Inspirational Sayings About Love

Love can be rarely found but commonly felt.

It can precede your actions or put words into your mouth.

Here are some of the most beautiful thoughts about love from people who have loved and have been loved.

Seeing and hearing the most exquisite things on earth is never enough, only the heart can deeply feel it.

Nothing can be received enough for love; nothing can be given enough for love.

A barren tree is very much like life without love.

Sticking with love is lighter to bear than burdening oneself with hatred.


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Love teaches better than responsibility.

Trust is the ultimate evidence of love.

You need not only feel love, you must act upon it.

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Loving one’s self makes everything fall into place. Truly loving one’s self can get everything done in this world.

The reason I came to know love is all because of you.

Being unhappy with someone is worse than being unhappy alone.

Unbreakable hearts are the most practical hearts of all.

Never saying sorry is what love ultimately means.

The 60 True Love Quotes

Loving unconditionally is being brave without expecting something in return.

Love unveils the disguise that we fear we cannot coexist without, yet know that we cannot keep within.

Once acceptance that even the most intimate beings can be separated by distance is realized, then every moment that you spend with that person would make living much wonderful and worthwhile.

Love moves in two ways: through spreading out and burrowing in.

I am the best that I can be when I am with you, and for that I love you more and more.

It is love when days of being together feel like passing in minutes.

Love is nothing but a wake-up call for the lethargic minds.

Romantic Love Quotes for Her or Him

We are molded through what we love.

You have to love like you are going to lose it.

We have to experience pain in loving in order to realize the genuine feeling.

Keep on loving instead of sulking. Time is all but infinite.

Before finding love, you first have to look for and destroy the elements you have barricaded against it.

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Love is a thorough mistress; it never leaves the head, the heart, and the senses untouched.

Reveling in a person’s happiness, even when you are not part of it, is an omen of love.

After all the long years that we have shared together, I still laugh heartily at your silliest jokes, I still tingle all over at your whispers of love, and I still miss you fiercely after a day of being together. I cherish every moment of my life with you.

We need to be together for all the time that we have got, and if it is too short, well, we have to make do with it. That’s just how it is.

Your sugar-coated tongue soothes my embittered heart.


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If I could have a grain of sand for every thought that I have of you, my beach of thoughts could stretch on and on.

Loving the simple things in a person; that is what you call love.

Dreams are beaten by reality when you are in love.

Everything you do with love always comes out as the best.

People who are in love live the best of lives.

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We give away love we have stored within ourselves.

Love can teach you a lot.

Everyone comes upon pain when creating a love that lasts.

Love allows you to discover something new that even your partner does not know about himself.

One has to experience a particular bad love so that he could be grateful for the one true love he will have.

The moments you have had with somebody comprises love.

However small the heart is, love could fit snugly within, however vast it may be.

Love does not die naturally; it fades because it is forgotten and never refilled.

Flowers and plants may wither, but my love for you would eternally bloom and grow.

Love is never easy. You have to toil hard and long, but it won’t matter. Having you in the end of it all encompasses everything I worked hard for.

Love is a commodity as rare as time. You have to work with these two as if they could run out any time.

One does not need to be smart to discover love.

Love and hate may coexist, but love always bumps the other out.

The criteria we set up for love measures every love that comes our way. We take it as long as it lives up to our standards.

I always aspire to be the best person that I can be because of you.

Love yourself first before you spread that snug feeling with others.

A million of the simplest, tiniest thing in life can add up to love.

True, unconditional love comes just once in a lifetime.

Love rings real and true especially at a person’s lowest time.

One of the greatest achievements you can reap in life is to love and to be loved back.

Use your senses more in loving the people around you. That way, you will have five different options to show how much you care.

There is no fear in soaring high when you are in love. You can always guarantee that with the person you love, you can guarantee a safe landing.

There is no way of forcing love. You take it when it is there; you have to accept if it is not yours for the taking. When you have it, you have got to do whatever it takes to have it and hold it for all time.

Oftentimes we fail to give importance to the small things we have in life. However minute they may be, they always manage to turn our lives around.

You cannot love and judge a person at the same time.

Love is created not to be stagnant for all time. It needs to keep moving, be refreshed, and rippling at all times.

The fire of love can either melt your heart or consume your life.

The best love story that I know of is the story of you and me.

When you love a person you are quite capable of putting your weaknesses into their hands with an utmost trust that they would handle it with care.

Love and love until it hurts, until all the hurt is washed off by your love.

Being in a relationship that limits your personality is more of a cage than a paradise promised by a lover.

I am not always my immaculate self. I do snore when I’m asleep; I burp loudly at the most inconvenient situations. I get fussy at petty things and I would rather curl in a couch with a book than go out to dance away the night. You have seen me in these compromising situations yet you stayed put by my side instead of running hastily away. You do love me without reservations.

You don’t need to employ logic or intellect just to figure out if you love someone and if you are loved back.

Some people experience loving once in their lifetime, but only a chosen few enjoys feeling it.

Your carefully, lengthily crafted world can crumble in minutes when you lose the love of your life.

I have loved and I have lost, yet I chose to love again without the fear of losing again.

Love withstands even physical attraction or intellectual obsession. It can simply come from a pure, innocent, uncorrupted heart devoid of insecurities and selfish desires.

If leaving you would mean that I would never have to feel the same way again, be guaranteed that I would stick by your side through thick and thin.

No love is sweeter than the love you gave to me.

Love is a choice waiting to be made, not a decision that you should wait upon.

Falling in love never enlists gravity in its wake.

Love knits two bodies into a tapestry of life.

However far and wide you search for a love you think you deserve, the best would always be found within yourself, on how you love yourself.

Love is both a myth and a fact; it jumps into reality when you are at the peak of loving yet fades into non existence when it is exhausted and never replenished.

You don’t need to find love; it always reaches out to those who deserve it.

Love is not all about experiencing the bliss of heaven; it is also going through the fires of hell and still conquering it together.

Silence has a way of seeping through the heart of the person you love and without any words, you’ll come to understand what each of you means.

Love can make you feel the extreme opposites of everything; it is like blazing as bright as fire yet feeling calm and serene inside. It is like running as fast as a leopard but basking in a relaxed stance. It is being fiery and feisty outside, yet soft and mellow on the inside.

Love is not all about finding the one you are meant for. It also means being found by that someone you have been waiting all along.

Being able to say that you love someone should be a an earned privilege, not a fleeting chance to get under one’s skin.

Sometimes the feelings that we have are more tangible than the things we give away.

One should look for a person, not for love. There is no loving without any person you can spend it on with.

A moment spent with a loved one has more appeal than a forever with only you to live with.

God always cooks up the best recipes of love without regards to the time He spent brewing it. Still, when it is done, it is the best you’ll ever have.

Love is never too old or too young a feeling. It encompasses the master of elements, which is Time itself.

Let me love you like I am going to lose you at this very moment.