Top 60 Loneliness Quotes

Every human being needs to coexist with another human.

The sense of togetherness is very strong among humans, that the moment one of them leaves, the loneliness could break the other’s heart.

Here are some of the best quotes that would accompany a lonely person on his or her soliloquy:

Staring helplessly on as one’s whole world collapses upon himself is probably the loneliest moment a person could have in his life.

The pain has never been the worst part of keeping the memories with you after a relationship broke. The worst part of losing someone is the feeling of loneliness that seeps through your soul because those memories that you keep should be shared, not held within yourself.

We can all die deep down with all the loneliness even though we can do so much together.

Breaking out of the loneliness is a quest that mankind has to conquer for the longest time on Earth.


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Two equally horrible thoughts are that we are alone in the entire universe or we are not.

The most eventual poverty that a human being could suffer is loneliness.

Being with someone who has already lost the desire to communicate makes loneliest even more cruel than it already is.

One has to have both a circle of friends where you can move socially and an intimate, romantic relationship with one person to avoid loneliness. Losing one of both could invite loneliness to your side.

I know I am single and would likely to stay single for a long time, but the trouble is that I am lonely and would mostly stay that way.

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A failing marriage is an epitome of loneliness.

I am horribly lonely. I can see myself from a distant and can tell how terribly lonely I must be deep down. How this feeling runs scares the shit out of me, because it all seems so calamitous.

Nothing could torture me and can cut through my soul like loneliness does. I live in a wide, empty world with only loneliness to comfort and shatter me.

The thing that I dislike the most in this world is loneliness. It is the idea that I would not care for anyone or that no one would care about me that makes loneliness my least favorite thing in the world.

No loner enjoys being with themselves and shunned from social circles. It is just that when they mingle with others, the people constantly disappoint them.

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No one knows what true loneliness is. Not only the word itself, but the whole, bare dread of being lonely. Those who are lonely content themselves in wearing disguises, but most of them keep a memory close just to create an illusion.

The time that you feel most lonely is always the time when you need to be all by yourself. The cruelest irony of life.

Most people who consider themselves lonely want to escape this loneliness through drugs and alcohol. Intoxication might cheat loneliness for a time, but when the feeling of intoxication fades, you will be left with loneliness, and this time with frustration, again.

There is nothing like music to kick the loneliness away. I just plug my earphones and curl into a ball, away from all the loneliness in the world.

The only principal escape from worldly loneliness is through being afflicted by love that is more than the desire for physical intimacy.

There are so many things that young people nowadays can do with their lives. Foremost is to create a stable communication processes to combat the incurable emotional disease of loneliness.

I do not know why there are people who can chase away my loneliness, but there are just some who can intensify it.

Being loved by no one else, and loneliness are two of the most terrible faces of poverty in the world.

Every man would always have the inevitable encounter with loneliness.

There may be joy, camaraderie, and achievement but the moment loneliness would cut through your soul, it can be atrocious and consuming.

Even the simplest things could threaten a lonely man. The moment that roots of loneliness would plant itself underneath your skin, there is no stopping it from burrowing even deeper if left at its own devices.

You have to feel needed by others so that you will avoid thinking that your life is entirely over.

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The social media is sometimes the ultimate manifestation of loneliness.

We need others to complement our breathing; to feel a warm, caring body beside us; to be able to give our trust to someone without any reservations. I need to be needed; I need another soul who is willing to join with mine.

How peculiar that even the addition of more people into your life could not make you less lonely, instead it only manages to aggravate the feeling.

God has named both bad and good things in the world, and loneliness is one of those that are not good.

Sometimes, we could well point the blame to ourselves because of being lonely. We have all the resources in the world; distractions, mental and emotional enjoyment, spiritual exercises, filial, platonic, and intimate love. But we always manage to neglect these birthright, we shrivel and break under the pressure. If we could only appropriately relate ourselves to each other and to the world, we would never lose company and loneliness would fade into extinction.


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Being alone has not always brought us disadvantages. Remember that a man who can stand alone is the strongest man in the world.

The absolute lack of trust is lonelier than loneliness itself.

One man can have no qualms as to living with himself, there are no doubts that he can live perfectly on his own. But the moment he does this, he will die a little more as soon as he isolates himself from other people.

Two people who are both lonely and talking with each other would only make each other lonelier than before.

Depression and loneliness are mostly hand in hand. Whenever you see one of them, the other would not be far behind.

A person’s whereabouts has nothing to do whatsoever with feeling loneliness.

The sense of togetherness and the sense of belonging diminish loneliness. These virtues are all present in communities. Communities counteract loneliness. But the birth of social media has slowly ripped us apart. The product is the dispersal of loneliness.

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There is a chance to avoid loneliness. Avoiding being selfish, turning your concerns on others welfare, caring for the interests of those around you. If the lonely would reduce thinking about how lonely they have become, maybe then they would cease to be lonely bit by bit.

The reason for loneliness has never been tangible feelings; it’s the emotional and mental ones that cue the appearance of loneliness.

You can never expect for a person to fully understand you. If you look for this certain person, you will be only utterly disappointed. Let loneliness lift you up from your dependent reverie, being under the shadow of your own expectation. Embrace it, let it cultivate and make room in you to grow. Determine your wants and desires, and learn to understand yourself wholeheartedly.

Everything always comes to an end, even loneliness. There is an end for those who have felt loneliness for a lengthy amount of time.

There is an unfulfilled craving for illusion, and that is called loneliness.

With so much loneliness in the soul, the mind interprets. It creates company for oneself just to escape the prison they are in.

There is nothing lonelier than one man having millions of friends but only a handful few that he could trust.

The most ironic thing of all is where there are urban cities and crowded streets; loneliness haunts almost everyone within his reach. This is where loneliness dwells, in big cities and large coastlines. The biggest irony in life.

Whenever you get lonely one of these days, reach out to it, deal with it. Every human would experience loneliness at least one in a lifetime. Learn your way around loneliness. But never try to use other person’s emotions to be your stepping stone for your own unachieved desires.

A man who is perfectly contented living with himself is the most disastrous situation a person could experience in his life.

You can only be truly solitary if you still suffer loneliness even amidst your peers, not when you are left alone by other people.

Loneliness, freedom, and reflection coexist with one another. To be free, one must be alone. Reflection could only start when you are alone and undisturbed.

There is only one element that could trap your soul and act as its prison; your own self.

When you rip someone from their tradition, their culture, and beliefs and thrust them into an entirely new world, loneliness for their tradition would be much inevitable for them.

The light years between the heavenly bodies pale in comparison to the distance between us and the people around us.

Vying for the best, the strongest, and the fittest position would someday make man a very lonesome specie.

Drinking loneliness with your companions is way better than drinking liquor alone.

One could never reach the infinite lengths of his loneliness.

What makes loneliness terrible is not the idea that I have no one to share my hardships with, but I alone would have to bear it.

The loneliest feeling of being lonely is sharing the feeling with an entirely wrong person.

The earth is filled with lonely people, doing lonely things, thinking lonely thoughts, and generally pitying themselves for being so lonely.

You can never consider that you would be alone in this world; you have a little boy, a teenager, a middle age man and a mature man: all of whom are memories of what you used to be.

I think that loneliness is a state of being, when you just are so confused with your life.

What could have been the happiest day of your life may have been my loneliest one, indeed.

There was nothing I could have done because the only person that can make me happy is the very one that made me lonely all this time.

My dearest friends, whenever you feel lonely, contact me, for I am but just one text away.

Even when it seems that a person is happy, you just have not seen his heart just yet.

Do not let loneliness at you from the inside, you need to get some help from your friends.

How does a person survive loneliness when it feels like burying yourself alive?

I did not know that loneliness hurts this much, like something wants to get out of your chest.

And it is only now that I realize that missing you was just like being lonely for so long.

It did not take you years to come by again, you filled my heart with happiness after being lonely for a very long time.

I could not believe it was going to be you who will be my salvation in this world of loneliness.

Who would have known that someone like you would pull me out of my loneliness, I did not.

I wanted to tell you that you made me happy despite the longest time I was ever so lonely.

Before you came into my life, I thought that things can only get worse but you filled my life with so much color and direction, girl.

When someone leaves you, it makes you feel lonely and empty inside, how do they get over it?

It breaks my heart to see you so lonely, to see that you feel as if no one will be there for you.

Loneliness will pass by, just like the season once you finally find someone to make you happy.

I wanted to spend every moment of my life with you because you make me feel less lonely.

All I ever really wished for was to be happy but life went and gave me the opposite, loneliness.

It was so lonely not having you by my side, I hope that we meet again after all this time.

You give me a reason to live, you give me a reason to keep moving forward and I love you for it, you remove all traces of loneliness within me.

Until the end of time, I will wait for you because you are the one that completes me.

No amount of sunshine and comedy shows can ever remove the loneliness you left me with.

I never knew that it was possible to miss someone to the point that it feels so lonely.

I wanted to replace all the lonely memories we had with new ones but you are no longer there.

You promised to stay but you left anyway so now I am not only broken but lonely as well.

The worst way to feel lonely is when you are in the middle of a crowd but still feel the same.

I did not know it was possible for a friend to make you feel lonely until one finally did.

Once upon a time you were the reason for my smiles now you are the reason that I cry.

I find it so sad that I am not able to be there for you on your loneliest days, when you needed me the most, I am sorry for it up until now.

You ask me why I am lonely but you are not aware that you are the reason I am this way now.

The loneliest moment of my life was the day that you finally decided to walk out of it.

When do you feel the loneliest? For me, it is in the morning when I wake up and you are not the person next to me.

Loneliness is not the opposite of happiness, sometimes it is when you miss a person so much.

When you feel lonely, all you want to do is to be alone in a quiet place to think about life.

Of course it sucks to be lonely, I get stuck in my room all day trying to figure out a solution.

Just because I am lonely does not give you any right to think you can do anything you want.

Do not let other people define you by your loneliness, you are still your own person even then.

For now it may seem okay to be lonely but in reality it’s one of the worst things to go through.

Some days, I do not even know whether it is still loneliness encompassing or just laziness.

When you get lonely, you should get to the bottom of it and know the reason why you are so.

I am lonely, yes that is true but it does not mean that I am mad at everyone around me.

I do not even know what to do anymore, I am just so lost, just wandering around everywhere.

There are times when I feel lonely for no reason at all, that is just the worst case of it, forgetting the people that you love, it hurts so much.

Whenever I feel lonely, I look up at the sky and see how beautiful the blueness it has within.

I do not know why black is associated with loneliness when darkness is what that really was.

I would rather be lonely on my own than be unhappy with someone else that I choose for me.

This is the reason why I hate relationships; you only get so lonely by the end of it.

Loneliness can also mean that you are numb to the pain, you are just tired of everything.

How do you know if you are truly lonely? When you keep seeing things in black and white.

Everything will seem dull when you feel lonely deep in your heart, so just control yourself.

Loneliness is the feeling you get when a person you love leaves you so suddenly.

I hate being left behind because it also leaves me mad, angry, confused, sad and lonely.

I hope that you would never know what it is like to be truly lonely, with no one there for you.

I think that people get lonely because they need someone to be there but there is no one.

Some days, I look back at all the moments we had together and I still feel lonely about them.

Why did you have to leave me alone and made me feel so lonely when you could have stayed.

You did not just hurt me and left me with a broken heart, you also left me lonely deep inside.

I smile and I laugh all the time just to show the world I am fine but I am really lonely inside.

Being alone is something that I chose but being lonely was something that came naturally.

A new year marks another start, let it be a new beginning, a time to start over and remove traces of loneliness in your heart.

When a person is lonely, you should try to cheer him up and talk to him until he gets okay.

The hard part in being lonely is that no one notices and that you think that no one cares.

Loneliness is probably one of the worst problems there ever is, to be alone in a crowd.

Will you teach me how to remove the loneliness here in my heart and replace it with love?

I wonder where I will find someone who understands me and will remove my loneliness.

I wanted to be happy; I wanted to be free from the clutches of loneliness beckoning me.

Loneliness is when you have to pretend you are okay when all you want is to cry out.

A person with a lonely heart would be scared to open up to other people about anything.

All you can do for a lonely person is to be there for them when they finally need you.

What can I do for you if you feel too lonely to the point that you do not want to talk to me?

Some days, I wonder if loneliness is an illness and if it can still be cured, what is it really?

There was no denying how I felt the moment that you came into my life, you lifted my spirits up high and made me forget I was ever so lonely.

When you feel lonely, just remember that there are a lot of people who cares and loves you.

If I get a dime for every time I am lonely, I am guessing I would get rich by this time.

Christmas time is not the time to get lonely but there are so many lonely hearts out there.

The worst season for lonely hearts out there is valentine’s day, when lovers fall in love.

A lonely heart would not be able to fall in love fully because they always seek to be alone.

You do not notice the simple efforts people do for you because you are so caught up with loneliness so let me show them to you.

I hope you notice the little things that I do for you even through all the loneliness you have.

I am wishing that my love for you will overcome that barrier of loneliness you have there.

Maybe I can remove the loneliness you feel by showing you just how much I truly love you.

Let the rain wash away all the loneliness you have in your heart and start a fresh new season.