The 40 Short and Sweet Quotes


Sometimes, when you make a message to someone or tell someone something, you have to keep it short and sweet; you have to keep it in such a manner that it is easily understandable and still kind.
Making your message short and sweet will make things a lot easier for you and the person you are talking to or sending a message to.
Here are some short and sweet quotes to help you express yourself better in the times to come.

Sometimes, you need to tell your message shortly and sweetly so that it’ll be understood.

I need you here in my arms to feel your warmth and ensure that you are still with me.

I want to feel your love because you are like the sun in my life that keeps me warm and happy.


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Sometimes, I wish you were just here beside me because there is not much I need but you.

You make my heart beat fast, and you make me feel like I am flying, and that is what you are to me.

You are indeed like the air I breathe, and I feel like dying when you are not with me.

Maybe the truth is that we are all searching for the right person, and that’s who you are to me.

Thank you for holding my hand when I needed someone to keep it; I guess you love me too.

In the middle of the things we say, a short and sweet thought can make your day.

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And I told you that I am incredibly in love with you because I am, and I want you, babe.

You can keep my heart forever, and it has always been yours to hold ever since we first met, dear.

I want to be with you for the longest time, and I want to be able to keep you here in my arms, baby.

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You are the reason for all the smiles I have shown; you are everything to me, dear.

Maybe the point is that you make me laugh, and you make me happy, and I love that, honestly.

You are so cute in every way that I see you, which makes me filled with love, my honey.

Darling, you are the reason for every laugh that escapes my mouth; you are the one for me.

At that moment, you told me a short and sweet message that I fell in love with you, babe.

You have the cutest smile, and for that reason alone, I fell hard for you. Thanks for the kindness.

In the middle of my everyday life, you brought me joy, which made me feel harder for you.

You are so innocent, and you have a very kind heart, and that is enough for me to love you so.

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I can’t even imagine how I will live my life if you are no longer here beside me, baby.

You make me feel so damn complete that I cannot survive a day without you by my side, love.

I can see behind that beautiful face is a kind soul that makes me love you even more.

And at this very moment, I want you to know this shortly and sweetly: I love you so.

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I wish I could tell you a short and sweet thought: I am falling in love with you more each day.

I do not even know where to start loving you and showing you that I care a lot.

You are so beautiful that I am just so awed by your appearance for sure most of the time.

Who you are is what attracted me to you, your kind gestures and your warm voice.


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We kissed, and at that moment, I knew you were going to be the one I spent forever with, girl.

Who would have thought I would end up with you, with someone who’ll love me for me?

Every moment that passes us by reminds me of the short and sweet times we had back then.

When words fail to speak, I will kiss you square in the lips to tell you what I want to say.

May you always feel the love I have for you; that is my wish, to impart my passion.

Listen to me closely because I will tell you and the world that I am in love with you.

And we only fail when we do not say what we feel, so I am telling you I care a lot for you.

How short and sweet our time spent together was; I wish we could have had more, my dear.

There is no need to guess what I feel for you because I will say I care repeatedly.

You make me feel so warm on the inside that I can’t seem to get enough of you, my love.

I love everything about you and how you are just so innocent and sincere in whatever you do.

You give it your all no matter what happens, and that alone is enough for me to adore you.

Sadly, all we had was some short and sweet years together, then you left.

I want you to be the one who shall fill the spaces in between my fingers; they’re for you.

I may not be as adorable as other girls or as sweet as them, and still, you loved me a lot.

The truth is that I miss you a lot, especially now that you are so far away from me, you dork.

Whenever I stumble upon our old conversations, I begin to miss you and how much I love you.

There are just these songs that always remind me of you and how we used to be, you and I.

I think that there are things that you need to tell me shortly and sweetly, after all, dear.

Being together with you was the best moment of my life. I wish it would have lasted longer.

Life is strange that it is short, and there is rarely enough time to be happy.

So we need to make the most of our time here on earth and live it as happily as possible.

For all the seconds you were sad, you could have been happy being in love with someone.

I choose to be with you simply because you make me feel like I can become a better person.

My girl, you are like a short and sweet candy, always being so kind and loving to me.

You do not try to change me, and that is enough for me to consider just how much you care.

I feel so lost whenever you are not there, and it seems that you are my compass and I am lost now.

I wish you were here to guide me on how I will continue to move on with my life, girl.

You are my lover, you are everything I have wished for and more, and I thank the heavens.

I can live without all the things in the world, but I cannot even think of breathing without you.

Maybe tomorrow things will be better with us; perhaps a short and sweet love is what I want.

I want to love as hard as possible and be the best I can be in whatever I choose to become final.

Just listen to me when I say that I am in your heart, and that means you bring me wherever.

I will be there for you, and I will tell you how beautiful you are over and over again, my girl.

You are the one that can make me happy on my worst days, and I care a lot for you. That’s true.

And though this message is short and sweet, I want you to know you are important to me.

I think it is only rightful to say that I need you with me because I want to see you all the time.

Even if the whole world tries to separate us, I promise that I will be there for you still, baby.

You are the one that makes me feel like everything is going to be okay, and I thank you for it.

Your presence is calming and soothing, and I tend to forget my problems when I’m with you.

I appreciate all the times you sent me short and sweet texts that tell me you care for me.

For the last time, I want you to realize that you make me happy and I like that about you.

Will you listen to me when I tell you that there is never enough time when I am with you?

I can spend forever in your company and not even get bored one bit for I love you a lot, girl.

You hold me tight when I feel down and cheer me up when I am sad; thank you for that.

I am giving my heart to you, hoping that you will try your best not to break it apart, boy.

I care for you even though I may not always show it, and these short and sweet texts represent it.

I am not good at trusting people, but today I am giving everything I have to you, my sweet girl.

At this moment, there is only you and me and what we can potentially become in the future.

I wish I could somehow find the words to say even though they may be short and sweet, baby.

It is often the short and sweet words that makes everything feel better after all this time, right?

In this short and sweet moment, we danced as if there was no tomorrow, and together we smiled.

I’d rather have a short and sweet love than a decade full of arguing with the one I love most.

You are the one I want to exchange short and sweet thoughts with; you are my best friend.