100+ Pain Quotes

No one goes through life without experiencing pain.

As much as happiness is a vital part of human experience, pain is of equal significance too. Without pain, how can one grow?

Words, like time, aids in easing pain, here are quotes to help you in your journey.

A person who truly knows you will see your pain behind the mask you put on every day.

Aside from experience, pain is the second best teacher. Pain is the chisel that engraves the greatest of lessons inside a broken heart.

It is through pain that we learn to grow, to move on and to start fresh chapter again.

A remarkable life is not one without pain.


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Pain, tears, arguments, quarrels, and jealously are all part of a healthy relationship. These are the things that spice up the relationship but should not be the one that dominates over anything else.

You will know that you truly loved someone when his goodbye leaves a pain like nothing else.

When you love someone, you have two options: one is to risk telling her how you feel or forever bear the pain of hiding all the love you have for her. Nothing is more painful than being haunted by ‘what ifs.’

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I’d rather be with a person who shares my pain with me than with someone who only stays by my side during the good times.

Joy and pain are vital factors that turn a person strong and wise.

The sweetest pleasure in life is only experienced after pain.

Obstacles are part of life. It is through struggle that casts the heart sturdier and glowing.

Life won’t be as interesting with a dash of pain. It is important to remember that pain is not a bad thing at all. How can you appreciate life without the scars to remind you of the battles you’ve triumphed over?

The ability to cause pain is that which must be handled with caution.

When it hurts, it is a sign of progress.

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Believe or not, pain is one of life’s sweetest gifts. Without pain, how will you learn?

When I started out in this journey, I was a piece of block ready for the world to chisel me into a masterpiece. My triumphs, my success and my happiness gave me color, but it was the pain and the battles that shaped me into who I am – a life’s masterpiece.

Dear God, please help me endure the pain that will come along my way. Let me not be blinded by the wounds. Please pull me back to my feet when I feel like giving up. Dear God, help me see pain as something beautiful, your way of making me tougher and steadfast against the battles ahead. Amen.



Pain is what makes us human. That’s the beauty of it.

When I am blanketed in my defenses, pain is the wind that passes through my paper like blanket. The chill seeps into my bones as I drift off into a dreamless sleep.

How can you appreciate the wonders of life is it is without pain?

Pain has turned my heart into steel. Nothing can hurt me, nothing can steer my affections, or so I thought.

If not for you, Pain, my friend, I wouldn’t have challenged myself to cross the finish the line.

There is one question, one mystery, which lingers within the bowels of my mind. Why do others choose to end their lives? Is death the only way out? I was a stranger to it until one night, I was overdosed with pain. It was my only companion for many days, whispering me poems weaved from tears. Is this what they have to wrestle with every day? I can only bare so much.

I carry pain, like how I carry a precious locket with me all the time. It has been a precious part of me, my dose of reality which reminds me of my vulnerability and my humanity.

Wounds are reminders of how much you have been conquered.

It is through pain that I have learned about the undiscovered pieces of myself.

Quotes About Moving On and Letting Go

Pain is the anchor which has pinned me on the ground for as long as I can remember. Will I ever find comfort from this suffering?

To feel pain is to breathe, an essential part of being human.



Your ability to respond to pain is a reflection of how you will emerge successful in the succeeding chapters of your life.

A man who decides to rise up against pain is a man who will win in life.

People who hold dearly to hate and anger are people who are terrified of experiencing the aftermaths of pain.

You will recognize true friendship if you can share not only your sunshine and rainbows in the table, but your pain and suffering with a group of remarkable strangers in your life as well.

Oh, Pain! You are the only footprints I have left of her.

True friendship is accepting the truth from your friend, even if hurts.

Now that you have left me with a gaping wound so vast, I wonder how many stitches I will need to heal.

When he came into my life, with eyes as bright as fireflies lingering in the dark, pain is the last thing in my mind.

After this avalanche of pain, I don’t know if I will ever be myself again.

I admire people who can smile in spite of bearing an enormous amount of pain.


It is only through the furnace of pain from which I can emerge stronger and sharper.

It is not until you are retching pain that you will recognize the happy days, long for them and treasure them in your heart.

Painful messages to say your heart hurts

We are all born with pain. It goes hand-in-hand with joy.

Pain is the yellow in the stoplight. It signals us to slow down, appreciate what we have, before we go rushing to the battlefield again.

Not only did pain teach me some of the greatest lessons of my life, it also has bent me into a better shape than I was before.

It is only through pain that I have realized my mistakes. Oh, how she must have cried herself to sleep. I should have held her close when she needed me the most, celebrated her greatest victories and danced her under the twilight. Now it’s too late. I can only carry the regret for as long as I live.

The greatest pain of all is one that which you leaves you dumbfounded in the crossroads of your journey.

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Those who are shaped by pain are forever broken, untrusting and ruthless or wiser, steadfast and courageous.

Successful people are shaped by pain, brimming with determination and an eagerness to challenge themselves.

If you think about it, every superhero we know was struck with pain before they became who they are. Captain America had dealt with rejection, while Batman dealt with the loss of his parents. If you think about it, each of us emerges as superheroes after surviving pain.

If you can find humor in everything, in spite of pain, then you can win against anything and everything that will be tumbling along the way.

Her touches are water and fire, her smile is the sun and the moon, and her goodbye is pain like nothing else.

The least you can do is to steer away from inflicting pain on the innocent.

The greatest dream should be healing pain and stitching a broken heart.

If I can ease the pain of another, cure the wounds of my lover, then I shall not die in vain.

Let go of the pain, hold on to the memories.

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The mark of maturity is the ability to walk with pain and to recognize its beauty.

The greatest realization I had in my life is the reality that I am alone. That’s the most painful and yet, the most liberating truth I had ever faced.

The society is blinded by the pursuit of happiness alone, turning a blind eye to the consequence of pain.

Pain is the bitterness in your coffee, the sour in the lemon and the heat in the flame.

What gives my life tremendous meaning is the capacity to comfort other people’s pain.

Life is too short to center it on pain.

Once you have taken the first breathe of life, you are given the first whiff of pain and happiness as soon as you open your eyes to the world.

To love without return and to embrace the pain are the bravest of feat.

The magic of music is to bring back the hurt all over again without even laying a finger on you.

Don’t be afraid to stumble over, to fall on the ground. It is only through pain that you will learn how to stand stronger, wiser and braver.

If you are born in a city faced with hunger, pain and poverty, you learn to adapt to any circumstances anywhere you go.

Unless you feel excruciating pain for yourself, you will not want others to feel the same pain again.

Forgiveness is a valiant act. It means offering peace to the one who inflicted you pain.

Empathy is the sum of pain, understanding and love. Only through empathy can we offer others comfort and peace.

Pain is not taught in school. Nobody can truly educate you about. Only through experiencing it yourself can you truly understand it.

Pain will either turn you into a soldier or a monster.

The counterpart of pain is peace. When you are troubled, wounded and angry , the only way for you to heal is to seek asylum in tranquility and find peace.

Pain is a gift handed out to every human. How can you know fear and pity without pain? If there is no pain, then monsters will roaming the streets, sitting in our homes, watching us from every corner.

Pain is healthy. Pain is part of being human. Pain does not sugarcoat. Pain is the reality of what it is like to live in this cruel world.

I am lying down, drenched in my tears. The pain is blooming in my chest like blossoms in the spring. But with this pain cradling in my chest, my eyes have opened to the beauty of being human. We are amazing creatures of capable of feeling such an array of emotions.

Pain is knowing that the person that you love the most in this world does not love you back.

There is no greater pain than being told by the one you love to go away, to leave him alone.

Pain breaks people, even the best ones, even the strongest ones, they all break because of it.

Some days, I am thankful for the pain that you gave me, it thought me not to trust anyone.

Pain makes the best people give up their dreams, it has already cost people so much.

Do not let the pain that you feel make you clip your own wings, to keep you from flying high.

The worst kind of pain is the one that is inflicted emotionally, when you start feeling empty.

Pain will only feed more pain, it will never be able to feed you with happiness, know that.

Just keep in mind that there is a reason for your pain, for the emotion you are feeling now.

One day, you will know why you felt pain, you will know why things happened that way.

Truly, there is no gain if you have not experience any pain at all, it is normal to feel that way.

There will be many obstacles to go through and you are going to feel pain sometime soon.

Some days you will feel as if it is only the pain that you feel that is keeping you alive.

There is always pain, you just get numb to some of it that you forget that you are in pain.

No sense in denying it, everyone has their own problems to carry, own pains to bear.

Pain is one of the things that will make you struggle in life, that will help you to live.

Happiness is only felt in extreme because you have known pain before, otherwise you won’t.

There is something about pain that makes you think about it over and over, that kills you.

When you see the one you love saying sweet words to someone else, you will feel pain.

I wanted to be the one that will make you feel loved but I guess all I brought you was pain.

I felt sorry to be the one to bring you pain but I was not sorry that we were ever together.

When you finally decide to be brave and take a risk, you also need to know the pain with it.

Love makes you feel more pain than you ever will in a life without love at all, but it is worth it.

Just think about this way: you get to have your dreams if you just endure some pain.

When you feel pain, it means that you are struggling, it means you are trying and that is good.

Some lessons are best learned through pain, some things are just so hard to be able to gain.

Know that when you decide that you want to love, it means that you are willing to be in pain.

Forget it, all I ever wanted was to be with you, now all that I know is how painful it really is.

It hurts so much to be the one who was left alone, the pain is slowly killing me inside out.

Pain is one thing that you will have to embrace, to accept instead of trying to oppose it.

You can no longer feel the pain because you are used to it, not because it is not there at all.

Every step you take, ever move you make will somehow cause pain to another person.

When you love someone, you will feel their pain transcend to you, and it will hurt you so.

I hate that pain can control you, can make you change your mind, can break you into pieces.

When you receive pain, do not complain but rather accept it with all of your heart, all of you.

Pain is just a part of growing up so if you are in pain, just tell yourself that it is good for you.

Some days, I do not even know why I am in pain, I just know that it will pass by sometime.

The pain that you feel right now will not last forever, it will pass by, you will soon by okay.

Some pain leaves scars, it leaves a souvenir, a proof that it had happened to you one day.

When the pain that you feel starts to fade, do not let your guard down, there is more coming.

When I think about you, I still feel some pain, I still remember how right it was when I had your hand in mine, when I had you in this life of mine, when I was still okay.

I am in pain and yet when people ask me how I am I keep telling them that I am fine.

I may be in pain but I have decided to overcome this and believe me when I say that I would.

I was happy when you told me that you love me, the pain that came after was not worth it.

Some love just ain’t worth the pain, they are not worth anything at all, I just realized that.

I think that inflicting pain on other people is the worst kind, no one should ever do that.

The problem with being in pain is that you are not the only one affected by it at all.

Some days, I do not even know what to do anymore, I just want to stop this pain I feel.

I want to stop the pain that I feel inside, I want to be the person I was before all of this.

I cannot take this pain anymore and I just want to cease on existing, there are times like that.

When will I be able to stop the pain that I feel inside of me, when will I be able to be me again.

There are times when the pain I feel inside me feels like it is killing me from the inside.

It hurts to be alone, it hurts to be left on your own but the most painful is the way you hate me.

Often times, I ask myself why I am suffering the way I am when I never did anything wrong.

What did I do to ever deserve this kind of pain that I am in right now, I do not even know at all

I stopped putting in effort in the things I do when I realized that sometimes it hurts to do so.

The worst kind of pain is the cause of the wounds that never ever heals with time, never ever.

There is no sense in going back now, I am knee deep in pain and I do not know what to do.

Even now, I want to beg you to stop putting me in so much pain, to give me some heads up.

When you told me you loved me you never told me that it would cause me this much pain.

Some days, I am amazed at myself, at the fact that I actually survived this pain for so long.

Who would have known that I would be more of me once I felt what it is to be in pain.

How come that it is so freaking hard to forget the pain that you had once been in, why?

There is nothing more that matters more than you do but all you bring to me is more pain.

I want to tell you that I love you, that I care and miss you even when you hurt me so much.

You have brought me more than my fair share of pain and all I wanted was for you to love me.

Some days, I am confused on what I wanted to be, in love but in pain or not in love at all.

There are moments when life tests you to which you have to always be ready with an answer.

Pain is not optional, you did not even know what hit you until after you have felt it.

I was stupid, I was wrong, I deserve this pain, I deserve this; please wish my family well.

There is a pain here in my heart that band aids cannot fix, that nothing else I searched for was ever the right thing, I wonder when I will finally find the filler to the wound of my heart.

You broke my heart in two even after all the things that I have done for you, my friend.

When the people that you love are in pain all that you want is to take that pain away.

Stop covering your pain, even if you do, it will somehow show itself through the gaps.

Those scars are proof that you were once in pain and yet you have survived to tell the tale.

If you really want to reach your dreams, then you must be able to endure a bit of pain.

The larger the goals that you have, the more pain you would have to experience in this life.

I just want to tell you that you are beautiful even if you think that you are in pain.

I believe that you will endure this, you will get through this, the pain would not beat you.

Forget all of it, you are better than this, pain is just a test of how much you can withstand.

You will realize that all the pain that you feel is but challenges, trials to see what you are made of.

You are more than what you think you are, these pain are just obstacles to reach your goal.

So right now, you may be in pain but believe me that soon you will realize it is worth it.