Senior Quotes

Reaching senior high may seem exciting and fun but the most pressure lies in this phase of your life because you’re at the edge of making huge life decisions.
As you make the best of your last year in high school, you’ll be feeling lots of uncertainties and emotions about the future that awaits you.

Funny Senior Quotes

Right now you’re in your last year where you experience the most stress from projects and deadlines, hoping you’ll get to hold that diploma and bring it home. But don’t be so serious about it, it’s high school! So here are funny senior quotes where you’ll probably get to relate.


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They say cheaters never win. But there you are in your senior high and you’re almost there.

Make the best of those excuse letters signed by your mom, because bosses don’t accept any letters from your mom.

What you do today partly tells something about what you might do in the future. So if you cheat during exams, make sure you cheat wisely with work.

Congratulations! This is your last year of fun and excitement and parties. Just remember that stress and more responsibilities await you after high school.

You’re going to graduate. And when you do, don’t forget to thank Google and Wikipedia for helping you with homework.

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You spent 4 years for a handshake and a paper. But it was still fun, right?

If you think high school is tough, wait til you get to college or land a job.


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High school will be the only time you get to do group projects, make a bad output, still pass and still won’t get fired.

Party while you still can or you might not get to do it after you graduate.

You mean the world to me quotes

Never forget the friends you made in high school. No one knows your young and wild side better than they do.

In senior high your friends can be your greatest ally, because without them you wouldn’t have someone to cheat with.

senior high can be tough and hard, but so are most guys every morning.

You should always work hard to graduate, remember your father could’ve pulled out.

Mentor quotes

Don’t blame the teacher for your stupidity, blame your parents for having you.

Don’t blame your teachers for a failing grade, blame your seatmate for giving the wrong answers.

Do your homework and pass your exams; this is not High School Musical.

You made it!, is what your parents would say if you actually try hard to graduate.

Being a senior makes you feel high and superior, but remember, you were also once a tiny midget freshman way back.

If you think your teacher is stupid, remember they just write your grades for you.

Meeting a deadline is harder than getting that diploma.

Senior High School is like being called a Senior yellow belt in taekwando, you’re in the same rank, but you’re just being called a senior.

Being in senior high doesn’t mean you’re older and smarter, you’re just one step closer to hell.

Graduating senior high is like getting a blowjob from a hooker; it’s pointless, expensive and a waste of money unless it’s free.

The greatest gift you can get from a senior high Christmas party is a notebook filled with notes from college students.

Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish, he’ll probably quit senior high.

If junior high is like being a kid and college is like being an adult, senior high is that kid who just hit puberty.

The best feeling in an exam is to sit next to the smartest person in class.

The only chemistry you’ll learn in high school is about you and your girlfriend.

If you can get a girlfriend, you can get a diploma. If you can’t, well you can always go back.

If you think the research papers you made are useless, remember, your diploma is that deadline.

Dead people don’t go back to life unless they’re trying to pass senior year.

The last supper is what they call a mock defense for your research papers.

The best way to get highest score from the panel of your mock defense is by finding the biggest cheeseburger and give it to them.

You think the zombies in you video games are scary, look at your classroom.

The best book to bring during exams is the bible so that you can ask forgiveness after cheating.

It’s hard to teach senior students because like the saying goes, You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

If there was a zombie apocalypse, senior high are safe because they can’t tell the difference.

If you think senior high is a bitch, wait until you go to college.

If you want see how bright the future is for the senior high school, then look at the night sky. That’s how bright it is.

If life gives you lemons, then senior high gives you deadlines upon deadlines upon deadlines.

Be like Jesus to your groupmates, show up after three days.

Graduating senior high is like a cheeseburger, it’s delicious but unsatisfying because you have to go through college.

You don’t get a girlfriend in senior high, we’re screwed anyway.

Jesus sacrifice for our sins, but here we are, cheating on our exams. Proud aren’t you?

Your trips to the principal’s office and how well you can get away with trouble probably tells how good you are in dealing with your future bosses.

If that diploma doesn’t motivate you to do your best to graduate, then tell yourself that getting a diploma is the best opportunity to ask cash gifts from your parents.

Do your best to graduate high school because that might your only opportunity you can make your parents proud.

Senior Quote Ideas

Back in your first year in high school, you thought you wouldn’t get this far but here you are now. You are now seeing the end of high school drawing near. So here are senior quote ideas for your senior year.

When you were a freshman, you were getting to know people; when you were a sophomore, you were getting to know your teachers well; when you were a junior, workloads got more stressful; and now that you’re a senior, you’re getting to know yourself more.

Do your best in your studies and projects. You’ll need good grades to graduate. And graduating leads you to another door of opportunities.

Senior high may be hard but never give up. Life gets harder after high school.

Work hard and stay persistent, if you think senior high is hard wait till you get to college.

In senior high you should work hard for what you’ll get, strive hard for what you’ll achieve, because in the future what you’ve done will define who you are.

Even the smallest grain can make bread so don’t belittle yourself. You still have a long way to go after you graduate.

If the heroes in those comics you read can achieve their dreams, so can you.

The year ends but like a phoenix, your life starts anew.

Don’t be afraid to take risks because the times you succeed and the times you fail are both equally important.

When life gets hard and you feel like giving up, take a deep breath and say this is just high school.

Surpassing your limits doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist but always do your best.

If you think you are not good enough, Don’t. You are the best in your own special way.

If Einstein can change his views about Math, you can change your views about high school.

The work of an achiever is quite better than a work of a cheater.

Failure is not a weakness, it’s a reminder how strong you actually are.

Senior high is the year when you have the best time of your life without realizing it. You just have fun.

In Senior High, you’ll see the worst in people but you can also see the best in others.

Have the best memories in senior high, have the great memories in college.

Don’t blame your teachers for your failure, you’re responsible for everything you have done.

Be thankful for the homework and projects you get. They train you how to do paper works and meet tight deadlines when you work someday.

Stop being shy because it’s high time you become confident in the direction you’re going. Real life starts after school.

You’re only in your senior year, not at your senior age. Your wisdom is not yet enough. You’ve got more decades to come to experience both failure and success.

Get your charms ready for a date because senior year is the year to experience prom.

Remember that nerd who got bullied a lot in freshmen years? You wish you were him right now because that diploma and those medals await him.

If you’ve wasted so much time partying, make sure you’ve invested time in studying because finals are coming!

Senior Year Quotes

You’re in your final year in high school and you might be in need of inspiration and advice on how you want your senior year to be. Here are some quotes for your senior year:

Senior year is the last year of high school. It’s to decide what you want to happen or you just go with the flow.

Your future belongs to you, so if you haven’t prepared for it yet then it’s time to start now.

You may be lucky in high school, but never forget to work hard. Because luck doesn’t work sometimes in the real world.

Heed the advices you get from your parents and teachers. They’ve been through everything you’re going through.

Aim to be extraordinary now, so you can be extraordinary after high school.

keep looking straight and never give up, You’ve come so far, you’re already so close to the finish line.

Trials and tribulations is the best teacher and success is the diploma.

Things can be hard but never give up, you’re close to the finish line.

Grades is just a number; hard work is forever.

The lessons you’ve learned for the past four years is something you should be grateful about. Use them well when you enter the next phase of your life.

Don’t look at yourself too highly or too lowly right now, because you’ll never know what you can become 10 years from now.

After this year, you will either get a job or go to college. And when you do, you wish you were in high school again.

It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re supposed to do, you just figure them out eventually. And usually the answers come after high school.

If you spend most of your time partying until senior year then you might wanna start studying for finals.

Senior year is the best year to learn time-management.

Best High School Senior Quotes

They say the moments are in high school. You get to experience the best times without worrying much about life. As you look back in your past few years in high school, you start to think about the good, bad and embarrassing times. Here are quotes that you can reminisce with:

High school is one of the best moments in your life, so make the best of your senior year.

Look far back from your freshmen years to your junior years. See how much fun you’ve had so you’ll look forward to better things after senior year.

High school is like a roller coaster of emotions with your best friends. You experience, fun, excitement, stress, pressure, failure, fear… and in the end it was still fun.

Senior high is the most stressful year in high school, but it’s also the best ever.

High school is the time in your life where you get to meet your best friends for life.

Senior high is a great time to make friends, and an even greater time to find love.

High school is the only phase in your life where you get to be young and stupid with your friends and still get away with it.

There’s nothing more exciting than lunch break at the cafeteria and sitting at a table where you feel you belong.

The most awesome feeling about high school is when the bell rings for recess.

The most exciting thing in high school is not about graduating, it’s about facing a new life together with your friends after you graduate together.

High school is your funny bloopers in your exciting movie titled life.

If you think you’ve found your true love in high school, then it’s either that lover is the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with or the one who got away that gave you the most valuable lesson of your life.

High school is where you get to experience most of the first times in your love life: you first dance, your first kiss and your first love.

Balance study and play. In high school, it is a rule not to be too serious with studies for it is the best time to make memories.

Your high school chums will always be the group of friends you will still learn to be with when you go separate ways after high school.

Sometimes getting in trouble isn’t so bad, just don’t do it again.

Treasure your high school teachers because you’ll never find someone so forgiving and caring like them.

Your most embarrassing and most stupid moments are in high school, and one day you will look back, laugh, and tell yourself that they were all good times.

It’s alright if you still haven’t figured out what you want to do with your life. You’re still in high school. Just study hard, play hard and party harder.