Silver Lining Quotes

We all heard of the famous saying that every cloud has a silver lining.
This saying simply means that every challenges and difficult situations that we are faced with in life may lead to beneficial outcome.
By focusing on the positive effects of every challenging situation, we’ll somehow feel better at responding to these situations and solving any problems will be much easier.
So if you are in a difficult situation right now or if you are going through a rough time, you might be able to find encouragement in these silver lining quotes.
Hopefully, you will share these quotes with others to help them overcome their challenges as well.

It’s too unfortunate that a lot of people missed the silver lining since most of them are expecting gold.

Always think of the brighter side of life and in everything, choose the path to happiness. Whenever negative thoughts start creeping your mind, don’t acknowledge them. Instead, replace them with thoughts of happiness.


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Each and every cloud comes with its own silver lining. However, it’s sometimes difficult to reach the mint.

Remember that there will be no silver linings if there are no clouds. You have to always look at the brighter side even if you think there is none.

Always remember that every dark cloud comes with a silver lining. Yet, lightning could kill those people who will try to find it.

If you will change the way you perceive things, then the things that you are looking at will start to change.

You should always be willing to take that first step regardless of how small that can be. Always focus on the fact that you’re going to learn along the way and at the end of the day, good things will come your way.

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Always be thankful of what you have so you will have more. If you’re going to focus your mind on things you don’t have, then you definitely will not have enough.

You should always look at the glass half-full. The only time that you should look at it half empty is when you believe that the first half tasted good.


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Every time you fail, always remember that this could get you close enough to success.

Remember that in this world, nothing is pre-destined. All those obstacles in your past could lead you to the path of new beginnings.

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Your situation at the moment might be uncongenial, however, they will not remain that way forever if you’ll perceive an ideal goal and work hard to reach it. Remember that it’s not possible to travel within then stand still without.

Things may not be going well now but always focus on the beauty of life. Take time to observe the stars and picture yourself out running after them.

In life, it’s not going to rain with roses every time. If you want to have more roses, then you should plant more of it!

Always learn to see the silver lining in any situation. Try to turn a negative situation into something positive and worthwhile.

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Take a look at the sparrows. They are not aware of what they are going to do at the next moment yet they continue to live. That teaches us a lesson to always live each and every moment of our lives no matter what.

The most important thing in this world is not really about where you stand but in what direction you’re going to be heading to.

Although it’s no longer possible for us to go back and start from the very beginning. It is still possible for us to make a brand new start that can lead to a brand new ending.

Remember that a bend in the road is not really the end of everything unless you will miss to make a turn.

Birds usually sing right after a storm. So there’s no reason why people should not feel as free to celebrate in whatever things that has remained in them.

After every fall, it will be up to you to decide whether you’ll rise up again or stay down. Remember, there is always good in every bad situation.

We always year for more in life without even acknowledging all the great things that we already have.

Consider your gray hairs as achievement. They are a sign of experience and a proof of your long life on earth. The best thing that you can do is to look at the brighter side of things.

We should learn to be grateful for even the smallest things in life. No matter what the circumstances are, always try to stay positive.

Do not be afraid to take that first step. Things might not look okay for now, but remember that there is always good in everything.

We should not be afraid to fail several times for this will only bring us close to success. It just mainly depends on how you perceive things.

Always remember that every failure that we encounter in life comes with hidden opportunities. Most of the time, it is the bad things that will lead us to the best things in life.

There is no glory without sacrifice and there is no strength without struggle. Things may not be doing well for you but remember that every cloud has a silver lining, so never give up.

When the dark clouds start to disappear, the sun will soon show up. That simply means that bad situations could lead to a happy ending. Always remember that life is merely about learning to dance under the rain.

Always concentrate on the good side of things. Just take a look at a craftsman who is going about a broken down home. He knows he’s going to end up with something fabulous so he never loses hope.

Are there areas in your life that need some work? If so, then leave it to God. He is the master of restoration and he will make sure to take down the damaged and the broken areas and turn them into something beautiful.

Stress and frustration usually stems from the way you reach to things and not the way things are. So learn to adjust the attitude and soon, you’ll notice that the stress and frustration will be gone!

If something is enough to you, then that simply means you can do it. If you’re willing, committed, and persistent, then you’re definitely going to get yourself in there. Just trust the process.

Don’t waste your energy on spite, resentment, anger, or envy. Instead, use it to appreciate the good things that come your way. Remember you are precious and irreplaceable and that’s something that you should cherish in life.

Gratitude is not a tool that you can use to fool your mind. Instead, it’s a tool that you should use to open your mind. When you do, you’ll realize that in life, there are actually so many things to be grateful for.

No matter what your circumstances are, try to accept this moment without any judgment or worries. Always tell yourself that all is well and you should be able to handle everything that will come your way.

It is not really about what you own, who you are or where you are in life that makes you happy and feel contented with life. Instead, it’s about what you think about the kind of life that you have.

Clouds may come but they must also go. Yet the fact remains that these clouds have their own silver lining. Remember that for every cloud that you see, the moon or sun will eventually come shining

Whatever the situation is always look forward and don’t ever look back. Things may not go well today but the best is yet to come.

I will always choose happiness over suffering. This is how I am. I will always make space for the unknown future in order to fill my life with surprises that are yet to come.

Always remember that you are capable of doing anything that you set your mind to. The first step is to believe that you are already halfway there.

Do not ever let those small things to bother you. Learn to rule your mind before it ill end up ruling you.

The more that you put your trust on your intuition, the more empowered you’ll become. The stronger you will become, the happier you will be in life.

Remember that our mind is one of the most powerful things in our body. If you are going to fill it with many positive thoughts, then you will soon notice your life to change.

One of the best moments in life is when you will finally find the courage to let go of things that you are unable to change.

I’m strong since I used to be weak. I am now fearless since I used to be afraid. Above all, I am since I used to be foolish.

Do not ever allow anyone to get you down. Remember, you do not owe them anything.

Allow your smile to change the world but do not ever let the world to change your smile.

I do not focus much on all the miseries of life. Instead, I dwell on the beauty of life that still remains.

Remember that the darkest hours are before dawn. So if you’re in the dark right now, you’ll eventually find light soon.

If only we are ready enough, then we should be able to easily find compensation in every disappointment that life throws us.

One of the greatest glories in life is not in never failing but it is in rising above each time we fail.

Remember that it is only in darkness that you’ll be able to see the stars clearly.

Walk in life with hope in your heart. If you do, then you will never be walking alone.

Try to carve a tunnel of hope in a mountain that’s full of disappointment.

If you wanted to build a ship, then do not herd people together in order to assign them with certain tasks. Instead, teach them to dwell on the immensity of the sea.

Hope will never abandon humans. Instead, it is humans that tend to abandon hope.

Those who keep on trying even if there seems to be no hope are the ones who are able to accomplish some of the best things in life.

No matter how bad life might seem to be, there’s always something that you can do in order to succeed and win. Remember that where there is life, there is always hope.

Hope is such a great thing. In fact, it might as well be the best of things. And as you know, the best things don’t ever die.

Every cloud may have a silver lining in them but if you are going to force your way to it, you could get hit by the lightning.

If you are going to walk into the right path, you will end up creating a golden fate for yourself and you’ll also end up a silver lining for the people around you.

Always count all you blessings in life. The biggest of this is in the fact that you are getting old because that simply means you are still alive.

There are moments where life events could break your heart. You are allowed to grieve, but allow light to seep into the cracks and illuminate healing in your life.

Sometimes, we could not help but be overwhelmed by the adversities in life. Yet, it’s still amazing to think on how, some people, even in the face of misfortunes, they can still see so much good.

Remember that the wind that blows your house down is the same wind that will shake those berries off the bushes.

Always look at the bright side of life. Even if you fail continuously, that does not necessarily mean that you are a failure. It simply means your strength is about exploring your weaknesses.

In the middle of uncertainties, doubt will stealthy in. In the face of doubt, one should always steadfastly hold on to hope.

Always learn to love yourself. It’s important that you stay positive in everything because beauty will always come from within.

Your positive action, along with your positive thinking will surely lead to success.

Always live life to the fullest and no matter what the circumstances are, always focus on the positive aspects of life.

Try to stay happy and positive at all times. Work your way on top and never give up hope. Don’t be afraid to face criticisms and keep on learning. Above all, surround yourself with people who are warm, genuine, and happy.

When you start replacing all the negative thoughts in your mind with positive ones, you will eventually start seeing positive results.

Every day, try to have a positive attitude. Do your best to get better and life will reward you soon after.

What happened yesterday will not be ours to recover. However, tomorrow will be ours to lose or win.

Always work hard for what you wanted in life because good things will not come without a fight. You need to be courageous and strong and instill in your mind that you’ll be able to all the things you set your heart on.

If anyone will try to put you down, just believe in yourself. Try to turn the disappointments into something positive and you’ll soon reap all the benefits.

If you are going to hide your face from the sunshine, then you will not be able to see a shadow.

Hope means feeling positive even when things seem hopeless. For as long as you remain hopeful, then things will eventually work in your favor.

Sure, you have to prepare yourself for the worst. But you have to remain hopeful for the best.

Far away in the sunshine, I can find my highest aspiration. I may not be able to reach them but I can certainly look up to them. Whenever I see their beauty, I start to believe that someday I will be able to reach them.

When happiness heard about your name, it has been running all over the streets to try to look for you. So don’t hesitate to welcome happiness with your open arms.

Believing in the silver lining simply means finding hope even in the darkest days and focusing on the bright side.

Always hang on to your hat no matter what. Never give up your hope. Continue to wind the clock because tomorrow will just be another day.

Where there’s no vision, that’s when you will find hope. Remember that if you’re going to choose hope, then everything will be possible.

Hope is seeing that there’s light even in the midst of darkness. It’s outreaching ones desire expecting something good. It should be the kind of characteristics that all living beings must possess.

Always remember that hope is a renewable option. So whenever you run out of it, just try to start over in the next day.

Hope is a thing that comes with feathers, which perches in the soul of a human being and sings the tune without uttering a single word.

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Hope is the power of being cheerful in the midst of circumstances instead of feeling desperate.

I always tell myself that some of the families we will get even without asking but in some cases, we get to choose. I ended up choosing two and I think that is what you call the silver lining.

Hope is one of the most significant springs that help mankind to stay in motion. The cloud’s silver lining is of servitude.

Men are capable of shooting a squirrel from a tree even from a far away distance of 60 feet. However, he could not vomit or pee in a bucket with a distance of only 2 feet away. I think that’s just one of life’s greatest mysteries.

I promise to do my best to be more happy than sad. I have already gone through so much bullshit in life so it’s always possible for you to look back on how things could become worse.

It’s just funny how, whenever things are in the darkest, great moments of beauty will present themselves even in the most unexpected things.

You should live life in the assumption that it’s going to rain everyday. If it will, then at least, you are right. If it will not, then consider yourself fortunate.

There’s greater clarity in still waters full of sadness. It’s something that you cannot find in the babbling brooks of the more sought after emotions.

Indeed, it’s a melancholy day when the sister of the solitude is the Sunday’s silver lining.

I’ve tried to be the kind of person who scavenges happiness and picks away at the world’s ugliness. Because if there is happiness tucked within the tragedies in my life, I will fore sure look for it no matter what.

Remember that even in our sorrow, there is always a silver lining. As our sadness pours forth, just think of it as a reminder of our ability to love and be loved in return.

Having a positive attitude is the first step to success. In fact, by being positive alone is enough to make all your dreams come true.

I truly believe that if you’re going to keep your faith and continue to trust yourself while maintaining the right attitude, then you will see God opening up new doors for you.

Maintaining the right attitude is one way to turn negative things into a positive one.

Do you know what’s the secret to success? Get up early, work hard, and maintain a positive attitude. That’s certainly the best part of the day.

Your smile and positive outlook in life will lead to positive countenance, which will make the people around you to feel comfortable being by your side.

Having a strong and positive self-image is one way to prepare for success.

If you’re going to maintain a positive attitude in life, then good things will eventually happen. So no matter what your circumstances are, always look for a place where you can find joy and keep your focus on it.

Do not forget to remind yourself of positive things every day. You should be able to love yourself internally in order for you to glow externally.

Remember that whatever it is that you feel inside will reflect on your face. Therefore, try to keep a positive and happy disposition in life at all times.

Whatever your circumstances are, always remember that you are going to go through the tough times. That is just how life is designed. What matters is that you’ll be able to see positive things in the midst of these negative events.

I truly believe that all the things that we do and everyone that we meet in life has been placed in our path for a particular purpose. So pay attention to the lessons that we learn along the way instead of the sorrows and the tragedies.

In life, remember that there are no accidents. These things are only teachers. If you will pay attention to the teachings and trust your positive instincts while taking the risks, then miracles will soon come knocking at your door.

If you maintain a positive attitude and work hard constantly while giving your best efforts in life, then you’ll eventually overcome your life’s biggest challenges. After which, you’ll find that you’ll be ready to face even bigger challenges.

No matter what you are going through life, remember that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It might seem hard to see at first, but if you just keep on going towards it, then you’ll eventually find it.

Remember that for you to be able to carry out positive actions, you must first develop a positive vision. Maintaining a positive attitude is the only way to get things done.

Having a positive attitude could trigger a chain reaction of positive thoughts, outcomes, and events. A positive attitude is like a catalyst that leads to extraordinary results.

If you’re feeling enthusiastic about the things that you do, you’ll develop this positive energy that will motivate you through life. It’s that simple.

At the end of the day, one of the most overwhelming keys to the success of a child is the positive involvement of the parents in the child’s life.

I will always keep on smiling and try to stay positive about things. I promise never to give up and to give my 100 percent in everything that I do in life. These are my goals and I will work hard to achieve them.

Remember that your attitude is like a box of crayons that will give color to your world. If you choose to color your life with gray, then your life will be bleak. Therefore, add some bright colors in your life as well. Perhaps, a little bit of humor will do!

Always trust in your dreams. In them, there is always a hidden gate towards eternity.

While you are going through the process of trying to find happiness in your career, try to pretend that you’re feeling satisfied. Remind yourself you’re having a good day. Always wear a smile when walking through corridors and your positive energy could radiate to others.

Trying to be positive and maintaining a grateful attitude at all tines is the best way to live your life to the fullest.

You were able to do it before so there’s no reason why you cannot do it now. Always see the positive possibilities in life. Redirect your frustrations and turn it into something effective, positive, and unstoppable determination.

I don’t know about others, but I see the silver lining as a golden opportunity for me to push through life’s adversities.

Belles should always look for the silver lining. When we do, then life would be so much better.

Of all the movies I have seen, my favorite is Annie Hall. It’s because this movie is about a break-up’s silver lining.

We have become so much better at de-stigmatizing all kinds of things and this includes mental illnesses in the silver linings.

You’ll find plenty of silver linings in the horizon. However, the current account deficits are declining since they have been made more competitive and they are choosing to export more.

My favorite tagline for the Silver Lining is this – it’s about a man who believes that his life is a movie that God produced.

Hard Times does not really romanticize Depression, at least sometimes, people managed to find their way to the silver linings.

It seems that the silver lining of the presidency of Donald Trump is the era of activism, a time where women wanted to be heard.

Courtesy is like a silver lining in the dark cloud of civilization. It’s the best part of refinement, and in a lot of ways, it’s like an art of heroic beauty in a massive gallery of man’s baseness and cruelty.

Our happiness is sometimes mixed with tragedies of life. You just need to find the lemonade and look for the silver lining right in the middle of all the things that are happening in life.

If you have a person whose doing things that most people find as bad or evil, then you need to look for the silver lining out of that. You must always look for something that has made this person a good one.

Remember that when it comes to finding your silver lining, optimism is a powerful thing. In fact, optimism is a happiness magnet. If you try to stay positive despite of life’s adversities, good things will be drawn towards you.

Staying positive does not really mean that things will turn out better. Instead, it is in recognizing that you will be okay even if things will turn out bad.

Always stay positive no matter what. When you do, all other choices will be pointless punishments to your psyche.

If you will train yourself to be positive, you will start seeing opportunities instead of merely obstacles.

In everything that you do, try to turn a negative situation into something positive.

Maintaining a positive attitude will allow you to do things better, which is not possible with negative thinking.

Regardless of what you’re going through in life now, always bear in mind that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The light may not be visible just yet, but if you just keep on going, you’ll get there eventually.

Most people tend to deal with so many negative things in life. Instead of finding out what’s wrong, why don’t you try to see positive things instead and make these things bloom?

So many times, people would focus on the negative side of what they feel they are not capable of doing. But the best approach in life is to always look at the positive side and understand what you can do.

Always maintain a positive thought because your thoughts will eventually become your words. When you keep your words positive, your behavior will also remain positive, as well as your habits.

You can no longer change the realities of life. However, you can always control the manner in which you will perceive things. You are the only one who can control your attitude. So weed out all the negativities and focus on the positive things instead!

Yes, it’s true that when it rains, it pours. However, you need to remember that the sun will shine again soon. So stay positive because better days are already on their way to you.

A positive thinker is someone who will choose to feel the intangible, see the invisible, and achieve the impossible. If you want to be victorious in life, then this is the kind of attitude that you should have.

Always choose to dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars above and picture yourself out running after them.

Positive thinking is definitely empowering while positive action is easy to achieve.

If you cannot train yourself to stay positive, avoid going negative. Instead, stay in the neutral for a while and when you’re ready to get back up, maintain a positive disposition again.

During great adversities and tragedies, it may be a good idea to keep busy. Plow your anger and resentment and turn them into something positive.

Having an attitude of positivity is a perfect definition of superior personality.

If you maintain a positive attitude and constantly work hard to give your best effort, then you’ll eventually overcome your immediate problems and find yourself ready to face life’s biggest challenges.

If you will hide yourself from the sunshine, then you won’t be able to see a shadow.

Always surround yourself with people who have positive outlook in life. Avoid those who have lots of negativity in them since they have the tendency to pull you down.

Wherever you go and no matter what the weather is, always carry your own sunshine.

The pessimist is someone who will choose to see difficulty out of every opportunity. On the other hand, the optimist is someone who will choose to see opportunity in the midst of every difficulty.

You cannot expect to succeed in life if you will not believe that you truly deserve what you want. The best approach is to visualize your goals and make an effort to achieve it while believing in yourself that you are able to get it.

Being positive is a powerful thing. In fact, positivity is capable of blocking all the negative thoughts that could overwhelm you in the midst of life’s adversities. So stay positive and eventually, you’ll get more than what you have set for yourself.

The silver lining of our life is a result of our positive thinking. So always stay positive and always think positive.

Try to be militantly optimistic and fanatically positive in everything. If in case something is not according to your liking, then try to change your liking.

You know the secret of life’s success? Delete all the negative stuff and accentuate the positive. Remember, the cloud has a silver lining!

Choosing to stay positive and maintaining a grateful attitude at all times is the best way to determine how you are going to go through life.

Always choose to love yourself. It is best to stay positive in the midst of adversities because beauty always comes from within.

Whenever you find yourself going through a negative situation in life, do not dwell on it. Instead, turn it into something positive!

Try to be positive in each and every area that surrounds your dreams. Just think of the possibilities of what you are planning to do in life and approach this with an optimistic attitude. Always stay positive.

By choosing to remain positive, you’ll become a contender of the human spirit that gives hope to all who are in need.

Regardless of how bad the situations you are faced, do not forget to stay positive. If you keep a positive attitude, then positivity will look for you and will eventually embrace you!

Negative people always crave for drama. It’s like their oxygen in life. Do not be like them. Instead, stay positive in everything. This attitude will surely get you through life’s challenges.

Always train your mind to see something positive in each and every situation.

Sometimes, the bad things that are going on in our life will put us right into the path of the best things that we truly deserve.

Remember that every negative and challenging situation comes with a silver lining. You just have to keep the faith and trust the process.

Life is definitely not a feel good movie. Real life could sometimes end so badly. But despite all the tragedies, you need to believe in yourself that you’ll be able to endure these things.

Do not ever allow the negative things in your life to spoil all the good things that you have. Always choose to be happy.