Top 60 Love Failure Quotes


They say that the ending of real love is “Happily ever after”, but in real life, it sometimes does not end happily or stays forever even if it is true.
Love sometimes leave us broken and lost without that person we care for.
Here are some love failure quotes to express what you are feeling creative.


Love did not hurt me; it is you. You left me broken into pieces.


The saddest lines of my life; I love you. Because I know you can’t love me back.


It is painful to let you go, but it is harder to hold on to you.


Loving you makes me feel complete, but seeing you love someone else makes me think I am not worth it.

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The pain you gave me today will prepare me for tomorrow’s challenges.


You said goodbye, and I walked away, the worst memory I have to carry every day.


Maybe this world isn’t ours to share; that’s why you left me hanging in the air.


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Loving you is not easy but letting you go is harder.


It hurts to know that someone out there makes you smile like the way I used to.


From strangers to lovers, and now we are lovers back to total strangers.


I wish I could turn back time and never make the mistake of loving you.


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Out of all the goodbyes we said, this is the most painful.


You were the reason for my smile; I never knew you would be the reason for my tears too.



You made a mistake for cheating on me, and I made a mistake for trusting you.


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The day you turned your back on me is when you burned the bridges for me to reach you.


I never asked you to save me; I wanted you to be there while I held myself.


We cannot fix what’s broken.


I cared too much, and now I am bleeding to death.


I was afraid to lose you. But you gave me no choice but to live without you.

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Don’t make me fall if you have no plans of catching me.


Now that you’re gone, all I can do is accept that the love isn’t for the both of us.

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I tried my best; I guess it is not enough to make your stay.


Trying to forget you is like remembering something that I never knew.


The worst thing is, I can’t stay mad at you when you don’t care.


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I fell too deep, and you let me fall. Fall and shatter into pieces.


I would rather stay alone than be in love with you, who will never love me back.


You are now a thousand miles away, and you took my heart with you.


Remembering your voice makes me cry, the tears you would never notice.


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You promised you would come back and never did it.


Without you, all I could see was black and white.


I got too attached, and now that you are gone, I feel lost.


After today, there will be no more tears in my eyes that you are the reason for falling.


The most painful thing is I trusted you too much and never thought that you would hurt me this much.


You knocked my walls down, and now I am building it up again. Stronger, so you can’t break it anymore.


Don’t say you love me if you can’t prove it to me.


I know my tears for today will be worth it for tomorrow.


Goodbyes are never easy, but ours is the hardest to say.


I told you I love you not to hear it back. But to let you know.


My heart needs time to understand what my mind already knows.


You made promises that I knew that you’d break, but I still trusted you.


My heart feels empty without you.


It’s sad to love still someone who used to love you.


You are my kind of drug, and now I’m addicted.


I smile so you cannot see the pain I hide.


Letting you go is like yesterday. I can no longer go back.


I can talk to hundreds of people but still, miss talking to you.


Those memories we shared are the memories I don’t want to remember.


I never gave up on you, but you gave upon us.


My fears are more significant than your feelings for me.


I fell deep, and you just watched me drown.


I will never make the same mistake, and that’s you.


I cannot sleep because I don’t want to dream of you anymore.


My tears are proof that I have loved you.


Someday, someone will put all my broken pieces together.


We were mad, and right now, I am in deep pain.


The words you said when you left is like my alarm to wake up that you are gone.


Today I will accept the fact that you are no longer mine.


Loving you is the biggest fight I have to give up.


The moments we shared will never be wasted time.


You are my world. Now I lost everything.


You pushed me away, but why am I the one watching you walk away?


Falling in love with you cost me everything.


Nothing has been the same since the day you went your own way.


I know my worth, and I won’t settle for less.


You made me an option, and now I am making your history.


I am a queen, and you will never be my king.


I do not fear commitment; I am afraid of wasting my time again.


You can never fix something that is already broken.


I may have loved you so much, but that doesn’t mean that I need you to survive.


The best and worst feeling, hearing you say the words I love you.


I gave you myself, but you never gave me your loyalty.


At the end of our story, another story starts to unfold.


You made me feel unwanted when all I want is you.


Never come back to something that broke you.


I did not lose you; you lost me.


You were so busy counting dim-lit stars while I was shining in front of you.


Watching you leave is like a nightmare. I don’t want to dream ever again.


Only you can put a smile on my face when I am sad. And only you can make me shed tears when I am mad.


I gave you my love, and you gave me heartaches in return.


I believe that no one in this world can hurt me like the way you did when you walked away from me.


Only real men know that one woman is enough.


Moving on is one thing and accepting that you failed me is another thing.


You should not have let me go if you couldn’t watch me be happy in someone else’s arms.


Our story is my least favourite fairy tale.


Take away all the pain and fill my heart with love.


Breaking me made me more rigid and stronger. Thank you for leaving me behind.


It’s sad to know that someone else is making you smile right now.


I am crying because I am hurt today, but my tears will be tomorrow because my heart is filled with joy.

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When one door closes, another one opens.


I gave you my heart, but you played with it.


If you are not happy, do not cheat. Just leave.


You made me regret I said those three precious words to you.


We had a moment’s not just plain memories.


You are only miles away, but why does it feel like you are so far away?


I loved you yesterday and still do today, but tomorrow I no longer will.


The pain you gave me reminds me that only a fool will play with his queen’s heart.


Time does not heal the scars you left; I just learned to live with it.


The day you turned your back on me is the end of our story.


Tears in my eyes will slowly fade away. Someday you will see a smile so genuine on my face.


I’m not staying with someone who’s just playing.


I am worth it. I always have been and always will be.


Only real men know how to stay faithful.


Missing you is the hardest part of forgetting everything about you.


I am tired of waiting. Waiting for the day that you will love me too.


I am no damsel in distress, but I still need my knight in shining armour.


My heart died the same day you left me.


It is better to be single than in the wrong relationship.


I know why I met you. To teach me a lesson that love should never be taken for granted.


We were walking on fire; then you left me to burn on my own.


I tried to keep us together, but you tried harder to let us fall apart.


One day, you will miss me as I miss you today.


How can I forget you if I planned my future with you?


Losing you did not make me less weak it made me better and stronger.


I will never forget all the times we had, for it is not wasted nor something I regret.


I am burning bridges—the bridges I made to be with you.


Our love is meant to end and walk on our separate paths.


My smile does not mean I am not hurting inside.


Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie.


I’ll wear all my scars, for I am not afraid to tell the world that I survived.


We were destined to meet to break each other so someone better could fix us.


I can never forget your name and the games we play. But I will forget what you brought to me, and that is pain.


The sun will shine after the rain. Like my smile will be back when my eyes and heart drain.


Physically, I am okay. But emotionally, there are no words that can explain.


Said the right words and left me with the worst feelings.


You already gave up on us while I was busy fixing what you broke in me.