50+ Family Love Quotes

Family is a person’s basic foundation.

The type of family a person has says a lot about what type of person he is. When everything else fails, our family are the only people who will love us and will carry us through life no matter what.

Here are quotes that convey the beauty of family love:

The greatest blessing and gift in life is the love of a family.

Family is the pillar that keeps you standing amidst the storm, your oasis amidst the drought and your shelter against your enemies.

My family is the light that nourishes me, the rain that heals my wounds, and the soil that keeps my feet on the ground.

Time is the irreplaceable treasure parents can give to their children.


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Remember, your children are the reflection of your love.

A family is the messiest, craziest, and maddest thing in your life and yet, the safest, most steadfast and truest thing that dwells in your heart.

In spite of your bad habits, weird manners and pet peeves, your family is the only people who will love you for all your imperfections.

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People are on a quest on finding a person to love and love them in return. You don’t have to look too far. Your family are the first people in your life that you love and that will love you in return unconditionally.

When I’m lost, my family is the light that guides me back home.

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The riches are not measured by the number of your cars or the size of your house but by the great relationship you have with your friends and family.

A family is where you find peace in spite of the chaos and cruelties of this world.

My family accepts me as I am. My family loves me despite my failures and disappointments. My family is the only place I feel safe without the fear of judgement.

It is true – there is no place like home. Only with your family you can be your silly self without reservation. It is the safest place where you can rest your stress and worries. Most of all, it is where you get free food!

The real superheroes are the families. The parents get up every morning and earn a living for their kids. They go through stress and hard work just to go through life.

Family is the blanket that makes the winters bearable, the hot chocolate on a tiring day. Family is the good times and the bad times, the people whom you make the most remarkable memories with.

Distance cannot separate a family. Even from a thousand miles, a family’s love never falters.

There will be many times in your childhood wherein things that your family does did not make sense to you. As you grow older though, you will realize how much these things have shaped your life for the better.

The only thing that I trust to take my hand with my eyes shut is my family.

My trust is safe in the arms of my loving family.

Family, friends and love are the things that only make sense in this world filled with hatred, envy and pride.

When the first drop of snow falls on my cheeks, the memories of making a snowman with my family flashes before my mind. When the flowers starts to bloom, welcoming the coming of the sweet spring, moments spent with my family under the cherry tree fills my heart with warmth. When the fruits and flowers fill the warm air delicately, I recall the days where I played by the sea with my family.

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Family is a vital part of every human being.

At the end of the day, your family are the only people who will forgive you for all your wrongdoings and mishaps.

Nothing in this world is more beautiful than a mother’s affection, a father’s love or a children’s appreciation.

Family means going through a journey without leaving anyone behind.

A man embarks on a quest in search of happiness, only to return home to find it.

When everything goes wrong, the only people you can truly rely on to stand by your side is your family.

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Nothing is truer and purer in this world than the love of a family.

My family’s love is the elixir I need to cure the emptiness gaping inside my heart. My family is my number one cheerleader and my best advisor. My family’s warmth keeps me alive in the coldest and darkest moments of my life.

One of the most satisfying things in this world is showing your love to your family.

Doing things for the sake of someone else, even though you loathe it, is what it means to be a family.

A happy family is heaven on earth.

You cannot choose your family but you can opt to love them with all your heart.

Whoever you are, no matter where you go, you will not reach your goals without the love of your family.

The strongest family in this world is united by togetherness, love and forgiveness.

Peace starts within your family.

The first lessons in life are learned inside the loving walls of a home.

I am able to bear difficulties of living in another city because I took with me as much love my family gave me throughout my lifetime to sustain me from such great distance away from them.

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The ultimate career in life is to build a great and loving home. All other careers exist to support this ultimate vocation.

We learn the acts of love from our family first. It is by watching our first role models, our parents, who expresses their love to their children each and every single day.

If I wake up in the hospital one day, my family are the people I expect to be there when I open my eyes.

It is our life’s duty to take great care of our family. It is the ultimate feat.

A man without family is the loneliest person in this world.

A nation is built upon the bricks made from the love of a family.

Raising a large family brings an immense challenge and yet, gives the best pleasures in life too.

The only party where you don’t need to worry about getting drunk and going crazy is at home with your family.

The greatest treasure in life is the relationship you have with your friends and family.

We are all members of a family.

Sticking by your folks is what makes it a family.

The people who truly care for you will love you when you are at your worst and celebrates with you when you are at your best. That group of people is called family.

Home is where you can act the craziest and yet be loved the most.

The loyalty and love of a family is a might of a thousand armies.

When a husband loves wife, it becomes a precious gift to their children.

Family is where everyone loves each other but does not necessarily mean that they like each other.

Family is where you tolerate each other and yet love one another deeply.

If you aspire to change the world, you have to start with yourself and your family first.

We teach our children the ways of the world but our children teaches us what living really means.

Everything that makes me who I am is because of my family.

Many can be rich but none the richer than a man with a great and loving family.

Family is everything black and white and colourful. Everything that makes them imperfect is what humanizes you. There are times that they will deprive you of love you need but that will teach you how to be strong.

The bond you have with your family is more than of the same blood, it is of respect, loyalty and love.

If you want world peace, start with your family first.

A man who puts his family first is one of a kind. Keep that man.

The one business a man should not abandon is that of his family.

When you need rest, you will find it within the arms of your family. When you need happiness, you will find it in the loving heart of your family. When you need peace, you will find it within soul of your family.

Family is all about sharing. You share toothpaste and toothbrushes by accident at times. You share the same walls and find rest in the same roof. When one lacks the other gives. That’s how the business of family works.

A family is a blessing to one another, the most precious treasure given to you at birth.

Family means putting your arms around each other when the world feels like falling apart.

The survival of our family is one thing we keep on top of our list. Many would comprise their safety for the sake of a family member.

The death of a family is the greatest tragedy that can strike a family.

If you feel unloved and deprived, the best place you can run back to is home.

Your greatest blessing is right in front of you: life and your family.

Home is not a place, but a group of people that loves you for everything you are.

Dear Lord, I may not be rich or successful in my job, but I have my family and I couldn’t ask for more.

My family is not perfect but that is what makes them awesome.

I picture heaven on Earth like this – a table shared with family with lots of food and just being with them.

The family is God’s masterpiece. A family makes everything cruel and merciless more bearable.

A family owns almost most pages of your life’s photo album. They are the faded photographs, the candid pictures and the most colourful of portraits.

Your siblings are your group of bests friends with whom you spent the best and worst of memories with.

Family is your first aid that heals all wounds. A family is what keeps you grounded, humble and a little bit mischievous.

The start of life is with your family.