45+ Love and Hate Quotes

As the saying goes, love and hate always come hand in hand; it is closely related to one another.
You cannot say that you only feel a certain way of affection for a person for as much as you are fond of him; it is only human nature to feel certain negativity about him.
Not to worry, as it is only natural for people to feel it. Should your lover feel that his blood is boiling because of you, that can also mean that he is affectionate for you.
Here are some quotes that will help let you know just what it means to have these two emotions go hand in hand.

Love and hate cannot be avoided; you cannot feel one without the other.

It is your choice whether or not you will let what you feel make you miserable or not.

You either feel lovely about where you are in life, or you try to risk everything you have.


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The problem with hating someone is that it only leaves you scars that are too ugly to look at.

When you love and hate a person simultaneously, you need to decide which matters far more.

The truth is that people get hurt all the time; it is only a matter of finding someone worth it all.

Pain will subside for the physical but those that have bruised your soul never will.

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Honestly, I think it will be much better if people will learn to forgive their enemies.

At times, you have to let your anger pass before you ever speak a word, be calm, dear.

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If you learn to love and hate, then choose wisely to direct each of these two emotions.

Darling, as far as I know, there is nothing good that hatred has ever done to humanity, ever.

Never should you let anyone make you suffer for what you feel because that is solely yours?

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Learn to give and let go, and you will find yourself being happy most of the time in your life.

There is something about love and hate that brings people down from their pedestals, darling.

There is nothing far more substantial magic than the feelings you give to the loving person.

Inside every person’s heart is a will to destroy things, just l; just all go down to ashes.

Should you ever find yourself in doubt about what you feel, I suggest you trust your instincts.

The best thing to do about your feelings is to try to understand where they are coming from.

A person in the right mind would not love and hate simultaneously; you can choose only one.

Sometimes you turn into something bitter because you do not get what you thought you would.

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It truly is sad when the person who promised you forever suddenly forgets who you even are.

There is but sadness in hating someone who you have been long dreaming of every night.

Stop it with the confusion; the truth is that love and hate always will go with each other, dear.

A little should you worry about how you feel, for you are human and entitled to do just that.

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Should there ever be a problem with your feelings, remember that you are the best person.

If you treat people for what they are truly worth, you will see gems that are waiting to shine.

It is by knowing and feeling firsthand that you get to understand what other people go through.

I can only tell you that I have come across a person that I love and hate once in my lifetime.


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Never should you let your emotions get the best of you; try to keep them in check constantly.

There are days when we let fear replace all we have in our hearts; try not to do just that.

Do not be scared to love and hate for their perfectly normal emotions; that is the truth.

Let nothing in the world rule over yourself, know your heart, know what it beats, darling.

There is a reason why there is a need for reconciliation; for retribution, the answer is hope.

There are days when I feel like I do not even know myself because there is love and hate.

The truth is that you can only wish that everything will go exactly as it did in your head.

Things are not always going to go your way, but you should be ready for that, expect that.

It is your nature to destroy, but you should rein that emotion and try to build instead.

You will have to pay the price for all the times you have hated someone instead of loving.

A foolish person will say that you cannot love and hate at the very same time.

For in every person’s heart, there is but a memory of a time when a person has been happy.

By trying your best to become happy, you truly become the person you want to be.

You should learn more about yourself and know more about what makes you smile and what not.

If there is love and hate in this world, I believe that is perfectly normal as there is war.

There are times when I want to stop the flashbacks in my head, for I have no care for them.

To be in love and hate yourself because of falling for the enemy might be one of the hardest.

I do not want to be trapped hating myself anymore because I honestly do not feel good about it.

There will be people who will not treat you with respect, but you should not lower yourself.

May you enjoy your life without having to feel the envy of others and their hatred just as well.

The real point in life is to be happy with what you have and enjoy your will at want.

There is but a time when it is impossible to explain why you love and hate a person, honestly.

Your desires do not define you, so I hope you never let them consume the light in you.

If you have to be productive, do it so that the people around you will benefit from it.

There is no competition with other people; to be honest, you are just competing with yourself.

When you try to become a better person, you keep trying to top yourself whenever you are.

There are days when it feels surreal that I feel so sad by not being the best I can become.

Where there is love and hate, there is chaos; there is peace, there is confusion and clarity too.

The thing about harbouring hatred inside you is that you will have to wait for a long time.

Stop being caged in your world, try to struggle free and do some things for yourself.

For love and hate are just two things in life that matter, in the end, so be wise about it.

There is but a consequence for trying to defy nature, so you should do your best all the time.

Just because you do not know what ticks a person does not mean that you should know.

The thing is that the emotion you pay forward will eventually come back to you, that it would.

You can feel but little love and hate if you do not learn how to open your heart.

Being stubborn is not a sin, but if you are at fault, you should learn to apologize for all of it.

No person is ever born with complicated emotions; you are born with pure joy.

If you must learn to dislike a person, tell him, be honest so that you may face each other.

As you know, love and hate are just impossible for some while others seem to get lost.

If you learn to dislike yourself, you are at a loss; you will never know who you are anymore.

All that do not know how to be passionate will never appreciate what beautiful nature is.

Jealousy is something that is born from liking a person only for good qualities.

How do you love and hate someone that has been there for you for what seems like forever?

There are paradoxes in this world that you have yet to discover, like falling and hating.

If you try to make do with what you have, eventually you will have more, and that is worth it.

It is worth fighting for; there are things in life that will lead you to the place you are meant for.

When you get into a fight with your best friend, you love and hate at the same time.

There is nothing better in this world than to be able to feel what you have in your heart freely.

For there is nothing to fear when you like a person, you only need to have a heart that beats.

There are better things in the earth that you walk in than what you can see, my dear.

I still cannot figure out what it would be like to love and hate a person to the core.

Darling, sometimes you just have to figure out that you are only accessible when you let yourself be.

Fight for the right reasons, and you will see that the right moments will come to you freely.

There is not much basis about love and hate for each person differs from the next one indeed.

When you have to fight to get what you want, then that is the time you know it is indeed worth it.

Decide what you want in this life and never let anybody else take it from you; that is the truth.