The 45 Love is Thicker than Blood Quotes

An old famous saying “Blood is thicker than Water” means that family relationships are better than friendships but there is one thing at the top of this two, Love.
Love is the strongest force in the world and governs all.
We can express our love to anyone by using the following Love is thicker than blood quotes.

We may not have the same blood running on our but our love is true and forever.

The strongest relationship in this world is love relationship since love is thicker than blood.

Though we are not related, I love you more than anyone else in this entire world, that I do.


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Blood is thicker than anything else but without love it is nothing. Love is thicker than blood.

Love is thicker than blood, blood may runs out but love will stay forever and will always be.

Love is the most import thing in the world, without it anything will be meaningless.

Love is thicker than blood, love gives a blind to see and a lifeless to reborn.

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Blood bond as together but love make us stronger because love is thicker than blood.

Family is not defined only by blood but also by love because love is thicker than blood.

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Being related by blood doesn’t make us family if we don’t have love to each other.

They say blood is thicker than water but above them is love because love conquers all.

Blood makes us related but love makes us one family because love is thicker than blood.

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We could be related by blood but not family if we don’t have to each other.

Family is not just about blood but it is about the ones we love and care because.

Love is thicker than blood, family is not always by blood but the ones who makes us special.

Our love make us bond and make us feel home because love is thicker than blood.

I am not related to you but you cared for me so much better than my family could gave.

Blood just make us family but could not make us united if there is no love.

How I could prove to you my dear that blood is not enough to define a family?

Love is thicker than anything else in this world and the only thing we need to make us one.

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Heart and blood are essential parts of the body; without a heart, blood will not function.

Home is where love is but sometimes it is not dwell with the persons related by blood.

Being a family is determined by true love, not by blood, because love is thicker than blood.

We are not related by blood but our love make us one, make us a family.

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We may have different mothers and different blood but are hearts will always be the same.

What could I say my love? You are my friend, my family and my blood. Love make us one.

Love is thicker than blood; not just a saying but a reality that hurts most.

I don’t care if we don’t have a same blood and same parents but I love you as my own sibling.

Blood can be passed to those you are compatible with but love can share to all, related or not.


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Blood runs out and limited, but LOVE never fades and never ends, love is thicker than blood.

My love, how my life would be without you. Our love runs my blood, my mind and my soul.

We don’t have the same blood but your love is like glue that sticks us during broke moments.

Your love is big, unconditional and endless even we are not in the same blood you own us.

My love you are the living proof of love is thicker than blood. Your love is like no other.

Loving others is making them your family too because being family isn’t always by blood.

Blood and love can save lives, love can save dead soul and heart, love is thicker than blood.

A family does not stops from being related by blood, it should have care, trust and LOVE.

We came from different mothers, different DNA connection, it does not stop as to be a family.

You are different, I am different, we are not related but our life is connected by strings of love.

Love is thicker than blood in many cases; in times of loneliness and sadness, love stands out.

A family is bond by blood but makes stronger by love because love is thicker than blood.

Love can save our soul, it is stronger than blood and anything else.

Love is thicker than blood and love what drives our life and what makes us a person.

Do you know why love is thicker than blood? Look at me, I love you better than anyone else.

I don’t care if we’re not related, if we are different, I will treat you as my real family, brother.

Love is thicker than blood, connects us from others and build relationships that could last.

Share love to others, to your friends, family and even to strangers because it make us unite.

You are my friend but I love you like we are related, like my own and like my life.

A family is not always where you from and your related, it is where you feel loved and cared.

We don’t have to be in a same blood to treat each as siblings because love is enough.

Do you know what is better than blood? It is love. It makes us alive and meaningful.

Love is thicker than blood, better than any forces in this world and greatest of all.

We are not related by blood but our hearts is connected by love that makes us strong.

Blood makes us exists in this world, love makes us live since love is thicker than blood.

In this world where diversity exists, love connects us, relates us and binds us.

Love binds people, makes blood and builds a family that is why it is very powerful.

Blood relates to a family but love relates to all, because love is thicker than blood.

Blood makes our body alive; love feeds our soul, heart and mind. We both need them.

We are not related by blood but we are connected by our hearts and by our soul.

You are not related to me but I want to treat you as my own sibling because I love you.

Love is the most powerful force in this world that unites different bloods.

We are connected by our blood but our love for each other makes us more a family.

The blood that runs in you doesn’t runs in mine but the love you feel is what I also feel.

Sometimes those who are not related by blood loves and cares you the most.

Love for all is what matters because without it, life will be miserable and useless.

We are in a same blood so we have to cherish and love each other to make us one.

Who cares if we are related by blood or not? You are my sister by heart and by love.

We may came from different families but we are like siblings connected by love.

Many people says blood is what matters but how could that be true if love exists.

No matter where you from, what blood runs to you, love will link our minds and soul.

Love outweighed everything, makes relationship to each other strong and sincere.

Definitely love is thicker than blood, it cannot be bought nor measured, and it is priceless.

Always remember that blood can connect families but love connect us all.

The power of love is undeniably true, can change anything and make two hearts as one.

Love is thicker than blood, that’s what I learned from, we are like a true sibling in heart.

We may not came from the same blood, same race, same family, I love you forever and ever.

We may not sibling by blood but we love each other like we really are.

We shared moments together, grew up together, we may not blood related but we are like one.

I love you for who you are, my love for you is better than anyone else and will always be.

You are my family, you supports me in everything I do and love me like we are really related.

We laugh and cry together, we face every hardships and overcome all like a true family does.

You are with me during my success and failures, that’s why I treat you as my own family.

A true family doesn’t mean you are related by blood, it is how you cared for each other.

In your eyes, I found home and love; you may not my family by blood, I will always love you.

Love is what builds a family relationship, without it the foundation is weak.

The bond that links us makes us a true family and makes us strong. LOVE makes it all.

Family love is not always get from blood relations but also to those who accept us.

Blood doesn’t mean always you are family, sometimes you are just related.

We may not have a complete family, friends could fill it because love makes it happened.

Don’t be sad my dear, I could be your parent, your sibling, I can be all because I love you.

Love makes the unrelated to become related not by blood but by feelings and by heart.

I always searched love in all places, a love by blood but I found it in you, my dear my love.

Love is thicker than blood, how many times I will explain that? Love will tell you so.

Being a family doesn’t determined by blood but by respect, trust and above all, LOVE.

As I look at you I know we are related, our hearts are connected and our soul are destined.

I don’t know how it started but I know our love is greater than all love in this world.

I found a family in you, I felt we are related and destined. Oh dear, that’s how love works.