55 Lost without You Quotes


There are days when you do not know what to do because the person you have decided to give your heart to has abandoned you.
There is nothing worse than the feeling when the person you love leaves you alone to mend your heart on your own.
Here is to the people who felt lost without the person the love, maybe you can relate to some of the things here or at least it will inspire you to be strong because life will keep going on, that is just the way it is with life.


I am just so lost without you, like the feeling of being left alone in the darkness called life.


There was a void inside of me, full of sadness and hatred that no one saw in me but you alone.


Honestly, I don’t know if I’m feeling this way because I change or because you stop loving me.

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I do not even know how to be okay anymore because I am just lost when you are not here.


There is something about grief that changes us in ways that we never expect it to; that is real.


That feeling of being so lost without you goes away whenever I see you are here beside me.


Sadly, I start to panic whenever I do not see your face; I think I must be sick.


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I want to feel that you care for me enough to see me, touch me, and show me your love.


People will hurt you, leave you with a scar and throw you out; find someone worth it.


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Being lost without you is the worst thing I have ever felt in my life; never leave me again.


If you know what you have been doing to me, I think that perhaps you would never leave.


There are days when I do not even know myself anymore, those bad days that I want to forget.


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Sadness is a prerequisite to happiness, for it tastes twice as sweet when there is loss and grief.


Whatever I try to make things seem alright, I fail because the truth is that I am lost without you.


I say you stop waiting for things that will never happen again, but then I say you go for it.



The choice will always be yours, you have the things given to you, but you do not see ahead.


It is only when you cry hard enough that you realize just how much someone truly means.


At this very moment, all that I know is that I will be lost without you, and I do not want that.


I tried my best to do things the right way, but it seems that you would have left me even then.


You were always going to leave, weren’t you, no matter what I chose to do or not do.


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But for me, you were worth everything that I have and so much more, sad that you doubted me.


It is only because of love that I would feel lost without you, but that is the real reason why.


Never should you take anyone for granted, no one at all or it will be you that is truly lost.


The truth is the person you love the most is the one you think of when you hear sad songs.


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As well as I do not want to be lost without you, I also want to love you with all that I am.


I wish I could sing a thousand love songs with the most heartbreaking voice to spite you.


I overthink; I guess that is the problem for people who do not like others.


Some days, you need to let go and let be, and maybe you’d come back to a better place.

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My mind tells me that I will be fine, but my heart tells me that I will be lost without you.


A person should never get sad over what has been done already; there is no changing that.


The only thing you can do now is to do something to validate your purpose, be a guide to you.


It is because too many people take things for granted only to see them gone the very next day.


I want to feel that there is someone who cares for me and loves me as I am.


The truth is that no matter how famous or how rich I am, I feel so lost without you.


No one likes someone like me, and I thought that stay, but someone came way before you do.


I hope no one cries about the things I had in mind, for they are all but about you, love.


I am crazy even to think that I would not feel lost without you because I feel exactly that.


Now I know what it feels like to be broken apart because the one you want is not there.


How I wish you could be right beside me so that things would be better somehow than now.


When you feel sad for no particular reason, the wise thing is to get to someone who cares.


If I was asked years ago if I would be lost without you, the answer is no, but it is always yes now.


There is much care in the world that you only have left to see, so go out and explore even more.


The thing about love is that it only brings people pain when another comes into the picture.


I have travelled to lands far away and what I did not expect was that you’d be back for worse.


Heartbreak will surely be soon forgotten, but the memories and love shared will not be easy.


I know that I am lost without you because I cannot even see my future without you in it, dear.


I want you to know that there is something about you that makes me see possibilities.


Hanging on is what I do best, and so that is what I will do until you have a sense of this love.


I think it is because I need you and love you simultaneously that I am so lost without you.


There are so many ways to be tested in this life, and ours was broken before it even came to it.


Sad it is when the moment makes you remember a long-forgotten memory, something wrong.


The body will heal, but a heart will not mend itself; you will have to help it do so, that is true.


You make me happy when no one else in this world ever could, and so I am lost without you.


There comes a time when your heart will have a tiny crack from all the things around you.


I just wanted to live a life that makes me happy but leaving you behind was never a choice.


It was never my plan to leave you, and now I cannot undo it anymore, for I am scared to do so.


I keep aiming for something I know I will never hit, which is why I am lost without you.


I want to see you aim for something that matters, for something close to your heart.


Stop clinging to the pain that love brings and focus on the good things, the happy ones at that.


Lost without you is what I have been after all those years since we parted, my love.


Love is magic; love is being able to see through the illusion of a person beyond the perfect.


When you see the one you love leave you, it is like there is nothing you can do but weep hard.


Crying does not make things easier; it only tires the eyes and brings peaceful dreams to you.


Lost without you, I never thought it would be possible to feel that way until you moved away.


Never run away from a battle so far from being heard and instead make your real stand here.


The only way to be the best person you can become is to love yourself, to make you happy.


I hate feeling lost without you like there is a gaping hole here in my heart; it hurts.


Happiness is the key to life, so I suggest you take it upon yourself to make yourself happy.


There is no room for a mistake right now, do things with care so that no one leaves anymore.


Your heart may have been broken for so long, but it is with that you should fight right back.


We should never part ways, my love; tell me you would not leave because I’m lost without you.


Clear your head and let love lead the way to the right thing that you should be doing now.


Stop having expectations for people because you will only get disappointed by doing that.


Lost without you, and when I am with you, I feel that I am found, that I can be myself, just me.


I thank God that he has given me you, and still, I was mad when you left me all alone.


It is never sad to be in a place where the young had once been, in a small place in a town.


One of the reasons I feel lost without you is because you are a part of me; already you are.


Stop worrying your life away and leave a little more each day so have the best day.


Loss has taught you how to value things with all they can reach; happy you should be.


There is something about being so tired that I want to live a happy life.


I cannot even imagine how I would become should you go because I will be lost without you.


May you find the right person who will treat you right, not someone you feel weak without.


Now go out there and show the world what you have been genuinely made of; you can do this!