Top 40 Forgiveness Quotes


Forgiveness is confirmed a divine trait.
It is not easy to forgive the person who hurt you and left scars deep in your heart. Those who can forgive have already braced themselves for personal sacrifices of lowering their pride and choosing the path of humility.
Below are quotes about the divine virtue of forgiveness:


If you are genuinely sorry, there’s no need to explain or justify what you did.


When you forgive, you relieve yourself of the heavy burden of hate and grudge. You let your heart take flight and soar in the peaceful azure sky.


Everyone can soak in their deadly grudge, but it takes a person with a great character to forgive.


Saying sorry is not easy. Pulling your pride down to accept the apology is even harder.

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Do not apologize for who you are. It’s like saying sorry for being yourself.


Keep your words and deeds kind, or it may kick you in the back tomorrow.


As soon as you realize that you made a mistake, amend it as quickly as you can. It will be easier to clear yourself of the guilt earlier than let it sink deeper and deeper into your heart as the days pass by.


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I forgive you not because I am allowing you back into my life but because I am choosing peace for my own.


Forgiving does not mean forgetting. Forgiving is letting go of everything that weighs and taints your soul.


’I’m sorry’ is only a word unless you genuinely and sincerely acted upon it.


The most meaningful journey in your life is meeting people midway.


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The only good thing with waiting for someone late is you get dozens of apologies.


Forgiveness is love, a second chance and the humility of the human heart.


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Atonement is one of the greatest qualities of the human spirit.


An apology should be accepted generously, as forgiveness should be given in plenty.


An apology can turn a clumsy mistake into a priceless gift.



If you deny someone of forgiveness, you refute yourself of peace and healing.


Forgiveness is hope – to heal what is broken and made whole again.


Forgiveness is the balm for the wounded heart. It soothes the throb and cools the heart.


Someday, you’ll forget all the pain, why you cried and who hurt you. You will ultimately realize that the secret to freedom does not lie in revenge but in allowing things unfurl in their way and own time. In the end, what matters is not how you started but how you ran your life until you reached the end.


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Forgive yourself for being fooled by those who deceived you. Sometimes a kind hard does not see the bad.


Forgive all those who have wronged you. You are doing it for your peace of mind, not for them.


Forgiveness is the sweetest vengeance against those who have offended you.


Never say sorry or attempt to defend yourself unless someone is pointing the finger at you.


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Will ‘sorry’ be truly enough against the thousand pins of hurtful actions, scarred hearts and painful memories?


A sincere apology can repair anything. It pieces back a broken heart. It can save a broken relationship. It will heal your conscience as well.


The apology comes with a sacrifice – to make amends, with all your heart, with the wrong things you did.


An apology is a great thing as long as it comes from the bottom of the heart. Be careful, however, with those who utter the word to wash off the guilt.


The best apology for the bad behaviour in the past is the right actions in the future.

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You cannot go through life without hurting someone, and that’s why the word ‘sorry’ was born.


A hero is someone you can look up to and follow without apology.


Do not accept an apology made as an excuse for sin or justify the wrongdoing by imploring that we have corrupted hearts. Instead of these being a legitimate apology, this will lead us towards the path of our doom.


It’s good to say ‘I’m sorry.’ However, if you keep making the same mistakes, then what use is your apology?


Some people will unintentionally hurt you and apologize, while others will walk and step all over your heart and not realize.


There is just some pain; it will never be forgotten no matter how much someone apologizes for it.


Never apologize for setting your standards high. If someone wants to be in your life, they will aim for it no matter what.


A good and sincere apology has three parts – first and foremost is to say ‘I’m sorry. The second is to admit your fault. The last part, which many always forget, is to make amends for your wrongdoing.


A genuine apology is when you hear the sadness and regret in their voice when you see how broken they are and how much they are suffering for hurting you too.


I don’t understand why some people apologize for the wrongdoings they did not commit.


Forgiveness does not erase the pains of the past, but it will open up a road to a brighter future.


True friends would not apologize to you for slapping you in the face if it meant saving you from your demise.


A hypocritical and two-faced apology is worst than not apologizing at all. The victim is not waiting for compensation because he has been done wrong; it’s for the reason that he wants to heal and move on.


One of the human’s most remarkable features is the ability to atone and forgive.


Remember, we are only human. We make mistakes. Therefore, we must help, forgive and understand each other as we go along the way.


Every minute you are seething with anger and hatred, you lose sixty seconds of joy and hope.


Maturity is when you do not seek an apology and understand that things won’t always go the way you want them to be.


The right deeds are those that do not require any explanations or apologies.


Nobody forgets what he did to hurt and who he did it too.


Forgive but do not forget. I do not want to fall into the same trap again. If I did fall for it again, I could not ever forgive myself for being so foolish.


To forgive is to let the captive loose and understand that the captive was you all along.


Forgiveness is the wine that is squeezed out of the grapes after being crushed under the heels of many. Wine is good for the heart, after all!


If a woman forgives a man, she must not thaw out his faults for dinner.


Those who are weak cannot forgive. Mercy is the quality of those who are substantial.


Ironically, it’s easier for the heart to forgive an enemy than a precious friend. After all, those who are closer to your heart have the power to hurt more.


If you want to get even with your enemy, forgive him.


Without forgiveness, the world will be trapped in an endless cycle of hatred, resentment and chaos. It won’t be long until the world starts to destroy itself.


It is such a remarkable feat for the heart to both forgive and forget.


Always choose the path of mercy and forgive your enemy – nothing will infuriate then so much.


When you forgive, you are already way ahead of the one who caused you injury.


True forgiveness does not expect the sinner to change or ask for forgiveness. Please don’t wait for them to understand what you’re going through finally. Release them from your anger and love them instead. Life echoes back the truth in its way and owns pace.


To forgive evil is to do more evil.


You will only begin to truly heal when you let go of the pains from the past. Forgive those who have hurt you, and forgive yourself for your past mistakes.


You cannot indeed start afresh without forgiving and forgetting what has been said and done.


It is so much better to forgive than to soak in your hatred forever. Like a tree soaking in the water, it will eventually collapse and rot away.


Everyone is bound to hurt people in their lives. In the end, we are only human. So if you cannot forgive others, consequently, you should not expect to receive forgiveness.


Forgive those who have insulted you, ridiculed you or taken advantage of you. But most of all, forgive yourself for allowing them to step over you.


Always pray to have a heart that sees the good in everyone, a heart that forgives anyone, a mind that disregards the bad and a soul that will never run out of faith.


Sometimes, you forgive people simply because you still wish for them to be in your life.


In a relationship, you are required to forgive thousand times over. But you should never be played for a fool, not even once.


A family is made up of these words – ‘please’, ‘I love you and ‘I’m sorry.’


You can only have true peace in your heart if you follow the path of kindness and forgiveness.


If you forgive those who have wronged you, you are taking their control over you away.


Aside from forgiving others, never forget to forgive yourself as well.


I forgive others not since I am weak in the heart but because I am strong enough to understand that people are bound to commit mistakes.


The most thoughtful apologies can be heard by the heart no matter a thousand distances.


Whether with a family, a friend or a lover, any relationship needs a continuous supply of forgiveness, love, and honesty to work.


An apology is stepping over your ego and pride, which are two of the most useless human attributes.


’Sorry’ is never enough unless you take it upon yourself to change.


Genuine remorse is when you feel the pangs of regret over the motive and consequence seeping into your heart and do something about it.


In life, hurting other people is an inevitable part, which is why the word ‘sorry’ was created.


Life is too short and precious to dwell on regret, hate and contempt.