughts.

In the game of love, one must conceal true emotions to be able to play until the end without breaking your heart.

You have to get your heart broken at least once in your life. To feel the true emotion that comes from within, will put your heart back together to make you stronger.

It is possible to feel too much? My chest is bursting with emotion, so much so, that to let it go unfelt means a certain death.

For a writer, there is no other way to release emotions than by pouring the blood-ink of his soul onto paper.

Laughter, the real kind, starts from beneath your belly rising through your chest and erupting from your mouth into a cascade of sound full of much emotion.

An artist’s emotions can paint the sky gray with rain or blue with lightness, and sculpt the world as if it were clay beneath his hands.

Poetry is a slice of emotion cut from the cake of the poet’s soul.

A person who has truly found peace is a master of his emotions.

You cannot force a person to feel something they cannot. To do so would be to poison the pureness of emotion.

Emotions are private things, not meant for the eyes, but a whisper to another’s soul.

Align yourself and find balance. The middle ground of peace within your emotions will help you in life’s journey.

Listen to your heart, but don’t let it scream. For the heart is a wild child full of emotion, and the brain must, in order to restore balance, discipline.

Be aware of each little flutter of emotion. There is nothing quite as profound as knowing your own feelings in any given situation.

Drink is a soothing elixir to many emotions. Champagne in celebration, wine for food, and whisky for dark nights. Drink to them, but do not let it rule, for pity is the man whose life is fueled by high emotions and alcohol.

Some people have a lot of scars. You can’t see it on their bodies but by the way they flinch when you’re angry or freeze up when they’re scared. Be gentle with these precious emotions, they are fragile.

In anger, do not trust your emotions. Return first to the state of peace, then listen to the angry children of your heart.

You are not crazy if you feel too much. You just need help dealing with all your emotions.

Human emotion, when bottled up, is like champagne. The bubbles creates such a pressure that the cork eventually pops, and hopefully it flies harmlessly in the air, but sometimes can hit someone painfully in the eye if you’re not careful.

Being human means sharing your emotions with others. It often manifest in physical pain when you keep it to yourself, so let it go. Tell someone about it and learn how to listen. It is by sharing the burden that makes life lighter and easier to bear.

Though people might hurt you, forgive them. To let go of this anger and resentment is a cure, for to keep these bitter emotions will surely poison your soul.