Sayings About Life and Love

Love is an important part of life, it’s everywhere around us wherever we are, no matter what our marital status says.

And even though we deal with love and life every day, none of us can say that we are good at it.

Fortunately, we aren’t the first people on Earth, there were many others, and they are willing to tell us what they learned:

Life does not mean anything if there is no love in it.

Loving someone for a lifetime is probably the hardest thing out there, but it is certainly the most rewarding. If you love someone, you are never alone.


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There is no unrequited love towards life. If you love it, it always loves you back.

Love does not rule, nor does it make the world go round. However, it makes life worth living, which is more.

Any man who says he does not need love is a liar.

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If you want to be happy, you should hold on to your goals and not people, and definitely not things.

If your life is complete and you never put anything off for tomorrow, then any day is a good day to die.

All you need for a balanced life is to keep moving, just like with riding a bike. Too bad this is where the metaphor ends: once you learn how to ride a bike, you never trip; doesn’t quite work with life this way.

Start every day writing down the things you need to do: planning is half the success. Shut your planner and get to work; this is where reality comes in.

In order to love others, you need to love yourself first, with all your ups and downs. In order to love yourself, you need to love your parents.

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Without love, even the most comprehensive bucket list is incomplete.

The difficult part about living is that every day, you have to choose between improving life and enjoying life.

A lifetime of mistakes means more than a lifetime of doing nothing. Besides, a lifetime of mistakes is bound to be followed by success, and a lifetime of doing nothing is not followed by anything.

Romance is a lot like love: the key is happiness and contentment. Try to stay satisfied with your partner, enjoy being around them, and make sure they are aware of that.

You can only understand life when you look back, but you can only live when you look forward.

If you feel lonely, that’s life telling you that you need to take some time alone. Ironic, but so true.

Sometimes pain is the way you realize you can feel, and the emptiness in your heart is the way you realize how much love it can carry.

Sometimes telling the truth is painful, but it’s more painful when someone else does it for you.

You know you’ve wasted a day when you didn’t laugh once; you know you’ve wasted a life when you didn’t love once.

For all those looking for love: you are wasting your time. You cannot possibly find love. Live your life, and love will find you.

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The moment you find someone who knows you at your best and at your worth and still thinks that you are amazing and is willing to put up with you is the moment you realize the love of your life is there, in front of your eyes.

Love shapes you in many ways, whether you want it or not. True love gives you happiness, unrequited love gives you strength and courage. Any kind of love enables you to understand the motivations of many people.

The first step to loving yourself is to believe that you are worthy of your love.

Love is one of the greatest forces of live and the universe, responsible for many things around us. Fear is the other one.

When you’re optimistic it’s easy to be mistaken in love: you trust people, you see them better than they actually are, and that causes you to fail in love over and over again, because people are never as good.

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Here’s a simple recipe to a happy life: something to do, something to hope for, and someone to love.

Whatever you dream on your own is nothing but a dream. The dream of two is a dream come true.

If you want to be happy, go make someone else happy. Repeat. Don’t stop.

Usually when we see all we’ve ever wished for, our dreams come true, the answer to our prayers, we can’t just smile and say “Hello, gorgeous! Thank God you’re here”. No, we stand dumb and silent. Maybe this could explain my behavior when I first met you, my love.


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Hope, faith, and love are the three greatest powers that are given to humanity to prosper. Love is the greatest of all.

Don’t try to be perfect. First of all, you’ll never be, second, no one will love you if you seem perfect. However, someone will love you despite the fact that you aren’t.

You taught me the most important thing about life: you taught me how to love. For that, I will forever be grateful to you, even if we break up.

With each relationship, you feel more and more pain, but this also means that there is more and more life that your heart can handle.

There is no prize in life, no finishing tape, this is not a race at all, but rather an amusement ride with no safety guarantees. You don’t know when it’s over, you can’t speed it up or slow it down, but you can choose to enjoy it.

If you dedicate your whole life to finding yourself, you will fail, because there is no yourself yet until you’ve created it. You may look for love, but chances are you will never find one. However, you can always build one.

The main rule of life is that it moves on at a steady pace, but your mind doesn’t have to. You may dwell on the past or live in your dreams that could never come true, but this way you don’t get to get in the driver’s seat and grab the wheel.

You wouldn’t be given your life if you weren’t strong enough, smart enough, brave enough, and good enough to live it.

They say everything happens for a reason, but no one says exactly what that reason is.

Hello is the true magical word. It can attract wonderful people into your life, be the beginning of a friendship, a romance, or even a family, it can earn money, and it can make other people’s lives better. Just smile and say “Hello”.

Some of the best things life can offer cannot be seen with your eyes: you don’t need them when you dream or kiss, and how many more things can you name that are more wonderful and enjoyable than these?

Never try to change anyone. Instead, try to surround yourself with people you wouldn’t need to change.

Ultimately it is not about whether you’ve found the right person in the beginning or even how much you are in love with them. It is much more about creating a relationship, about creating love. A relationship takes time and work, and falling in love is but the first step (which, as you may later discover, is optional).

People change, but that is not the problem. The problem is that they change suddenly, without warning, and you never know what to do with it.

When you are angry at your loved ones, take a moment to look at them, at all the best in them, and think about how grateful you are for that. Remember how long it took you to build this relationship. And realize that it will just take a moment to lose it all. Make the choice to hold on to it.

Love is like a bird: if you try to catch it, it flies away, but if you sit still it might sit on your arm for a while.

Life can be compared to a boomerang: you get back whatever you throw at the world. Too bad it doesn’t quite work like this with love.

When you are looking for love, are you looking for someone perfect? No. I bet you are looking for someone you would personally like. Same with others, you don’t need to be perfect if you want to be loved. In a way, perfect is something you will be for that one special person.

Even though you should hold on to a relationship with someone you love, sometimes you can’t save it, because it takes two to have a relationship. However, your face is something you can save in any case.

Life is a perfect strategy. To live, it takes risk and the ability to compromise.

Friendship might be the beginning of love, but it never works the other way around.

Love is magical because it doesn’t follow the everyday logic: the more you give it, the more of it you can take.

Your face reflects everything there was in your life: love, pain, happiness, woe, excitement, surprise. You’d better choose what you want it to reflect while you’re still young.

Love life. Love it when you’re happy and excited, but love it also when you’re sad, when you don’t see a point in life, when you’ve lost hope. Love it, because you are alive, because you can feel something, even though if it is only pain that you can feel. Be grateful to it, and you will notice how lucky you are. And then life will love you, too.

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Life is your many chances to get everything right. Take your time and don’t be afraid to experiment.

If you are alive, you will feel pain whether you want it or not. However, suffering is up to you. If you are alive, you will change. Progress is up to you.

Like love is only true when it’s mad and passionate, life is only real when it is an adventure.

Don’t be tricked into believing value can be measured with money. Value is only measured with how much of your life you put into it: be it things, experiences, or even people.