Irish Quotes

Irish quotes and sayings are both insightful and witty.
If you’re looking for words of wisdom with some humor, there’s nothing better than Irish sayings and some of them are also inspiring that we can live by in our everyday lives.
So here are Irish quotes and saying for a good read.

It’s strange how the Irish would likely go out with forks if it was raining soup.

May your day be filled with Irish luck, joyed with a song in your heart, and brightened by the smiles of the people around you.


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A kind word never injured someone’s mouth.

May the good Lord be fond of you… but not too much; we wouldn’t want you to go.

Life is like a cup of tea. It can be good, bad or just right. It only depends on how you make it.

Having grandchildren is God’s wonderful gifts in compensating us for growing old.

Not sure if wrestling with a pig is a good idea; the two of you get dirty and the pig likes it.

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Life isn’t just about finding yourself, but it’s about getting to know yourself better.

May you have more wisdom and only grow old in the face. You will be precious and taken care of with grace.


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I think being a woman is almost the same as being Irish. People say you’re nice and important, but you take second place every time.

To be Irish, you got to know that the world is meant to break your heart in the end.

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Anyone can feel sympathy for their friend’s sufferings, but it takes a very fine nature to feel sympathy for a friend’s success.

Do not mind your enemies, instead, wish that may you your enemies’ enemies have the best of health.

May your enemies learn to respect you, troubles and tribulations neglect you, the angels above protect you, and Heaven accept you.

I felt bad when I met a man with no feet because I remembered how much I complained about my shoes.

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It doesn’t matter how tall your father was. Fact is, you have to do your own growing.

May you live an entire century, with one extra year to repent your sins.

Tis better to spend all your money like there is no tomorrow than to spend a night without money.

Life can be the worst, but a good long sleep and a good laugh can make it better.

Pay your debts because forgetting about it doesn’t mean it’s paid.

Do not despise growing old; enjoy the perks.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, may the good luck of the Irish always be with you.

The man who has luck in the morning, also has luck in the afternoon, and more in the evening.

Men are no different from bagpipes; you cannot hear a sound from them unless they are full.

May misfortune chase you for the rest of your life without ever catching up to you.

May your heart be cheerful and kind, may your smile be genuine and wide, and may your pockets have a coin or two in each side.

The tongue is bound to slip; and when it does, it speaks the truth.

May the road to hell be green and grassy so you’ll never look for different path.

There is no cure for a certain illness if it can’t be cured with butter and whiskey.

May your all wishes come true except for one so that you will always have something to work hard for.

Cheers to hell. May our permanent stay there be exciting as always.

A little harmless fire that warms is way better than a big fire that destroys.

I pray that may the unhappy times in your future be not as worse as your happiest days.

Do not mind about the problems that have passed, but only bring the lessons you learned from them. What’s important is you don’t forget to count the blessings you receive each day and be grateful for it.

If you don’t know that the world’s just gonna break your heart, then there’s no sense to being Irish.

As you wander through life with whatever goal you have, keep your eyes on the donut and not on the hole.

You know you’re Irish when you feel more that what you’re actually feeling. When you’re okay, you feel better than anyone; when you’re in pain, you can’t help yelling at the top of your lungs; and when you’re dead, you shall be deader than anybody.

I pray Lord that you grant me a sense of good humor, the saving grace to get a joke, to experience happiness in life, and pass it on to my fellow Irishmen.

Here’s to a lad who happily sings when life runs along a song; and here’s to a lad who can still smile even when things are getting worse.

I warmly wish for you these things: A lover to love, some work to do, lots of sunshine, a bit of cheer, and a guardian angel who’s always near.

Keep the love in your heart alive; because a life without love is a gloomy garden where all the flowers seem dead.

There’s no use giving good advice unless you’re applying it to yourself.

One must be humble in order to learn where life the great teacher.

The Irish sees retirement as the best time to kick back and live life to the fullest.

If you’re not satisfied with what you have, remember that a dog owns nothing yet never feels discontented.

Some people are shaped by their ambition; other people are shaped by their hostility.

Our weaknesses are the original yield of our character; but our strength is the harvest.

Our knowledge is stronger than our memory; therefore, my friend, it is always wiser not to trust the weaker.

Fearlessly accept your limitations so you could go beyond them.

Never be ashamed to admit your mistakes; for acknowledging them proves you are wiser today than yesterday.

If you want to know what I’m grateful for, it’s the understanding that the most important things in my life are health, friends and family, and having the time to spend with them.

There is no better cosmetic for beauty but happiness.

May the love and happiness that we shared be with us til the day we die.

The three most important things to do are: getting food to eat, something to drink, and someone who will love you forever.

May happy things be with you always, even in times of distress.

When you love someone, you forget all the dreams you have for yourself and start creating new ones with you partner.

To become rich for the rest of your life, you must experience being a pauper at least once in your life.

We learn best from our failure and not from our success.

We all need someone in our lives who we can be open without fear. To have a real deep conversation with someone may seem easier said than that done, but it involves risk.

Even though sympathy alone can’t alter facts, it might make them more bearable.

It’s healthy to keep your temper; but my rule is not to keep it when it reaches the point where it becomes unbearable.

There is only one thing you need to know about human nature: it changes.

If you’re Irish, always remember that you’ll find family wherever you go.

It is always best to stay away from closed- and small-minded people with little to do.

A man’s best fortune will always be his wife.

Look into your own heart, and you’ll know what the Irish are thinking.

Whenever you knock on God’s door, He opens two.

An Irishman certainly don’t tell lies; only where the truth will not fit.

The only coffee that contains all four essential food groups—sugar, fat, caffeine and alcohol— is Irish coffee.

When anyone tells me to describe the Irish character, I tell them to look at the trees: bare, maimed, but unbearably stubborn.

That’s right. Everyone’s jealous about the free beer in Irish paradise.

It’s funny how everyone sugarcoats their mistakes with word experience.

Pay in advance if you plan to drink to forget.

The point of being Irish is the world is meant to break your heart.

God let man invent whiskey in order to keep the Irish from ruling the world.

Another type of Alzheimer’s disease is the Irish Alzheimer—you forget everything except for your grudges.

A skeptical man is almost wise.

If you have not time for your health today, you will have no health tomorrow.

Sow in the spring so you can have something to reap in the autumn.

Bricks and stones make a house, but the lovely laughter of children makes a home.

You are sure to fail when you do not determine to succeed.

The only mother of good luck is none other than perseverance.

It is not a secret if three people know about it, where the other one is not supposed to know.

A man becomes wise when he acknowledges the people who disagree with him.

The child is what he sees and what he does.

When you see the world through Irish eyes, you can see everyone smiling.

When you’re raised Irish you always know that you have to be ready for the bad time. You know what they say; you can’t just go to the next peak without going down the valley.

Being Irish means you know that joy is temporary and tragedy is up ahead.

You know you’re Irish when you just tell truth right on the person’s face.

We really say what we think and we don’t really care. We’re Irish and we don’t do flowery words. Deal with it.

Rainy and cloudy will always be the weather that the Irish people seem to love the most.

Being Irish, I always have a way with harsh words.

I can’t be nice to you. I will always tell you what I don’t like because that’s who I am. I am Irish.

Irish women are very strong and most of the time hilarious, witty, bright and optimistic in in viewing the harsh reality.

Most Irish people happily say hellos but very little goodbyes. Unless they’re Irish women, and then they take long hours talking to that person who’s about to leave the house.

Most Irish are creative, and most of them are very good storytellers.

Treasure your best friends because they’re like four-leaf clovers. Hard to find, but very lucky.

I do not wish well on my enemies, rather, I wish that their enemies be of perfect health.

If they tell you more compliments, do not keep them. They’re not really your friends. True friends will tell you the worst things about yourself, but are still there for you no matter what.

Be a small bouquet and give yourself to your friends and families every day. But do not be a bushel of roses to lay on their coffin after they’re dead.

There’s no beer in heaven. That’s why we drink like we’re dying tomorrow.

May you always have a great day every day, with a cheerful heart and a lovely smile.

Always be ready to die. And as you are Irish, die proudly and cheerfully. Do not grieve as death has always been at your doorstep.

Every Irish man adapts himself to the world because he knows the world doesn’t really work at his best interest.

As an Irish, I’d tell other men to go to hell and hope they’ll enjoy their trip going there.

There is no such thing as fate; our future is what we make of it.

Life was never meant to be easy. It was meant to break our hearts at some point, make us feel pain, so we can feel true happiness.

Laughter is brightest when food and beer are at best.

May God bless you each day with the blessings you need the most.

When Irish eyes are smiling, they’re probably up to something.