Monday Quotes

We all have that specific day of the week that we don’t seem to like, and that’s Monday.
Do you know why? Because it’s the first day of the workweek, and who doesn’t love weekends? Below are our Monday quotes that can help you feel a bit better about facing the first day of the week.

Monday Inspirational Quotes

Monday is the first step towards the weekend, the best day of the week. But before that, we will need inspiration that can help us get through the weekdays. We will be faced with different trials that will certainly tire us. And that’s why we need Monday inspirational quotes. Read the quotes we’ve written for you to get inspired on a Monday, and it’ll surely get you fired up for the week.


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Another day, another week, another hell to get through. And that’s life.

Don’t be a fat cat. Get up, do something productive today and get the whole week started.

If you don’t start today, when will you? When does the weekend?

Monday is not just another day. It’s also a new day to aim for success.

Mondays are not all bad; It’s just the first day; things will get better.

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I love the first day like it’s the last so that every day will feel like it’s Friday.

The more you think positive about Mondays, the more it’ll be a good week.


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If you can’t win today, it’s okay. You can still try again on Tuesday until Friday.

Monday morning, a fresh start to the road of victory. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s a challenge we must all take.

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Mondays are lovely if you think positively. Thinking how tiring Mondays are will only pull you down.

Mondays can be like candy if you make them as sweet and positive as you can.

Monday is a step closer to Friday but a step away from Sunday. But then again, you’ll just get to Sunday eventually, and you’ll be scared when it ends, for it’s going to be Monday again.

Mondays are like veggies, they taste and feel bad, but it’s good for you.

Starting Over Quotes

The dead cannot walk the earth unless it’s Monday.

The only time Mondays are loved is when there’s no school, no work, or it’s a holiday or payday.

I like Mondays. It just reminds me that it’s a fresh new start to the week.

Mondays are like the saying, Your past defines who you are. If it’s a bad day, don’t stress about it. If it’s a good day, what a reward.

If you ever want to cheer up, just count the days until Friday. A gap of four days isn’t really so bad because time actually flies faster than you think.

Monday is like Love; it never fades away so easily.

Mondays can be bad, but like the rain, a rainbow follows after it. So it’s all going to be good eventually.

You may feel dead, but today is the first day of the week, and the party’s just getting started.

Mondays are exhausting, but slowly, it will become very rewarding as you approach the end of the week.

Monday is like cooking food; it tastes better the more you work for it.

The weekends may be done, but you can always look forward to the following weekend.

Days like this can go anywhere, so today is special too.

Monday is fun if you think about so many things you can do today.

You know what? You can do a lot on a Monday if you put your mind to it.

Befriended Mondays and have the best times with them. They’ll give you a good week. You’ll see.

Retirement isn’t far from Mondays at all. Every Monday is one step closer to it or a relaxing vacation.

Love Mondays like how you love your grandmother. Be sweet and kind to get sweet treats.

It feels rewarding to get things done, especially on Mondays. It’s the first day to get a victory.

Today is just a start of a great week after another, so be grateful for all the Mondays.

Weekends are fantastic, and all but Mondays get you to go out and explore.

Monday is an excellent day to make things better within a week.

Mondays are a great way to start the day since Sunday just ended.

If you’re having a bad Monday, just remember, actors have an easier time pretending to be sad on a Monday.

The reason why Mondays are bad for you is that you’re getting worked up over something small, so lighten up and keep calm. It always works.

You should know it’s either you seize Monday or Monday seizes you.

Good luck is yet to come for those who work hard since it’s Monday and the week has just started.

I never felt so energetic waking up on a Monday, all thanks to my old buddy coffee.

Help yourself up. Monday will pass. Friday will come. And on the weekend, you rest.

Monday is my day time to seize the day.

Fun day on Monday. Enjoy the sun; it’s so much fun.

Monday is the best time of the week. It gives us a reason to be productive.

Start the week productive on a Monday, follow it up with energy on a Tuesday, just keep trying on a Wednesday, never give up on a Thursday and rejoice for it is Friday.

The week never starts on a Saturday, so always be prepared on a Monday.

Do your best to have fun make the best of it while you can run, always be happy, and you’ll learn how to love Monday.

You can start the day listening to learn new things rather than repeating what you know by talking.

Remember that Monday is the beginning of the week, so don’t lose hope, and please no complaining.

Inspired by Monday, fulfilled by Friday. That is how you enjoy life to the fullest.

Monday is where you should work harder, and at the end of the week will be the harvest time of your efforts.

Be positive in life. Always look at the bright side, and you should always remember never to call a mayday on a Monday.

My brain is motivated, while my heart is inspired. This is how I start my week, and it’s always with a smile.

Be brave to conquer Mondays and work hard to be a hero on Fridays.

Share the thoughts of being inspired when Monday comes. You can’t hide. Never fear, for you’re already here. So just step up your game for your break is near.

Quiet times are on a Monday, where people look tired and lumpy all day. So just be different and enjoy the silence, for Monday is an excellent day to be jolly.

Hate to burst your bubble because Monday is just a minor bump on a saddle. Be brave till the weekends. Then you can try again.

Get through Monday so you can drink beer on a Friday, then you can party on a Saturday and relax on a Sunday.

Keep your heads up, and don’t lose focus. Monday is something we all come across.

Here it comes the new day, the Monday. Keep striving and keep moving forward.

Why complain on a Monday when you can always do it on a Tuesday? Are you not convinced? Do it on a Wednesday.

It’s easy conquering Monday. Just act like it’s Friday.

Monday Motivational Quotes for Work

The first day of the workweek sure feels exhausting. I mean, I bet everyone feels that those two days of weekends aren’t even enough. That basically means you need to drag yourself up to get started with Monday because work isn’t all pleasant. Below are Monday motivations quotes for work that can surely motivate you to start the week.

Life is too short, and it’s just the first day of the week. Time to work, make a living, and be productive.

Look, it’s Monday! Don’t get mad. Don’t you even dare to be sad. Start your week with a smile, for you have papers here to file.

Dead people don’t come back to life unless they need to work on a Monday.

Do you want to see a dead man on a Monday? Go to your office with a tremendous amount of paperwork waiting for you, then look at the mirror.

The more you work on Monday, the more rewarding it will be.

Monday is the best day to work, and I hope for a raise.

Sometimes it’s not the best day but remember that if you work hard, your boss might give you a raise or, even better, a promotion.

Monday may not be your day, but hey, at least you made something productive today.

The first day is always rewarding. You’re one step closer to payday. Or maybe Monday is your payday! Congratulations.

Love the day like how you love everything else in life, and maybe it won’t bite you in the ass.

It’s hard to love working on Mondays, but hey, remember you’re the employee of the month, and that’s something to be happy about.

Lovely day to get a raise or promotion, at least hope for that every Monday.

I don’t hate Mondays. You’re one step closer to retirement.

Lovely skies, refreshing breeze, beautiful sceneries, that can all happen on a Monday, so love it and be grateful for it.

Mondays may be boring, but it’s more tedious if you don’t do anything at all. So keep working.

Monday is like a lighthouse. It’s the first thing you’ll see on your way home.

Mondays may be a downer, but soon, it’ll be refreshing when you get home for a long day at work, take a night bath and be off to bed.

Feel free to live life and work hard on a Monday. You’re getting closer to your goal one week at a time.

This day may not end fast but do make the most out of it because that’s what they say, living life to the fullest.

Today will be good, even if it is a Monday. Every day can always be a good day.

Mondays are not all that bad. Think about it. Even superheroes work on Mondays.

A job’s a job, but on that job comes an excellent paycheck, and a Monday is a day closer to it.

Working on the first day of the week can be tiresome, but it will end soon. You can even go to Starbucks afterward for a refreshing latte to reward yourself.

Monday paperwork can get you an excellent paycheck if you can get them right. So work hard for it, my friend.

Lovely day to work hard and be motivated because it’s the first day of the week.

Candy is sweet, but so is lunch break on a Monday.

Love your job and Mondays; something good is always bound to happen.

Working on a Monday is not so bad. Just think about your hot workmate you get to see after a long weekend. That’ll get you motivated.

You think Mondays are the worst. There’s still the entire week before the weekends. So keep working hard. Your paycheck is waiting for you.

Monday is just the beginning of your journey to success, and it can be great if you at the bright side.

A friend once told me never to give up and do my best. You have to work and beat the rest, so don’t you frown on a Monday when you can always rest on a Sunday.

Your work will not start on its own. So you better stand up and start working because Monday is no time for complaining.

Your work is essential for you and maybe for your family too. So don’t skip a Monday.

If you think about it, Monday is just a day to see your beloved job again, so always strive to be the employee at work.

If you love your work with all your heart, you can only say Monday isn’t so bad after all.

Pessimists always despise Monday for it’s the first day of the week while optimists love their work, so they never forget to welcome Monday with a big bright smile.

Monday is the day you can tell your officemates how awesome your weekend is.

Monday is a workday, but have you ever heard someone saying Monday is a fun day? If no, then be the first person to share Love on a Monday.

Keep up with the date on Monday. Don’t be late, smile, and show the world that you can slay the day.

You thought it would be hard, but Monday is like every other day of the week, so stop complaining and start smiling.

Bear in mind your work is important. Are you sure you want to get beaten by a monster day called Monday?

Play hard on a Friday work harder on a Monday. That’s how life should be.

Take good care of your body, so you will soon realize my honey work always starts on a Monday.

Don’t party too much on a Sunday, for Monday is just around the corner. It might hit you by surprise if you don’t take my advice, and you’ll end up with a hangover.

Complaining won’t help. Stressing over it will never help either. So suck it up. It’s just a Monday.

Imagine a world without Monday, the most important day of the week for the people to work and earn. So why hate this gentle beast known as Monday.

You will understand how important working on a Monday is if you lose your job for skipping that day.

I wouldn’t say I like Monday, I’ll admit, but I also love my job, and I must commit, so come on Monday. I’m not scared of you.

Always be eager to start your week with a bang. Chin up and smile. Keep that up for a while.

If you don’t want to worry about a Monday, quit your job, be your own boss, and do whatever makes you happy.

Have you ever asked yourself why do I dislike Mondays for work when it’s just a regular day?

Do you know what is scarier than working on a Monday? It’s when you enter your workplace late with your boss at your desk looking angry as heck.

Sometimes you have to work harder to achieve your dreams, so don’t be lazy. Get up; it’s Monday.